Monday, 6 March 2017

Underarm care 101

The pits. Not really a concern for most of us but there's a lot you might not actually know. Today's blog post in general is going to be about underarms and the famous deodorant vs antiperspirant battle. If you're totally lost by now, don't fret! By the end of this you'll be an expert or at least know a bit more about your armpits.

So let's start with the basics, when you scroll through your local drug store to pick up your refill of deodorant you might see the words "antiperspirant" or "deodorant" around and think they're one and the same. And that's where you would be wrong. So let's get into what these terms actually mean.

Deodorant = Antibacterial (attacks bacteria) + Antiperspirant (blocks your sweat pores temporarily to reduce sweating)
Antiperspirant = Only that and not antibacterial

Now when you think about how the body works normally, when do we usually sweat? A heavy cardio session at the gym, when you get super nervous or maybe those chilli fries really were very spicy. Whatever the reason is, your body needs to get rid of toxins and plugging up those pores temporarily can reduce sweating... but is it really good for the body? And that's where the battle of the deodorant/antiperspirants vs other alternatives begins.

Now that's where "Aluminum free or natural" deodorants come into play. What's that?  Aluminum free deodorants don't really contain all those crazy chemicals in them that most of us can't pronounce. So they are all natural and the other great thing in that is they are guaranteed to be animal cruelty free as they just consist of a few things found naturally. So no chemicals reduces a risk of diseases and skin irritation as well, so that's another win win. But I do want to point out here that although a lot of articles and blogs might say that breast cancer is directly caused by deodorants or antiperspirants, that is NOT true per se. These so far are just theories but there isn't enough research to support this.

Some individuals who have made the switch, do say that skin irritation and even darkness in their armpits has lightened. Avoiding harsh chemicals in general any chance you get is always a great thing. 

Natural deodorants are also antibacterial but they won't stop the sweating, as they do not plug your pores. So you might notice your pits get wet easily compared to the normal deodorants you've been using. That's the only downside reported by some who've made the switch, although I do have to say I haven't really noticed that.

So a few months ago, I decided to make the switch and try a natural, aluminum free deodorant, and I'm actually loving it. I picked up the Tom's brand of natural deodorant and love the smell too. It also glides on sheer and doesn't give my clothes or bra those white stripes that we all hate from powdery deodorants!

I'd say the next time you're out of deodorant, why not try to make the switch to a more natural, chemical free brand? Sometimes its nice to switch to something that is light on your skin and also helps your body get rid of toxins (through sweating) naturally.

I know today's blog post wasn't really beauty related, but skin care and health is beautiful. So I wanted to share! If you have anything in particular that you would love me to talk about, please leave it as a comment below.