Saturday, 1 July 2017

Microblading 101 (all you need to know)

Microblading has been quite popular all over social media. You can find so many amazing Instagram accounts displaying the amazing brow transformations by talented techs (and they are so addictive to watch). So I was tempted... and the search for a skilled microblading tech soon started.

I scoured the net and read reviews and finally settled on Lina Tran of Lina Tran Studio in Toronto. She not only does microblading but is also a hairstylist and colourist (will be going to her again for my hair!) During my microblading appointment I had the pleasure of speaking to her as if we were old friends and I found out she's also an artist - no wonder because those hair strokes were amazingly precise and lifelike!

So now for anyone who doesn't know anything about microblading let's get into it and I'll post my own pictures as well for you all.

Prior to the appointment

So before going into a microblading appointment it's important that you listen and know exactly what you are spending your money on! Let's be honest, the procedure isn't exactly cheap but it is a great alternative for those with very sparse brows or anyone who is sick of filling in their brows ALL THE TIME. This is also great for anyone with misshapen or badly aligned brows who wants to get them symmetrical. 

So what are some things you should know before walking into your appointment?

1. Make sure you really do your research on the microblading tech. In the age of the internet and with so many reviews all around there isn't really an excuse for not doing your homework. You hear the horror stories all of the time of people complaining of their bad experience... but then you got to wonder - didn't they check it out first or read customer testimonials? That is KEY.

2. Is the price too tempting or way over the top? Yes microblading is definitely an art and is very expensive to fix if done wrong. So why take that chance? If the price is surprisingly low or way over the top - be wary. You shouldn't be going too under or over the $300 - 800 price range for microblading. Techs with more experience will charge a bit more as they will have more clients and a higher demand. However, if any tech is new to the game and is charging an arm and a leg... avoid at all costs!

3. The microblading tech should outline the procedure BEFORE touching your brows. Make sure when you pay your deposit, they tell you the details of the procedure and what you need to do to make sure you get the result you want. In my case, Lina sent over a few pages of information outlining the procedure, as well expectations, what to expect after the procedure and what to do prior to coming in for the appointment. All of this is important since you are investing money and time into this. Otherwise - stick to the brow pencil boo.

My own experience.

Now I'm going to go into my own experience and share pictures along the way. These pictures are either taken by Lina Tran of Lina Tran Studio or myself. * Disclaimer: Please do not repost these pictures without permission from either myself or Lina Tran. *

Before I went into my microblading appointment with Lina, she had sent over instructions on what she needed from me to get the results I wanted. I read through the pages she sent over, some of it outlined the procedure, numbing cream that would be used and also that I was to come in with my brows already filled in. 

That part did confuse me - but Lina had told me she wanted to see how I wanted my brows to look and that it would give her an idea of the type of look I was going for. Everyone is different in how fierce or filled in they want their brows to look. I personally feel very heavy brows do not look good on my face, so I wanted something natural and just right to fill in those sparse areas. I made a snapchat video for my followers prior to going into my appointment so they had an idea of how my brows looked filled in and without anything. I will post some pictures of my brows before and after the appointment. I'll also post a picture which Lina took (and is also on her Instagram page).

Photo taken by Lina 
top: my brows filled in, bottom: after microblading appointment

Brows all natural, before microblading and not filled in.

Brows filled in

Right after appointment. Brows are completely bare.

So after about 4-6 weeks you should go in for a touch-up which is usually free and included. Usually this is the time the technician can go back and fill in any areas that might be lacking in pigment and also anything that you want fixed. I won't lie... the touch up did hurt a bit. This was mainly because there were no numbing agents involved this time. Lina had told me that the numbing cream would interfere with the pigment getting absorbed into the skin and so it wouldn't have the desired effect. SO... I put on a brave face and soldiered through. The strokes this time... I could definately feel them and my eyes did tear up a bit. 

However, if you can get through that 15 - 20 minutes of touch-ups (might be a shorter time if you don't really need much to fill in), then the end result is amazing. I am beyond happy with my results and often times I don't even fill in my brows anymore. Sometimes I will here and there but it's definitely not needed. The best thing of this procedure is that my eyebrows are symmetrical now. 

