Sunday, 17 December 2017

Perfect Red.

The hunt is always on it seems for a red lipstick that is perfection when it comes to being a true, blue based red. Given the holidays being right around the corner, we know red lippies are so in style as well. AND we also know of newly launched red lipsticks as well as old cult favs. So we've broken it down for you and who knows maybe some of these are already in your collection.

So let's do a breakdown of our favourite red lipsticks thus far and see what's on our must have list shall we?

M.A.C - Ruby Woo

We all know this shade as being one, if not the most popular red lipstick shade ever! Mac's Ruby Woo is a classic blue based red that is just too gorgeous to pass on. Is it in your stash?

Chanel - Chanel Rouge Coco in "Pirate"

This is as cult as it'll get, and who else to knock a red shade out of the park than Chanel? The finish on this lipstick is also as amazing not to say the least. It is a bit pricey we know but if you want a classic red that's been around for ages - this is it. 

Kat Von D - Underage Red

The name's raised quite a bit of controversy we know, but we can't say the shade isn't a beautiful true red. This comes in the studded lipstick form, as well as part of the everlasting liquid lipstick line as a matte finish. 

Besame Cosmetics - 1920 Besame Red

Inspired from the 1920's - this red shade is a classic bright cherry red. Besame Cosmetics is a beautiful line of lipsticks from different eras. They have so many takes on beautiful red shades however this is a very classic red shade and also one of their bestsellers!

Revlon - Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in "HD Love"

One of our more affordable favs but just as intense in it's colour payoff. Revlon's ultra matte lip colors are great for long lasting colour and I was very impressed with the pigmentation. They also have gorgeous berry shades as well.

Fenty Beauty - Stunna Lip Paint in "Uncensored"

So I just grabbed this lipstick last week and have been testing it out and have to say the pigmentation blew me away. It is definitely a true red and so it was only fitting to include RiRi's first of many lip paints in our list of must have reds.

Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Love is On"

One of Revlon's newest lipsticks is vouching to be a universal red that is sure to please everyone. And I won't lie, they're pretty close. This lipstick offers hydration compared to matte formulas and is definitely a gorgeous (and affordable) red lipstick.

Lady Burgundy - Matte Lip Cream in "Rita"

Hey it's not just a shameless plug, this honestly is a true red shade that you NEED to try! And if you have, drop us a review on our website. We launched not one, but TWO red shades this holiday season and Rita is our true classic red shade that is not only super comfy but so pigmented.

So those are our favs when it comes to true, blue based red lipsticks. I know we can't possibly go over every single red lip shade out there but these are genuinely my personal favourites at the moment. Let me know yours in the comments below.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Beauty trends 2017 round-up

This year has been quite a trendy one... whether you love them or hate them - you definitely have seen or heard of them. I wanted to cover them today in this blog post, so it's just a round-up of all of the trends that this year has shown us. Let me know in the comments below which ones you have despised and which ones you are totally loving. 

Holographic EVERYTHING.



From nails, to holographic highlighter, to holographic lip gloss. We've seen it all over social media. Big beauty influencers have supported the looks and you might have even seen more brands mass producing products in line with this trend. Holographic eyeshadow? Who knows it might be right around the corner...

Return of the nose and lip rings.


Let's face it Kim K is definitely a trend setter and when she served us with that photo of her rocking a lip ring - tutorials on Instagram suddenly surfaced EVERYWHERE! Lip ring tutorials and makeup looks were around for a good couple of months after that. Let's not forget about nose rings, especially septum rings; they make lipart look totally badass and were a big trend this year. 

Pastel toned hair



I could never get behind this trend because I'm just simply not that brave. Also because I think I could never rock this look like the ladies above.  I personally loved the rose gold hair trend that was popular and I still see many supporting that gray toned hair as well over social media. I feel like 2018 is definitely going to be a platinum blonde hair type of year. What do you think?

