Monday, 8 October 2018

Applying falsies like a boss

If you've ever tried to apply falsies for the first time then you know the struggle and some of us have given up pretty much after so many unsuccessful attempts. I don't even know why I never made a blog post about this sooner, but here goes!

These tips will have you applying falsies like a boss and after a few attempts (keep at it!) you will be a master at it. I've listed all of the steps in order. So be sure to read through each of the tips before attempting to apply them. Also a major tip is NOT to do this for the first time when you are going out with a full face. 

Try wearing falsies on a day when you are at home with nothing to do so that there's no pressure if you screw up or take a longer time applying them. I've made this mistake before and trust me honey it's not fun. 
So let's get into this, please read every step and do them in this order so there's no confusion. 

1. Remove the falsies with some tweezers - start at the end of the lash and pull gently. If there's any excess glue on them - remove it gently.

2. Size them according to your eye shape. Falsies are always longer for most eye shapes and so you want to measure them by placing them above your natural lashes (NO GLUE) and just eyeball it to where the bulk of your lash hairs are so they blend seamlessly. Make sure the front isn't poking you in the corner of your eye and that the ends are blending in with your natural lashes. 

Credit: Pinterest

3. Cut the ENDS of the lashes always after you have measured them. NEVER cut from the front.

Credit: Pinterest

4. Curl your natural lashes. This helps to ensure that your natural lashes create a nice base for your falsies.

Credit: Pinterest

5. Curl your falsies a bit using your finger or an eyeshadow brush so they maintain a curve shape to match your eyes.

Credit: Pinterest

6. Apply mascara to your natural lashes and WAIT for them to dry before proceeding to the next step. 

Credit: Pinterest

7. Applying lash glue is next and you want to make sure you don't apply too much. Just a thin strip is fine. You can also apply a little extra to just the ends as this is where most of the lashes lift up after a long day of wearing them. ** WAIT for about 5 seconds for the lash glue to get a bit tacky before proceeding to the next step.


8. For actually applying the lashes - you want to be looking slightly down - don't close your eyes for this! You can place a mirror slightly lower than you so that you are looking down when applying. Take your time here as this is the trickiest part. You can use tweezers or your fingers - whatever is easiest for you. You want to apply the falsies first in the middle part ABOVE your natural lashes. Try to get as close as you can to your natural lash line and place the falsies above them. Place the middle part down first and then adjust the ends so that everything mixes together seamlessly.

Credit: YouTuber @themakeupchair

If you weren't successful in your attempt - take your time and try again! Applying falsies is tricky and you need to practice it before you get it just right. 

9. Once you are happy with how they look use your fingers to gently press the falsies and your natural lashes together - using your thumb and index finger.

10.  Apply mascara again with the falsies on so that they blend even more seamlessly together with your natural lashes. 

11. To help hide the lash line, applying eyeliner is a great idea after you've successfully applied falsies.

Credit: Pinterest

PRO TIP: if you are going out - take some lash glue and a small mirror with you just in case you accidentally lift the lashes up or just to play it safe! 

New to the lash game? We have some amazing falsies that will make the whole process much easier. You want to start off with a lash band that is flexible and not overtly thick.

Our bestsellers? Pick between our silk falsies in Lala, Julia or Amrita for easy application every single time!
 My personal favourites for everyday are below:



Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Cold brew ... hair?!

Yes you read it right. Cold brew hair is a thing and you know what? I'm kinda digging it. Hair trends have always been a big thing in the beauty and fashion industry and for good reason. A change in your colour or cut can make you feel and look different. I always feel so good right after a nice visit to my fav hair salon. 

With Fall pretty much at our doorstep, it's not only time to bust out all things pumpkin again. BUT - a lot of people always feel the need to change up their look, be it lip colour (cue vampy lipsticks), their fav Fall sweaters or take their blonde balayages out and turn to something a bit more darker.

I'm personally considering this new trend, cold brew hair is pretty much like your typical highlights but technically it's highlights and lowlights in shades of brown that go from root to bottom. You end up with a pretty gorgeous effect like those swirls you get in your coffee cup when you add some ice. Cold brew... get it? 