So all in all, do I recommend it? Yes - if you are someone looking to get your brows more symmetrical and have areas of sparseness, then go for it! 

Next post will cover our new lip shades which are set to launch very soon! So stay tuned!


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Feathered brows

I wasn't really sure whether or not to talk about this trend. Some are skeptical others might be confused about what I'm on about. So let's get into it?

Feathered brows are basically a new trend where your eyebrows resemble... you guessed it.... feathers!

There have already been quite a few tutorials on it all over Instagram and Facebook.
So what's your take? Yay or nay? I think personally after spending so much on microblading my brows I'll have to pass on this trend.

Feathered brows by

Any trends you currently love or hate? Share in the comments below.


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Metallic Brows.

Spring is here and with Coachella in full swing at the moment, you might have seen a lot of beauty lovers sporting the metallic pigmented brow look. Yes, not a tan for your bod but actually super cool new metallic colours for those brows. 

Picture featuring @JuliHerzz wearing Sephora's Brow highlighting gel

So if you do want to try out this trend. Here are our fav brands and products to achieve those glittery brows so on trend right now. Most of these products are metallic eyeshadows however you can rock them for your brows. 

Elf Cosmetics - molten liquid eyeshadow

Touch in Sol - Liquid Foil & Glitter eyeshadow duo

Stila - Magnificent metals glitter & glow liquid eyeshadow

Sephora Collection - Brow Highlighting Gel

So what's your take on this trend? Would you dare to rock it this Spring/Summer or just keep it for festivals like Coachella? Let us know in the comments.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Vintage Handbags. 101

I wrote about vintage handbags and my most coveted handbags in a previous post. However this is going to be a different kind of blog post today. 

I'm going to share with you my top websites for scoring those coveted vintage handbags, like the Chanel 2.55 Lambskin Handbag that is very hard to come by. And often times even if we do find it at a consignment store or being sold by a person online.... often times it's not exactly in the best condition. So where can you find those desired handbags and accessories from your favourite luxury brands? Well I've done all the research for you, so simply bookmark this page and whenever you have some money to spend and want to treat yourself to some luxury, you'll know where to look. Or where to point your spouse/partner to... (*wink*)

These are in no particular order and all have quite an array of vintage luxury items. 

LxR & Co

One of my favourite online shops to browse due to just the vast majority of brands they have. Their website is also updated quite frequently so you are sure to find what you are looking for. The cool thing is they also do have pop up shops at various locations. In Canada you can find them in The Bay in downtown Toronto's Eaton Centre. However they sell their luxury handbags and accessories online. You can also sell them your own luxury items as well. No knock offs here!

The Vintage Contessa

Not only is this a great website to score a hard to find handbag but they also have a great team of writers that blog about their favourite handbags and other interesting topics dealing with luxury items. So if you are on the hunt for similar handbag lovers and love reading blogs then this website is for you. 


Out of the other websites, this website actually gives you quite a lot of detail on the item you want. They even tell you the item's location, year and how much they will buy it back for. All great things to know!


One of the coolest shops on here! Not only can you purchase pre-loved luxury items but you can also customize them! So you can really make it your own and unique to anyone else's handbag. They also have quite a large selection of new handbags as well.

Designer Vault

Want a luxury handbag but need time to make the payments? Well they actually have financing options so you can afford that handbag you've had your eye on even sooner! Cool right? Designer Vault has also received many awards and has some of the most coveted handbags on their website. 

So those were my personal top 5 places to score an authentic luxury handbag or luxury accessories. Of course there are many online consignment shops and even some that may be local to where you are located. However always be careful when purchasing, make sure they have an authenticity card and you really do your research at multiple websites/stores to compare the prices of the same handbag. And if you have an online consignment shop where you purchase luxury items from be sure to leave it in the comments below. I would love to know!

Happy shopping loves!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Highlighter Heaven

You knew this post was coming but we had to review the best of the best in highlighters! There's just so many great highlighters out there from so many brands - so then the question becomes... which brand should I try and which highlighter is actually great and will give me that glow?