Lollipop / Smudged lips


I couldn't really get behind this trend but it was popular to some extent. Popularly known as lollipop lips - this smudgy lip trend pretty much looks like you ate a messy burger and forgot to clean up afterwards. Lip art makes it look beautiful in pictures but personally I'll pass on this...

Unicorns galore.


Unicorns inspired a wide range of products and to some extent I don't think it will stop anytime soon. With the release of unicorn themed eyeshadow palettes, makeup primers and even lipsticks - you could say everyone was pretty much unicorn crazy. Well then again who doesn't love these mythical creatures?

Glitter. everything. everywhere.



It sucks to remove but when it comes to piling it on like crazy... no one really minds. Remember the glitter in your hair trend? Glitter bath bombs by Lush? and pretty much glitter highlighters and even an array of glittery eyeshadows. I'm all for it but I have to admit... I like my glitter in moderation. Did I try putting glitter in my hair like I was going to Coachella... nope. Maybe I would have in my teens but my inner clean freak begged me not to. This trend is definitely going to stick around for the holidays, especially with the launch of Fenty Beauty's new holiday collection eyeshadow palette. It's a beauty. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Website savy ... top tips

I was thinking about what to write about in my next blog post and I've covered the gist of start ups but I really wanted to get into websites and website development. Before starting up Lady Burgundy and our e-commerce website in general I really spent a good chunk of my time digging into the logistics of websites. There's so much to wrap your head around that you can really get a migraine if you don't know much. 

Now here's the kicker and a lot of people do not believe me when I tell them this... I actually designed and set up our ecommerce website on my own. Yes! Little old, novice me (not anymore!) who had zero experience in web design actually managed to make a kick ass website (in my humble opinion).


So I thought why not share my own tips and experiences on how to start up a website for blogging, ecommerce, photography or even a landing page for your business. It seems pretty easy with all of the options out there but what should you really look for? How do you decide with all of the companies that help you design websites? Here are my tips:

1. Pricing (actual cost per month/year)

When you start off an ecommerce website or something much simpler like a landing page for your business or blog... you need to look at how much the company is charging you. Is it too high? Does it include features that you honestly do not need? Here's a personal tip - if you're the owner of an ecommerce business, DO NOT buy an expensive plan right off the bat. You can start with a smaller plan and work up from there as your business grows. Most companies allow you to change based on your business's growth.

2. Transaction fees

Every time a person buys something on your website can be an amazing feeling... BUT did you know that some website companies actually charge you per transaction? With all of those hidden fees, you really need to figure out if going with that website company is actually worthwhile in the long run. Opt for companies that have smaller transaction fees or none at all. It will help you in the long run to get more of that earned money in your pocket. Did you know Bigcommerce has 0 transaction fees?! Talk about amazing for really saving that moolah.

3. Template friendly

Not a website developer? Way too expensive to pay someone to design a website for you? No problem! So many website companies have amazing pre-made templates that are super easy to work with to create your own masterpiece. Go with a design that fits well with your vision and then take it from there. An easy to use interface is always a winner. 

4. Payment gateways

If you're an ecommerce business that relies on a payment gateway to process payments online safely and securely - there are so many options. Did you know different payment gateway companies (companies that process those payments and send the money to your bank account) charge different rates? It's true! Most charge a percentage plus a fee per transaction to process your payments securely. Please do your research! Make sure the payment gateway you choose works with your website company - meaning they support it. Also, make sure that the payment gateway provider has great reviews. In case of any fraudulent activity on your website OR anytime you have to process refunds to customers - you want a payment gateway provider that is fast and responsive.

You can also avoid using an external payment gateway company and just process payments via your website's integrated payment apps - but do remember that they tend to charge a bit more... go with what is easier. PayPal usually is a great addition as well, some e-commerce businesses just rely on that solely to process payments. Some great examples of external payment gateways include Beanstream, and even PayPal!).

