Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Glittery obsessions - Touch in Sol

If you are like me, you may love all those glitter-y makeup looks all over Instagram and Youtube... BUT the attempt at removing all of those glitter eyeshadows is enough to scare you away. And hey... there are times when the glitter doesn't stay put and gets all over your face. And then it's just a hot mess and you look like a toddler who got lose with a glitter stick. 

So then along came an amazing Korean makeup brand - Touch in Sol. Some of you may have heard of them, some not. But trust me when I say they are your solution to no mess glitter application for those sexy glitter makeup looks. I received a sample of Touch in Sol's Metallist Liquid Foil and Glitter Eyeshadow Duo in my Sephora order and I was hooked. 

This eyeshadow duo basically comes with 2 applicators - one side for the liquid eyeshadow and the other for glitter to give you some extra bling. I've never felt the need to use both, as the liquid eyeshadow part on its own looks gorgeous. But for those days when you really want to shine - you can use the 2nd applicator over and achieve an even more incredible eye look.

Currently Touch in Sol offers 5 colours in their metallic eyeshadow collection: Talia (silver), Margaret (champagne), Eldora (gold), Adelio (burgundy) and Lottie (plum). 

Talia (silver)

Eldora (gold)

Lottie (plum)

Adelio (burgundy)

Margaret (champagne)

I'm currently lusting over Eldora which is the gold shade and Sephora is actually out of stock on Talia which is the silver colour. These are all gorgeous shades and are perfect for the holidays, not to mention great stocking stuffers. The quality and the amount of product you get are great as well.

So next time you want to try out a new brand, definitely get some Touch in Sol metallic eyeshadows in your life. You won't be disappointed!