So now the next bit of this post will have to ask... what kind of glow are you looking for? Are you looking for a more subdued, a glow from within type of look? Or a HELLO I'm here and yes you will need your sunglasses. I tried to include a good mix of both types of highlighters in this post.

So let's get into it! Also, just an FYI these highlighters are in no particular order and all are gorgeous.

Cover FX - Custom Enhancer Drops

These are blindingly beautiful on the skin! And one of the first liquid highlighters to drop in the market. A completely new type of product that's not applied with a brush but rather a wet beauty blender or even the tips of your fingers are enough. There are quite a few shades to pick from in this collection and a little definitely goes a very long way. A small drop is more than enough to blind your friends as you walk up to them. Don't believe us, give it a try!

Result = Blindingly Brilliant     

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

This was a collaboration that everyone was waiting for eagerly! And the swatches are gorgeous! Anastasia's line is known for highly pigmented and consistently amazing products so this was highly anticipated and not one to disappoint. The glow from this kit is quite pigmented so it can be described as 50-50 between holy shine and that subtle glow.  This glow kit is buildable so you can get both looks if you want, all you need is a great brush and you're on your way to that envious glow.

Result = 50/50, is buildable so can be both blindingly brilliant and subtle natural

BECCA - Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed - Prismatic Amethyst 

Now that's a mouth full! Becca's amethyst highlighter is beautiful if you like a subtle glow from within. This is not a highlight for those of you that want to blind your haters, so maybe pass on this and opt for something a bit more blinding like the Cover FX drops. But if you like a gorgeous shine that is naturally beautiful without being overpowering then this is a great bet.

Result = Subtle and natural shine from within 

Iconic London - Limited Edition Illuminator

This is very comparable to the Cover FX custom enhancer drops. Very pigmented liquid highlights that will have your skin glowing from miles away. These come in 3 different shades and are limited edition unfortunately, so if you do love them or want to try them out - do it before they are gone!

Result = Blindingly Brilliant     

Marc Jacobs - Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter 

If you know me personally, then you know I'm in love with the Marc Jacobs brand. From the packaging to the entire aesthetic of the brand, it's always been a favourite of mine. So when they released a highlighter you know I had to get on it. This highlighter is a beautiful shade of gold and currently the only shade from the brand. This is also a liquid highlight however it's different from Iconic London and Cover FX in that it's more subtle. It is buildable however this can give you a very beautiful glow from within. So if you are looking for a highlighter that is in in liquid form but doesn't blind your friends, then this is a great buy.

Result = Subtle and natural shine from within 

MILK Makeup - Holographic Stick

MILK is a brand that is getting a lot of attention lately and for good reason. They have beautiful liquid eyeshadows and a highlighter that is getting quite a lot of love. This highlight is in stick form and gives a soft dewy highlighted look to your skin. It has a light glow when swiped gently on the skin but is definitely buildable and can give off high shine as well.

Result = 50/50, is buildable so can be both blindingly brilliant and subtle natural

Ciate London - Dewy Stix - Luminous Highlighting Balm

This is similar to the MILK makeup highlight, in that it's also a stick form of highlight. This particular highlight is more subtle and gives you a nice even glow. Not overly shiny if that's what you are looking for, but it adds a dewy finish to the skin if you are into that. This is perfect for a natural makeup look.

Result = Subtle and natural shine from within 

Kat Von D - Alchemist Holographic Palette

This is a beautiful palette filled with pastel holographic shades. It's also perfect to use as eyeshadows as well and as highlight. This will add a beautiful glow to your skin but is not a blinding glow if that's what you are looking for.

Result = Subtle and natural shine from within 

So those were our best highlighters but there are some products that we are anxiously waiting for and maybe you are too... which ones?

Lancome - Click & Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid

Currently there are 2 shades which will be released shortly on the Canadian Sephora website and they look beautiful. Also in a liquid highlight form as well.