5. Customer Service

This is by far one of the most important aspects of a great website company. Do they offer a live chat outside of business hours? Do they have an actual phone number? Do they actually SOLVE your issues or are they like an invisible entity that is nowhere to be found. I won't lie, I've had bad experiences with website companies that have had absolutely no way to get in touch with them. All they had were "emails" or "past threads" where you could scroll endlessly to see if someone else had the same issue. If not, you were pretty much on your own. I personally LOVE Bigcommerce and Shopify in terms of excellent customer service. 

6. Integrated Apps matter.

Need to build a newsletter via Mailchimp or want to include your items on Amazon or Etsy? Make sure the website company you are thinking about is thinking about you too. In the day and age of social media, integrated applications are so important. I personally love integrating our blog, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with our website. It's important that the website company you're considering isn't stuck in the stone ages and offers seamless integration.

Need more advice on something? Or want more blog posts like this? Shoot me an email on or comment below. 


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Fenty Beauty (my top 3 picks)

I think this was definitely one of the most anticipated launches in the beauty world this year. If I'm completely honest - I wasn't expecting to fall in love with anything... as some of the celeb makeup launches in the past haven't been the most impressive. BUT I can happily say that I was pleasantly surprised with this launch.

Fenty Beauty launched officially in Sephora stores - both in-store and online, as well as on Fenty Beauty's main website. And for those wondering why "Fenty" Beauty? Well, Rihanna's full name is actually Robyn Rihanna Fenty - mind blown?

So I actually snagged a few of the items, tuned into countless reviews beforehand... and I'll be honest before visiting Sephora I was definitely excited to swatch and get shade matched.

I have my top 3 picks in this line and really wanted to dive in with my review. I know we all have different preferences but after trying out and testing all of the items in this line, I wanted to pick my favs that I think you should try out. This launch was all about skin and complexions for me. With 40 foundation shades, Rihanna really did change up the game with this launch. The pricing is also very fair for a higher end brand created by a celebrity. So my top 3 picks? Let's get into it.

1. Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation

My favourite item has got to be the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation. I was a bit skeptical because it is a matte foundation so my fear was that having dry/combination skin, it might not work for me. But again, with a primer, this was perfection! Know the best part? It has a PUMP! Not many foundations have that, plus it contains 32 ML of product, which is more than standard foundations (which normally have about 28-30ML).

I think I honestly have found a new favourite foundation. (I'm in shade 240). I was such a lover of the Hourglass Vanish Seamless foundation stick but this has definitely given it a run for it's money! You NEED to try this out if you want to try anything in this line.

2. Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer

Okay... this primer is seriously a newfound favourite too for me. I usually use smashbox primer oil but really loved the consistency of this. If you give it a good two minutes to settle into your skin, you definitely will notice that your skin takes on a "photoshopped" kind of effect. And I'm living for it!  My pores felt minimized and the foundation works really well with this for sure.

3. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife

Woah... now this highlighter is heaven for medium to deep skin tones! I do have to state that because I think with fairer complexions this might be a miss... However Riri doesn't disappoint and has other highlighters in her collection to suit everyone. BUT can we just talk about Trophy Wife!? I swatched it in store and a little product will give you a subtle shimmer but girllll you can definitely roll around in this if you want to! It's an intense gold highlight and looks like perfection on deeper skin tones. I am a 240 which falls pretty much in the centre of the collection (kind of pale for a brown girl) but it still looked amazing and I think it truly will look exceptional on deeper skin tones.

So those are my personal loves from the Fenty line thus far. And yes Rihanna has already given us a sneak peak at her holiday collection set to launch on October 13th. This collection will focus more on the eyes - with some eyeshadow brushes, an eyeshadow palette, eyeliners, of course some lipsticks.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Started from the bottom... start-up Q&A's

Before I even get into this Q&A regarding start-ups I just want to state for the record that I am no expert or billionaire entrepreneur but I do want to share my no BS knowledge of what I've learned thus far on my journey towards starting my own business and brand. I have a long (very long) way to go and much more to learn but for the past couple of months I've received so many messages, emails and questions regarding how to start, what to do/not to do, and so on. And so I thought why not just answer everything here in one post. 

