Thursday, 26 October 2017

Beauty trends 2017 round-up

This year has been quite a trendy one... whether you love them or hate them - you definitely have seen or heard of them. I wanted to cover them today in this blog post, so it's just a round-up of all of the trends that this year has shown us. Let me know in the comments below which ones you have despised and which ones you are totally loving. 

Holographic EVERYTHING.



From nails, to holographic highlighter, to holographic lip gloss. We've seen it all over social media. Big beauty influencers have supported the looks and you might have even seen more brands mass producing products in line with this trend. Holographic eyeshadow? Who knows it might be right around the corner...

Return of the nose and lip rings.


Let's face it Kim K is definitely a trend setter and when she served us with that photo of her rocking a lip ring - tutorials on Instagram suddenly surfaced EVERYWHERE! Lip ring tutorials and makeup looks were around for a good couple of months after that. Let's not forget about nose rings, especially septum rings; they make lipart look totally badass and were a big trend this year. 

Pastel toned hair



I could never get behind this trend because I'm just simply not that brave. Also because I think I could never rock this look like the ladies above.  I personally loved the rose gold hair trend that was popular and I still see many supporting that gray toned hair as well over social media. I feel like 2018 is definitely going to be a platinum blonde hair type of year. What do you think?

Lollipop / Smudged lips


I couldn't really get behind this trend but it was popular to some extent. Popularly known as lollipop lips - this smudgy lip trend pretty much looks like you ate a messy burger and forgot to clean up afterwards. Lip art makes it look beautiful in pictures but personally I'll pass on this...

Unicorns galore.


Unicorns inspired a wide range of products and to some extent I don't think it will stop anytime soon. With the release of unicorn themed eyeshadow palettes, makeup primers and even lipsticks - you could say everyone was pretty much unicorn crazy. Well then again who doesn't love these mythical creatures?

Glitter. everything. everywhere.



It sucks to remove but when it comes to piling it on like crazy... no one really minds. Remember the glitter in your hair trend? Glitter bath bombs by Lush? and pretty much glitter highlighters and even an array of glittery eyeshadows. I'm all for it but I have to admit... I like my glitter in moderation. Did I try putting glitter in my hair like I was going to Coachella... nope. Maybe I would have in my teens but my inner clean freak begged me not to. This trend is definitely going to stick around for the holidays, especially with the launch of Fenty Beauty's new holiday collection eyeshadow palette. It's a beauty.