Huda Beauty - Pink Sands & Gold Sands Highlight Palettes

If you know me, then you know I love all things Huda Beauty and when Huda released a sneak peak to her new highlighters coming out in Mid-April I was thrilled! This is also very different from anything out currently because it claims to give you an amazing 3D effect. Here are are some pictures posted on her own blog:

The Pink Sands palette will be more suited for medium skin tones while the Gold Sands palette is perfect for medium to deeper skin tones. of course if you're Huda Beauty obsessed then you know you'll want both!

So which highlighters are you currently loving? And if we left out one of your favourites, share in the comments below! See you in the next post loves.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Underarm care 101

The pits. Not really a concern for most of us but there's a lot you might not actually know. Today's blog post in general is going to be about underarms and the famous deodorant vs antiperspirant battle. If you're totally lost by now, don't fret! By the end of this you'll be an expert or at least know a bit more about your armpits.

So let's start with the basics, when you scroll through your local drug store to pick up your refill of deodorant you might see the words "antiperspirant" or "deodorant" around and think they're one and the same. And that's where you would be wrong. So let's get into what these terms actually mean.

Deodorant = Antibacterial (attacks bacteria) + Antiperspirant (blocks your sweat pores temporarily to reduce sweating)
Antiperspirant = Only that and not antibacterial

Now when you think about how the body works normally, when do we usually sweat? A heavy cardio session at the gym, when you get super nervous or maybe those chilli fries really were very spicy. Whatever the reason is, your body needs to get rid of toxins and plugging up those pores temporarily can reduce sweating... but is it really good for the body? And that's where the battle of the deodorant/antiperspirants vs other alternatives begins.

Now that's where "Aluminum free or natural" deodorants come into play. What's that?  Aluminum free deodorants don't really contain all those crazy chemicals in them that most of us can't pronounce. So they are all natural and the other great thing in that is they are guaranteed to be animal cruelty free as they just consist of a few things found naturally. So no chemicals reduces a risk of diseases and skin irritation as well, so that's another win win. But I do want to point out here that although a lot of articles and blogs might say that breast cancer is directly caused by deodorants or antiperspirants, that is NOT true per se. These so far are just theories but there isn't enough research to support this.

Some individuals who have made the switch, do say that skin irritation and even darkness in their armpits has lightened. Avoiding harsh chemicals in general any chance you get is always a great thing. 

Natural deodorants are also antibacterial but they won't stop the sweating, as they do not plug your pores. So you might notice your pits get wet easily compared to the normal deodorants you've been using. That's the only downside reported by some who've made the switch, although I do have to say I haven't really noticed that.

So a few months ago, I decided to make the switch and try a natural, aluminum free deodorant, and I'm actually loving it. I picked up the Tom's brand of natural deodorant and love the smell too. It also glides on sheer and doesn't give my clothes or bra those white stripes that we all hate from powdery deodorants!

I'd say the next time you're out of deodorant, why not try to make the switch to a more natural, chemical free brand? Sometimes its nice to switch to something that is light on your skin and also helps your body get rid of toxins (through sweating) naturally.

I know today's blog post wasn't really beauty related, but skin care and health is beautiful. So I wanted to share! If you have anything in particular that you would love me to talk about, please leave it as a comment below.


Friday, 3 March 2017

What beauty trends to expect in 2017

It's already March and before you know it, summer will be here and the fact that 2017 is going by surprisingly fast is crazy! Already there are trends we've been seeing coming out on social media like Instagram, even hitting the red carpet and being talked about endlessly by other bloggers and beauty magazines alike. So I wanted to break down what the trend forecast is for 2017 and hey maybe you can get behind some or at least one of these!

Oh and before we dive right in, just a quick update on our new matte liquid lipsticks launch. The packaging for these babies is incredibly unique! It look us a good year and a half to do the stability testing for the tubes + formula to make sure the product is safe for all of our customers. Now that we've gotten the green light by our lab in Toronto, we've started on full production of the tubes and filling them. The colours that will be available are currently on the website, so check them out here: There will also be 2 other formulas coming out right after, our lacquer lip creams and our glosses - all 3 formulas and shades will be super sexy, we can't wait to share more soon! To stay in the look, make sure you follow us on Instagram @ladyburgundy and on Snapchat - ladyburgundy 

Ok so with that update out of the way, let's get into the beauty trends to look out for this year.