Before I even get started, I know there are skeptics, because I'm also one of them at times. Why would she share anything with me? What's in it for her? Well to be honest, nothing. But then again if you truly love what you do then you don't need to consider others your competition. Businesses in general thrive on being the best in a certain industry BUT in the end it all comes down to how sincere you are in your own ideas, to your customers and taking constructive criticism. So yes I'm sharing my own tips and advice but not everyone follows it or relies on it. But for those of you who are interested in how I got started and what things I learned along the way... read on!

So these are a compilation of questions I received so let's get started.

How did you have enough money to get started? Did you take out a loan? 

Savings. I had originally wanted to save up to buy a home and so was saving every penny for that BUT when I finally got that call from a lab that was willing to let me test out a formula and rent out some space - well I was ecstatic to say the least. Those savings quickly went towards starting up Lady Burgundy. But I did underestimate how expensive it would be. So definitely be as detailed as possible when it comes to working out a budget for your brand or start up company. Hidden costs always sneak up on you so it's better to overestimate costs than to underestimate them. I never took out a loan from the bank because I started with very little inventory and worked my way up as demand increased over time. Loans and debt can really deter you and add increased stress, so unless you absolutely have to, start small and work your way up. Don't take out a huge loan when you are new to the game. It's only going to add more pressure on you to succeed very early on and take away from the passion of starting your own business.

Please remember that with any business it is going to take time. I know we all hear those inspirational stories about someone whose business just erupted in a short time span but in a majority of cases, businesses take years to fully develop and so have a source of income as a backup to carry you through. Don't fall for the lavish lifestyles that so many people promote on social media. Sometimes it's not really the truth, focus on you, your own passion project and forget what everyone else is doing or spending. Even when you do start to make a small profit monthly, DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB for at least 6-8 months. Watch the amount of money you are making and only take a leap like that if you see that your profits are steady and not fluctuating up and down. If your profits are consistent then you can switch to part time and later on leave your job once you feel you cannot handle both.

There's so much competition though, how do you know you will succeed?

You don't. And that's scary I know. But you know what will make you stand out? Having an idea or creating something that is unique and outside of the box. Do not be cookie cutter when it comes to your business. Do not play it safe when it comes to creativity. Yes play it safe when it comes to finances and your expenses but that's where playing it safe should end. Be different. It could start with anything, maybe the packaging is crazy innovative, your customer service is impeccable or you just have a product or service that is totally new from the norm (this one is the hardest to do I know). Ask yourself this question - would I personally buy this if I saw it on a shelf at my favourite store? Or if you provide a service - would I really hire someone to do this for me? If you honestly can't say YES - then go back to the drawing room. Do not sell a shitty product or service to someone. And this is the main problem with a lot of businesses, it's just all about the money, so you put a half assed (sorry for my language) attempt into something and then you cry boo hoo when you get a bad review or your customers call you out on it. 

Well in all honesty - you know when you launch a shitty product or service. No one is that innocent or inexperienced. Do not do this for the big bucks because you will fail. You need to really believe your product/service is going to be a game changer and can hold it's own to others out there. If you are reluctant for even a minute, then you need to re-evaluate it or get another opinion.

How do you get recognized as a brand? What are good ways to get noticed?

