Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Makeup Brushes too beautiful to use!

There's always reasons to buy makeup... sometimes it's the amazing quality (well most of the time this should be the reason) and then there's the packaging that makes it so hard to resist. When it comes to makeup brushes it doesn't end. There are so many gorgeous makeup brushes out there with so many unique looks to choose from. So I'm about to make it so much more difficult for you all... sorry in advance!

I've browsed through countless beauty blogs, websites and even Pinterest to give you the low down on the most gorgeous makeup brushes available. Some of these haven't released yet and are on pre-order, while others are available for purchase right now. So let's get into it!

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes - Storybook Cosmetics

How this never was an idea before is just mind boggling but the idea to re-create makeup brushes from the wands used in the series was such an amazing idea! As a big Harry Potter fan myself this is one collection that is very hard to pass up. Currently Storybook Cosmetics is sold out and pre-orders will be available soon. There are 5 makeup brushes in this set and are all eye brushes. 

Unicorn Brushes - Unicorn Lashes UK

They first started off as a lash brand and quickly came up with a very unique makeup brush line in the form of a unicorn's horn. The idea was so popular that they received tremendous demand in the form of pre-orders! Tarte Cosmetics has since then released news of a similar looking unicorn inspired makeup brush collection however this one was definitely first and very unique with the pastel rainbow hairs.

Bold Metals Collections - Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

The mix of rose gold with anything is sure to please many. And Real Techniques came with these gorgeous metallic beauties and they were such a hit. Their makeup brushes have also been award winning and loved by many beauty lovers alike - so not only do they look beautiful but they are also well worth the money in terms of quality too.

Fairytale Collection - Girls with Attitude 

How dreamy are those purple-y bristles!? And the design of these brushes is gorgeous. This is a London based brand and individually the fluffy blending brush is a best seller but hey with brushes this gorgeous why not splurge on the entire 17 piece set?

Gun Metal Collection - Morphe Cosmetics

Morphe Cosmetics has a wide range of makeup brushes for affordable prices. The Gun Metal Collection that they launched was definitely well received. Not only are these brushes super soft but they are also very well made.

Beautifully Precise Brush Collection - ELF Cosmetics

This is one of my personal favourites. It not only is easthetically pleasing to the eye but it also is ergonomically designed to fit your hands perfectly when applying makeup... now how amazing is that? Plus they are super affordable so hey it's all win win!

Tarte Cosmetics

There's a bunch of collections that Tarte has released and they always come up with amazing designs each time. So we couldn't pick just one...

Sea Collection - Spring/Summer 2011

Tarte x Nicol Concilio Collab

Foundation Brush 

So that's the blog post for today where we went over some gorgeous makeup brushes that we were drooling over. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram (@ladyburgundy) to be in the know how about our latest lash releases and also some new products coming out soon!