Sunday, 25 March 2018

According to your colour.

I get a lot of messages and emails from many of our LB fam asking about which colours will suit their complexion the best. I can honestly say here that they could all work if you're bold enough but if you're looking for a guide for everyday wear - I thought why not break it down for you all?
"Inclusivity needs to be a necessity."
So I have broken down our lip shades into 3 groups based on your complexion. I still do have to say that this isn't in concrete. I know many of you who have tried shades that you didn't feel would work for you but were pleasantly surprised... BUT if you want to play it safe. Here's my personal guide to get you through it:

Fair - Light complexion

Your favourite nude: Ella
Your change it up shades: Isla, Amelia, Olivia
Be bold shades: Rita & Priya

Olive - Medium complexion

Your favourite nude: Madison
Your change it up shades: Maha, Noor, Amelia
Be bold shades: Priya & Rekha


Tan - Deep complexion

Your favourite nude: Madison, Maha
Your change it up shades: Noor, Madison, Fenna
Be bold shades: Priya, Rekha & Imaari


So for anyone who is really confused as to what shade will work for you, I hope this serves as a helpful guide.