When it comes to start ups, after the financial aspect of it has been solved - the hardest part is getting noticed. This can take a while and this is where your patience is really tested. However, social media really is a lifesaver if you use it correctly. And now I'm going to be brutally honest. If you need to buy people's opinion of your product or service - you have a shitty product or service. Period. And if there are people out there who, without even trying out your product or service, are willing to falsely advertise and say IT'S AMAZING! OMG! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY THIS - they are doing YOU a disservice. You learn when you actually let people be real with you about what you are putting out there. Some of the harshest criticisms I received before launching my business or even in the testing periods were the ones I most genuinely admired and trusted. Nowadays it's easy to get people to advertise for you falsely - just pay them. Of course you can pay people to rave about your product/service without even trying it out but what good does that do? It's all fun and games until a few customers call you out on your BS and lies. And then it's game over for your business. Customers aren't dumb, they have a lot of options nowadays and they know their shit. So either provide something that is at that level or go back to the drawing board. 

When it comes to genuinely advertising for a great product or service, you have to let people try it out for free. And that my friends is called Public Relations (PR). You can definitely use social media to reach those in your industry. BUT be vocal that you aren't interested in false advertising or buying false reviews. You would be surprised at the number of influencers on social media who just without even trying out any of my brand's products just told me their advertising rate. That was a complete turn off for me as someone who worked their ass off for years on this. I politely declined. You want genuine feedback, genuine reviews so you can better yourself. Even if someone doesn't like it, find out why and how you can improve. Don't get sulky or go into defence mode if someone doesn't like what you've put out. It's a business and you aren't always going to get rave reviews across the board. So find out WHY. And be honest with yourself - do they have a point? Does that aspect of your product really need improvement? If it does, then they just did you a favour and helped you improve for the better. 

When you get positive feedback and an influencer/blogger really loves your product, you can then choose to work with them on reaching a higher number of customers. There's so many ways to do this - make a cool video, take an awesome photograph, go live on social media and discuss your product and the list goes on... There's so many creative ways you can advertise BUT know your budget. If you don't have money to spend on advertising work with smaller influencers who just really need great content and new products to review. Yes you might reach a smaller number of customers at first but it is still a great way to not only get great feedback but also to gain a new following for your business.

Social media isn't the only way though to get noticed - use local events to your advantage. Create a budget towards attending an event related to your business and advertising it there in person. Join seminars where you can network and meet people who can help you take your brand/business to the next level - I'm talking about photographers, videographers, models and even website designers. There's so much out there and so many tools that you can use. 

How do you deal with negative criticism or just hate?

The internet and especially if you have a business that is centered around social media can come with drawbacks and that is most often hate. But take it with a grain of salt IF it's not constructive. If you provide a product or a service and the review is not even on topic - you have a hater. Give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself because then you know you are doing well. People are insecure and when they hate for no reason, there is nothing wrong with you, it's just a reflection of the type of person they are. So move on and focus! 

If the review is negative and it does provide constructive feedback, then look into it. Do not get defensive! Do not provide excuses! If you know that there is room for improvement, this person just did you a favour. They called you out on it when no one else did. And honesty helps a business do better than false praise. So use it to your advantage. One of my biggest pet peeves is when businesses or brands get defensive and instead of owning up to their own flaws, belittle the person instead. It's unprofessional and it's actually preventing them from growing as a brand. I love constructive criticism personally. It makes sure my head never gets too big and it makes me work even harder. So use it to your advantage when it is useful. 

I just don't feel like I have enough experience to start something on my own. How should I prepare to launch something?

When it comes to a business, we all start from somewhere and you honestly are never 100% prepared. Starting anything from the ground up is always a learning experience and you will definitely learn from your mistakes. I don't think there's a single person who is prepared for all the ups and downs that come with starting something on their own. This is my first big leap into the world of entrepreneurship and business as well. Coming from the world of medicine, this was a polar opposite for me... but research really helped. I took out so many books from the library - from social media marketing, to website development, and I even researched cosmetic regulations and laws in Canada. I followed inspirational entrepreneurs on social media and I listened to their advice. I took notes. A LOT OF NOTES.  I booked an appointment with my bank advisor - who was the one that provided me with so much financial information and also perks for business owners, like business credit cards for purchasing, etc. Definitely do this! Even if you are not taking out a loan, you still need a business account and you need information. 