So next time you're at a salon, hit up some Google images, type in "Cold brew hair" or if your stylist really is on top of their trends, simply say you want a "cold brew brunette" style to your current do. 

And lastly if this post completely has you confused, pictures always help where words can't. Here's some of my personal favs below. Enjoy!

photo: Pinterest

photo: Pinterest

photo: Pinterest

So... would you rock it?

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Some news & goodbye dry skin!

So it's been a while and I think I've been saying this quite a lot but hear me out! We just launched our lip lacquers in 6 shades about 2 weeks ago and it's been a busy past few months. I'm happy to say we're also in the talks with a retailer to get our products to more locations around the world. I can't reveal who that retailer is yet but I think it'll be amazing news for everyone! Any guesses?

With that said and done, I revamped the website so that was fun. I actually really like the layout now, not only can you see our latest Instagram posts but also the hottest new products and current bestsellers. I am going to be starting to make weekly blog posts so that we can stay on top of current trends and if there's anything else you want me to cover as well - hit the comments!

I've been good lately and haven't really done some major damage beauty wise but I have been on the lookout for new skincare finds and I do have to say... a combination of 2 have literally helped my dry skin SO much! So if you have normal to dry skin like me, take note. Not only are these not overly greasy but they are light on the skin as well.

I'm talking about these 2 beauties:

Drunk Elephant - Lala Retro Whipped Cream

I've been obsessed with this stuff and for good reason! It really helps any dry patches I have and not to mention the pump mechanism distributes just the right amount every time.

The Ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I've been loving Deciem products not only because they are inexpensive but you can pretty much make a skin cocktail for whatever works for you. I love this stuff! I apply this BEFORE the whipped cream mentioned above and I'm set for the whole day in terms of moisture. 

These 2 products above are my skincare dream team. I've been obsessed and have already re-ordered both of them twice now.  If you're like me and need some new skin care saviours for Fall and Winter - definitely check these 2 out. 


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Hello Sunshine!

Let's be honest, as we get older sunscreen suddenly is everywhere and for good reason. Sunlight has UV A and UV B, not to mention infrared rays are also dangerous to the skin. Here's a few tips for sunscreen use and also for what you should be looking for when it comes to finding the perfect one for you:

Tips for sunscreen:

- look for PA ++++ in your sunscreen; protection against UV A + B
- sunscreen should be applied right AFTER your skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing
- apply that sunscreen BEFORE applying makeup
- you do need sunscreen even when it's raining outside - UV A can actually penetrate through rain clouds
- apply sunscreen every 2 hours
- waterproof sunscreens only last about 45 minutes; must be reapplied more frequently

The damage caused by the sun and UV rays really shows up in middle age if you aren't careful with your skincare regimen. So we did some research and picked out our top 3 sunscreens that are great in so many ways - not only are they not greasy or oily, offer no grey overcast, but they also cover a wide spectrum of UV and infrared rays to prevent skin damage.

* Here are our top choices:

Biore Watery Essence Spf 50 with PA ++++

One of Japan's best skin products by far and for good reason! Not only is this a clear gel like consistency but it's received rave reviews across the boards for years! We tested this out and not only is it very affordable (only around $20 on Amazon) but it actually is lightweight with no weird overcast.

LA ROCHE Posay Anthelios Ultra-fluid Spf 60

Another great find is the sunscreen by La Roche Posay! My mom swears by this one and it's a light cream consistency that doesn't feel too heavy on the skin prior to makeup application. This one is also in a great price range (about the same as Biore above), offers a matte finish AND is waterproof.  

Elta MD UV Clear Spf 46

If you suffer from acne or are more prone to breaking out - this sunscreen by Elta might actually be your saviour. A lot of people are usually held back from wearing sunscreen because of the fear of clogging pores and breaking out but Elta's really stepped up and combatted this issue. The price for this sunscreen is around $24.

So these were our picks for sunscreens to keep your skin protecting this Summer. So go ahead be a beach bum, just have that sunscreen handy!  What are some of your favs? Be sure to share in the comments. 


