Friday, 3 March 2017

What beauty trends to expect in 2017

It's already March and before you know it, summer will be here and the fact that 2017 is going by surprisingly fast is crazy! Already there are trends we've been seeing coming out on social media like Instagram, even hitting the red carpet and being talked about endlessly by other bloggers and beauty magazines alike. So I wanted to break down what the trend forecast is for 2017 and hey maybe you can get behind some or at least one of these!

Oh and before we dive right in, just a quick update on our new matte liquid lipsticks launch. The packaging for these babies is incredibly unique! It look us a good year and a half to do the stability testing for the tubes + formula to make sure the product is safe for all of our customers. Now that we've gotten the green light by our lab in Toronto, we've started on full production of the tubes and filling them. The colours that will be available are currently on the website, so check them out here: There will also be 2 other formulas coming out right after, our lacquer lip creams and our glosses - all 3 formulas and shades will be super sexy, we can't wait to share more soon! To stay in the look, make sure you follow us on Instagram @ladyburgundy and on Snapchat - ladyburgundy 

Ok so with that update out of the way, let's get into the beauty trends to look out for this year.

Flawless Skin + Barely there makeup

You might have already seen it, and if not it will be more apparent once Summer hits. This year will be all about those beauty masks, charcoal masks - you name it. But the end goal will be great skin and minimal makeup. Remember those "barely there" makeup tutorials you use to watch on YouTube? Well get ready to take notes all over again! 

Light weight foundations or BB creams will be all the rage. And pair that with a great mascara to make the eyes the centre of attention. 

Natural brows FTW

Say bye bye to those Instagram brows, this year is all about natural, let em grow eyebrows! The fuller the better. So no more over plucking (that should have ended decades ago!) and no more over concealing. This year is all about keeping it natural. Of course taming those caterpillars from time to time is a must, but hey if you miss a couple of appointments with your brow lady? No big deal!

Give em Nudes.

Charlotte Tilbury - Kim KW 

Not overtly sexy texts dummy! We're talking about nude lips and that's definately something everyone can get behind. Some of us don't feel overly confident to rock a vampy lip from time to time, but this is one trend everyone can get behind. If you especially have thinner lips like a good majority, then this will also help. Darker lips tend to make your thin lips look even thinner and we know how popular a full lip is. So rock a sexy nude lip this year and that will definately never go out of style.

Lip creams are here to stay.

Matte liquid lipsticks have been around for quite a while now. We love them, we've tried endless brands and have bought dozens of shades. But hey let's face it, some of them can be a quite drying if you don't lather your lips endlessly with lip gloss. (But seriously our lip mattes are super hydrating, no lies!) 

But lip creams are going to make a come back. Not as gloopy (is that even a word) as lip glosses, and highly pigmented! And nude lip creams? Don't even get me started! Marc Jacobs released so many luxurious shades that I was drooling over all of them! Our lip lacquers are one in the same and definately a strong contender to beat that matte lip craze. You'll have a new favourite formula this year and it may not be matte! Count on it.

That glow tho'

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero (Glow Kit)

We're talking about highlight. And did you see the new Anastasia Beverly Hills collab with Nicole Guerriero? That glow kit though! I'm dying over here! It has officially launched as of today (March 3rd on Sephora's website as well as on the Anastasia Beverly Hills one). It's stunning! AND if you follow Huda Beauty then you know she's also working on 2 amazing highlight kits as well - Gold Sands and Pink Sands. That's set to launch next month. 

There's so many more out there but the point is, you need that glow if you're going to rock minimal makeup looks. I mean you gotta have something right? So forget the harsh bronzers and the strobing this season. I mean you can still do it if that's what makes you happy but highlighting your face - is not out of style just yet!

Smokey under-eye Eyeliner.

Rukiyat (@mrs_akaeva on Instagram)

Now that's a mouth full! When it comes to smoking out that lower lid ... well hey it looks sexy and apparently is here to stay this year! If you watched the red carpet events this year you might have already seen a lot of actresses rock this look for the Academy Awards. It's definitely a contrast from the barely there makeup scene, but if rocking an edgy eye look is your thing, then do it!

There's an amazing tutorial of this trend on Instagram by several makeup artists but by far the one I was personally in love with was done by Rukiyat, follow her @mrs_akaeva, she has done so many gorgeous eye looks, you won't be able to choose! 

Let me know which trends you personally love right now and which ones you wouldn't mind trying out!