You can't just dive in without having any knowledge at all. You need to have a concise plan and have to have clear REALISTIC goals. What do you expect to gain in the first month, the first year? People underestimate the time it takes to actually set up for a launch - whether it's a service or a product, you need to know what you are doing. You have to work on the actual product and then you have to have a game plan to get that product out to your potential customers. My first month goal? ONE sale. I wasn't being greedy at all. If one person believed in my product I was doing the happy dance. My one year goal? Grow my social media following and have actual engagement on my posts. Do not buy followers, do not give in to false advertising. I know there are a lot of pages that say "hey pay us x amount of dollars and we'll advertise for you" - BUT once that video or photograph goes down the instagram feed - so do your followers. Those aren't really potential customers, most of them are ghost accounts and it doesn't help you at all. Slow and steady definitely wins the race when it comes to growing a social media presence. You have to post consistently, you have to stick to your industry and topic at hand and you have to be relatable. Don't do crazy giveaways either, unless you have reached a prominent milestone on social media like 100K followers (and genuinely want to give back) - you don't need gimmicks to attract people. If you have a solid presence, your content is unique and engaging - the people will follow you on their own.

How do you know though if you have a good product/service before you launch it?

Do you personally reach for it? Or is it somewhere in the corner of your drawer? If your product has the potential to replace a loved cult product that you were using before consistently - you are definitely onto something. Then give it to a small bunch of friends to try out, and then a few people in the industry that you trust. Have them try it out, ask them questions related to it, ask them what they like/dislike, how you can improve, etc. From there on, you have the groundwork to improve on it, or proceed with the launch. It really does help to listen to a variety of people's opinions. Sometimes with products or a business we start ourselves - we can put on rose tinted glasses and believe it's everything and more. 

You need people to view it for what it is and to help you look at it from another's perspective. I even handed over our matte lip creams to a few close friends, some experienced makeup artists and never mentioned it was my own brand. It took away the pressure on them as well to be "nice" and spare my feelings and it allowed me to get their honest perspective. You need honesty and constructive criticism to improve, that is a fact. You can love your product all you want but until there is a majority that agrees with you, it's only your opinion... which let's face it, is biased.

And a few tips I've learned along the way...

You can't do it all. I tried, trust me. You will need help along the way and that's fine. Know when to draw the line and not to over exert yourself. I learned how to design the website, I designed the logo myself, I ship out all the packages myself and I even do all the PR related work and then I tried to take great pictures... and create content. I drew the line at that. I sucked when it came to taking nice photographs of my products - and so I asked for help. I reached out to creative individuals on social media and I loved the results (and so did others). So ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. You can't do it all, and you shouldn't be so exhausted that you lose that drive and creativity which started it all. Network to make great friendships and meaningful long term relationships with others. Social media is such a big game changer when it comes to meeting other creative individuals in your industry.

Don't stray from your vision. Don't get caught up in trends. We all know there are fads that erupt on social media and then die down just as fast. And then something else comes along. But your business should be known for something - stick to it. Stick to the vision or image, or message that your business was made upon. Don't be a sell out. 

Work with people who understand your vision and sometimes it's okay if you decide not to pursue a long term working relationship with them. It happens and you don't need to feel cornered. Always start any work related task by having a trial period. If you work well together, the content produced is worthwhile and what you are looking for, then that's great! You can maintain a long term working relationship with them, but sometimes it doesn't work out and that also is fine. You have to always be honest and straightforward from the get go. If you don't feel like it's working out, let them know so you aren't wasting their time and your own.

Phew! That was a lot of information I know. Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end of this long post. If I still missed anything or you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, DM on instagram or drop me an email at I love talking to you guys and I hope this helps anyone out there who is on the road to entrepreneurship. Good luck!


Saturday, 29 July 2017

Happy National Lipstick Day!