Sunday, 25 March 2018

According to your colour.

I get a lot of messages and emails from many of our LB fam asking about which colours will suit their complexion the best. I can honestly say here that they could all work if you're bold enough but if you're looking for a guide for everyday wear - I thought why not break it down for you all?
"Inclusivity needs to be a necessity."
So I have broken down our lip shades into 3 groups based on your complexion. I still do have to say that this isn't in concrete. I know many of you who have tried shades that you didn't feel would work for you but were pleasantly surprised... BUT if you want to play it safe. Here's my personal guide to get you through it:

Fair - Light complexion

Your favourite nude: Ella
Your change it up shades: Isla, Amelia, Olivia
Be bold shades: Rita & Priya

Olive - Medium complexion

Your favourite nude: Madison
Your change it up shades: Maha, Noor, Amelia
Be bold shades: Priya & Rekha


Tan - Deep complexion

Your favourite nude: Madison, Maha
Your change it up shades: Noor, Madison, Fenna
Be bold shades: Priya, Rekha & Imaari


So for anyone who is really confused as to what shade will work for you, I hope this serves as a helpful guide. 


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Conquering winter skin woes

It's cold outside boo and with that comes with the inevitability of dry, itchy skin. If you don't have this problem, I envy you! But for the vast majority of us, switching up your moisturizer during this time for something a bit more winter friendly is a must. If you live in a cold climate like me over here in Toronto, then you know how cold winters can become. I've been really battling a dry patch on my skin ever since the weather got uncomfortably cold and I can say successfully that I have won. I wanted to go over my tips and tricks when it comes to battling dry skin and I would love to hear yours in the comments. So feel free to sound off below :)

1. Switch your moisturizer.

When it comes to colder weather, your gel like moisturizers and anything you tend to use in the summer is just not going to make the cut. IF you live in a warmer climate where the weather stays pretty much the same all year round then you can ignore this. BUT if you like me live somewhere where it snows and the temperatures dip - it's time to switch it up my friend.

I've been really loving Caudalie products lately for my skin. Not only does my skin feel super soft after moisturizing but it smells so good too. Some other great dry skin products include: Tatcha - Silk Cream, Tata Harper - Winter Wonders (dry skin recovery kit), Aveeno and Neutrogena Hydro Boost.

2. Sheet masks 

This definitely helped a lot with getting rid of unwanted dry patches and tightness around laugh lines.

Do this twice a week (the optimal amount in accordance to Korean beauty experts) and you will find your skin looking more supple and soft in no time.

3. Drop of body oil

Suffering from more than just dry skin on your face? Winter can make your arms, legs and pretty much your entire body feel very itchy and dry.  Run a lukewarm bath and add 2 drops of body oil and get in!

This trick definitely works wonders for getting baby soft skin. Just two drops of a body oil into your bath and let it soak into your skin. Don't have time for a bath? No problem! After a shower, don't dry your skin completely and spray on some body oil and rub it all over.

4. Re-evaluate your makeup products.

The truth is we don't always check what our makeup products contain and sometimes this can be risky. A lot of alcohol containing products can really dry out your skin as well, always opt for alcohol free sprays and products. The same can be applied to cleansers and moisturizers.

Toss out old makeup - wearing harmful products or even expired products can be so detrimental to skin health.

5. Cleanser too strong

Does your skin feel tight as soon as you use that cleanser? It might just be that your cleanser is too strong for you and is actually the culprit. Even when fighting acne/acne scars, try to find a cleanser that is better for dry skin and/or sensitive skin.

Acne fighting cleansers can cause dry skin, so switch to one that isn't as strong or use a spot treatment for acne after cleansing if that is the case.

6. Hot showers

Who doesn't love a nice hot shower? But it might be causing your skin to get flaky and dry soon after. Try to stick to a lukewarm shower and you'll notice your skin will thank you for it.

These are tips I've personally been using and I have to say the dry patch on my skin has successfully vanished. Have any tips to fight dryness that I missed? Share in the comments below.