Flawless Skin + Barely there makeup

You might have already seen it, and if not it will be more apparent once Summer hits. This year will be all about those beauty masks, charcoal masks - you name it. But the end goal will be great skin and minimal makeup. Remember those "barely there" makeup tutorials you use to watch on YouTube? Well get ready to take notes all over again! 

Light weight foundations or BB creams will be all the rage. And pair that with a great mascara to make the eyes the centre of attention. 

Natural brows FTW

Say bye bye to those Instagram brows, this year is all about natural, let em grow eyebrows! The fuller the better. So no more over plucking (that should have ended decades ago!) and no more over concealing. This year is all about keeping it natural. Of course taming those caterpillars from time to time is a must, but hey if you miss a couple of appointments with your brow lady? No big deal!

Give em Nudes.

Charlotte Tilbury - Kim KW 

Not overtly sexy texts dummy! We're talking about nude lips and that's definately something everyone can get behind. Some of us don't feel overly confident to rock a vampy lip from time to time, but this is one trend everyone can get behind. If you especially have thinner lips like a good majority, then this will also help. Darker lips tend to make your thin lips look even thinner and we know how popular a full lip is. So rock a sexy nude lip this year and that will definately never go out of style.

Lip creams are here to stay.

Matte liquid lipsticks have been around for quite a while now. We love them, we've tried endless brands and have bought dozens of shades. But hey let's face it, some of them can be a quite drying if you don't lather your lips endlessly with lip gloss. (But seriously our lip mattes are super hydrating, no lies!) 

But lip creams are going to make a come back. Not as gloopy (is that even a word) as lip glosses, and highly pigmented! And nude lip creams? Don't even get me started! Marc Jacobs released so many luxurious shades that I was drooling over all of them! Our lip lacquers are one in the same and definately a strong contender to beat that matte lip craze. You'll have a new favourite formula this year and it may not be matte! Count on it.

That glow tho'

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero (Glow Kit)

We're talking about highlight. And did you see the new Anastasia Beverly Hills collab with Nicole Guerriero? That glow kit though! I'm dying over here! It has officially launched as of today (March 3rd on Sephora's website as well as on the Anastasia Beverly Hills one). It's stunning! AND if you follow Huda Beauty then you know she's also working on 2 amazing highlight kits as well - Gold Sands and Pink Sands. That's set to launch next month. 

There's so many more out there but the point is, you need that glow if you're going to rock minimal makeup looks. I mean you gotta have something right? So forget the harsh bronzers and the strobing this season. I mean you can still do it if that's what makes you happy but highlighting your face - is not out of style just yet!

Smokey under-eye Eyeliner.

Rukiyat (@mrs_akaeva on Instagram)

Now that's a mouth full! When it comes to smoking out that lower lid ... well hey it looks sexy and apparently is here to stay this year! If you watched the red carpet events this year you might have already seen a lot of actresses rock this look for the Academy Awards. It's definitely a contrast from the barely there makeup scene, but if rocking an edgy eye look is your thing, then do it!

There's an amazing tutorial of this trend on Instagram by several makeup artists but by far the one I was personally in love with was done by Rukiyat, follow her @mrs_akaeva, she has done so many gorgeous eye looks, you won't be able to choose! 

Let me know which trends you personally love right now and which ones you wouldn't mind trying out!


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Perspex Heels.

You've seen them by now. Maybe on Kim Kardashian a few times, have a pair yourself if you're fashion savvy or in various stores. The perspex heel trend is definitely in full swing and although many high end brands such as Dior have come out with different shoes offering this style, you can definitely find these babies in more affordable stores and online.

I've taken the liberty and gone through some websites for you that currently have these shoes in stock and posted them below:

Missguided -

SIMMI London -

EGO Shoes -

Public Desire -

So what do you think about this style? Here to stay for a while or just a short fad? I for one love the perspex heel trend, although I wouldn't go with the totally sheer shoes in the last picture, I do love a unique heel. 

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know about our new lip products that will be launching soon! See you guys in the next blog post!