I'm super excited to share the launch of 5 new shades to our Lips x Matte collection! These were so fun to produce and also are very unique and diverse.  I want to thank all of our amazing Lady Burgundy family (yes YOU!) that has supported us from day 1. This wouldn't have been possible without your love for our brand.

I loved listening to what you all wanted to see in the next batch of shades and we've worked hard to launch amazing new colours with the same loved formula. I am now working on updating the applicator wand for a more precise application - so I will share updates on that soon. 

So let's get into the new shades shall we? 

The names are once again unique just like the previous ones, I love to be inclusive and I know a lot of women out there never get to see their name on a product but hey maybe here with time you will.

Isla - pronounced Eye-LAA - Scottish origin name meaning Island.

This shade makes a statement. It's the perfect cool tone grey with hints of violet. I would have to say this is definitely the most unique shade we have currently.

Noor - pronounced NUUrrr (roll that R baby!) - common Arabic and South Asian name, meaning Light

This shade I feel is definitely one of the most versatile and inclusive shades we've produced. It's a beautiful mauve toned nude and you can get away with wearing this everyday.

Maha - pronounced exactly as it's spelled - MaaHaa - African origin name meaning oryx - a type of antelope (animal known for elegance and beauty), popular name in the Middle East and South Asia 

This. Colour. I love me some nudes and this colour is SO beautiful. It's a light teddy bear brown and this colour is already so popular. I've had so many of you reach out to me and tell me how much you love it. I'm wearing Maha almost everyday currently as well!

Olivia - pronounced Oh- lihv- eee- AH (Finnish, English); Oh-lih-Beeya (Spanish); Oh-LivYA (German, Italian) - many origins for this name and different pronunciations, means Peace, and also comes from the word Olive in Latin America.

I love a good coral. And for the Summer heat you can't go wrong with this beautiful shade.

Madison - pronounced MAD-uh-son - English origin name, commonly was a surname but is now one of the most popular names in America. Derived from Matthew - meaning "Gift of God" or Matilda - meaning "strong fighter"

Move over Ella and Amelia! We have another popular nude in town. This is the perfect dusty rose nude and we all know... you can't have too many nudes. 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Microblading 101 (all you need to know)

Microblading has been quite popular all over social media. You can find so many amazing Instagram accounts displaying the amazing brow transformations by talented techs (and they are so addictive to watch). So I was tempted... and the search for a skilled microblading tech soon started.

I scoured the net and read reviews and finally settled on Lina Tran of Lina Tran Studio in Toronto. She not only does microblading but is also a hairstylist and colourist (will be going to her again for my hair!) During my microblading appointment I had the pleasure of speaking to her as if we were old friends and I found out she's also an artist - no wonder because those hair strokes were amazingly precise and lifelike!

So now for anyone who doesn't know anything about microblading let's get into it and I'll post my own pictures as well for you all.

Prior to the appointment

So before going into a microblading appointment it's important that you listen and know exactly what you are spending your money on! Let's be honest, the procedure isn't exactly cheap but it is a great alternative for those with very sparse brows or anyone who is sick of filling in their brows ALL THE TIME. This is also great for anyone with misshapen or badly aligned brows who wants to get them symmetrical. 

So what are some things you should know before walking into your appointment?

1. Make sure you really do your research on the microblading tech. In the age of the internet and with so many reviews all around there isn't really an excuse for not doing your homework. You hear the horror stories all of the time of people complaining of their bad experience... but then you got to wonder - didn't they check it out first or read customer testimonials? That is KEY.

2. Is the price too tempting or way over the top? Yes microblading is definitely an art and is very expensive to fix if done wrong. So why take that chance? If the price is surprisingly low or way over the top - be wary. You shouldn't be going too under or over the $300 - 800 price range for microblading. Techs with more experience will charge a bit more as they will have more clients and a higher demand. However, if any tech is new to the game and is charging an arm and a leg... avoid at all costs!

