Tuesday, 1 November 2016

New lash additions coming soon!

I think it might sound a bit conceited but I'm VERY proud of our brand and products. From the packaging design to the lashes themselves - we really worked very hard to make sure the lashes were very comfortable and very light weight. And the feedback that we've received back from our customers has been very kind and heartwarming. I think one of the most nicest compliments included how our lashes looked very natural and how so many of them received compliments from their friends, colleagues and even parents! 

So I just wanted to share a few pictures of our new lash additions which will make their debut soon. Not to mention we have really changed up our packaging as well and the newer lashes will now come in this newer packaging - and eventually we will change up the entire lash boxes, so if you want to grab our signature lash boxes (the textured white boxes) do so now because once they are gone... sadly they will be gone!

So let's do some introductions shall we? 

This gorgeous beauty is Sofia. Our lashes in Sofia are super whispy, and really give you that fanned out lash look that so many of you love. These also are very different because we have actually woven in lavender and purple lash hairs to make your eyes really POP! I know we've gotten so many comments on when the release date will be for these beauties and we promise to announce it here first! Followed by Instagram and Facebook!

You can really see the pop of purple and trust me when I say you won't find these anywhere else. The 3D effect is really pronounced with these babies! We are currently working on revamping the lash pictures on our website and once all the pictures are ready to be uploaded onto the website, I will definitely share more!

In other very exciting news, we have some new products coming your way! We have some beautiful and super soft makeup brushes that we are currently designing and working on. It's always important for us to try each product on ourselves before releasing it. So if we don't love it, it never gets launched. Here's a sneak peak of our makeup brushes - that we know you will just love!

And - lip products are also coming soon! So as you can see we are working extremely hard to bring you guys the best in everything our brand has to offer. We maintain to stick by our ideals of providing cruelty free makeup and also insist we make sure every product lives up to our standards and yours.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And make sure to keep following us for the latest updates!