Monday, 8 October 2018

Applying falsies like a boss

If you've ever tried to apply falsies for the first time then you know the struggle and some of us have given up pretty much after so many unsuccessful attempts. I don't even know why I never made a blog post about this sooner, but here goes!

These tips will have you applying falsies like a boss and after a few attempts (keep at it!) you will be a master at it. I've listed all of the steps in order. So be sure to read through each of the tips before attempting to apply them. Also a major tip is NOT to do this for the first time when you are going out with a full face. 

Try wearing falsies on a day when you are at home with nothing to do so that there's no pressure if you screw up or take a longer time applying them. I've made this mistake before and trust me honey it's not fun. 
So let's get into this, please read every step and do them in this order so there's no confusion. 

1. Remove the falsies with some tweezers - start at the end of the lash and pull gently. If there's any excess glue on them - remove it gently.

2. Size them according to your eye shape. Falsies are always longer for most eye shapes and so you want to measure them by placing them above your natural lashes (NO GLUE) and just eyeball it to where the bulk of your lash hairs are so they blend seamlessly. Make sure the front isn't poking you in the corner of your eye and that the ends are blending in with your natural lashes. 

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3. Cut the ENDS of the lashes always after you have measured them. NEVER cut from the front.

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4. Curl your natural lashes. This helps to ensure that your natural lashes create a nice base for your falsies.

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5. Curl your falsies a bit using your finger or an eyeshadow brush so they maintain a curve shape to match your eyes.

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6. Apply mascara to your natural lashes and WAIT for them to dry before proceeding to the next step. 

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7. Applying lash glue is next and you want to make sure you don't apply too much. Just a thin strip is fine. You can also apply a little extra to just the ends as this is where most of the lashes lift up after a long day of wearing them. ** WAIT for about 5 seconds for the lash glue to get a bit tacky before proceeding to the next step.


8. For actually applying the lashes - you want to be looking slightly down - don't close your eyes for this! You can place a mirror slightly lower than you so that you are looking down when applying. Take your time here as this is the trickiest part. You can use tweezers or your fingers - whatever is easiest for you. You want to apply the falsies first in the middle part ABOVE your natural lashes. Try to get as close as you can to your natural lash line and place the falsies above them. Place the middle part down first and then adjust the ends so that everything mixes together seamlessly.

Credit: YouTuber @themakeupchair

If you weren't successful in your attempt - take your time and try again! Applying falsies is tricky and you need to practice it before you get it just right. 

9. Once you are happy with how they look use your fingers to gently press the falsies and your natural lashes together - using your thumb and index finger.

10.  Apply mascara again with the falsies on so that they blend even more seamlessly together with your natural lashes. 

11. To help hide the lash line, applying eyeliner is a great idea after you've successfully applied falsies.

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PRO TIP: if you are going out - take some lash glue and a small mirror with you just in case you accidentally lift the lashes up or just to play it safe! 

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