3. The microblading tech should outline the procedure BEFORE touching your brows. Make sure when you pay your deposit, they tell you the details of the procedure and what you need to do to make sure you get the result you want. In my case, Lina sent over a few pages of information outlining the procedure, as well expectations, what to expect after the procedure and what to do prior to coming in for the appointment. All of this is important since you are investing money and time into this. Otherwise - stick to the brow pencil boo.

My own experience.

Now I'm going to go into my own experience and share pictures along the way. These pictures are either taken by Lina Tran of Lina Tran Studio or myself. * Disclaimer: Please do not repost these pictures without permission from either myself or Lina Tran. *

Before I went into my microblading appointment with Lina, she had sent over instructions on what she needed from me to get the results I wanted. I read through the pages she sent over, some of it outlined the procedure, numbing cream that would be used and also that I was to come in with my brows already filled in. 

That part did confuse me - but Lina had told me she wanted to see how I wanted my brows to look and that it would give her an idea of the type of look I was going for. Everyone is different in how fierce or filled in they want their brows to look. I personally feel very heavy brows do not look good on my face, so I wanted something natural and just right to fill in those sparse areas. I made a snapchat video for my followers prior to going into my appointment so they had an idea of how my brows looked filled in and without anything. I will post some pictures of my brows before and after the appointment. I'll also post a picture which Lina took (and is also on her Instagram page).

Photo taken by Lina 
top: my brows filled in, bottom: after microblading appointment

Brows all natural, before microblading and not filled in.

Brows filled in

Right after appointment. Brows are completely bare.

So after about 4-6 weeks you should go in for a touch-up which is usually free and included. Usually this is the time the technician can go back and fill in any areas that might be lacking in pigment and also anything that you want fixed. I won't lie... the touch up did hurt a bit. This was mainly because there were no numbing agents involved this time. Lina had told me that the numbing cream would interfere with the pigment getting absorbed into the skin and so it wouldn't have the desired effect. SO... I put on a brave face and soldiered through. The strokes this time... I could definately feel them and my eyes did tear up a bit. 

However, if you can get through that 15 - 20 minutes of touch-ups (might be a shorter time if you don't really need much to fill in), then the end result is amazing. I am beyond happy with my results and often times I don't even fill in my brows anymore. Sometimes I will here and there but it's definitely not needed. The best thing of this procedure is that my eyebrows are symmetrical now. 

So all in all, do I recommend it? Yes - if you are someone looking to get your brows more symmetrical and have areas of sparseness, then go for it! 

Next post will cover our new lip shades which are set to launch very soon! So stay tuned!


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Feathered brows

I wasn't really sure whether or not to talk about this trend. Some are skeptical others might be confused about what I'm on about. So let's get into it?

Feathered brows are basically a new trend where your eyebrows resemble... you guessed it.... feathers!

There have already been quite a few tutorials on it all over Instagram and Facebook.
So what's your take? Yay or nay? I think personally after spending so much on microblading my brows I'll have to pass on this trend.

Feathered brows by

Any trends you currently love or hate? Share in the comments below.


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Metallic Brows.

Spring is here and with Coachella in full swing at the moment, you might have seen a lot of beauty lovers sporting the metallic pigmented brow look. Yes, not a tan for your bod but actually super cool new metallic colours for those brows. 

Picture featuring @JuliHerzz wearing Sephora's Brow highlighting gel

So if you do want to try out this trend. Here are our fav brands and products to achieve those glittery brows so on trend right now. Most of these products are metallic eyeshadows however you can rock them for your brows. 

Elf Cosmetics - molten liquid eyeshadow

Touch in Sol - Liquid Foil & Glitter eyeshadow duo

Stila - Magnificent metals glitter & glow liquid eyeshadow

Sephora Collection - Brow Highlighting Gel

So what's your take on this trend? Would you dare to rock it this Spring/Summer or just keep it for festivals like Coachella? Let us know in the comments.