Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Cold brew ... hair?!

Yes you read it right. Cold brew hair is a thing and you know what? I'm kinda digging it. Hair trends have always been a big thing in the beauty and fashion industry and for good reason. A change in your colour or cut can make you feel and look different. I always feel so good right after a nice visit to my fav hair salon. 

With Fall pretty much at our doorstep, it's not only time to bust out all things pumpkin again. BUT - a lot of people always feel the need to change up their look, be it lip colour (cue vampy lipsticks), their fav Fall sweaters or take their blonde balayages out and turn to something a bit more darker.

I'm personally considering this new trend, cold brew hair is pretty much like your typical highlights but technically it's highlights and lowlights in shades of brown that go from root to bottom. You end up with a pretty gorgeous effect like those swirls you get in your coffee cup when you add some ice. Cold brew... get it? 

So next time you're at a salon, hit up some Google images, type in "Cold brew hair" or if your stylist really is on top of their trends, simply say you want a "cold brew brunette" style to your current do. 

And lastly if this post completely has you confused, pictures always help where words can't. Here's some of my personal favs below. Enjoy!

photo: Pinterest

photo: Pinterest

photo: Pinterest

So... would you rock it?