Sunday, 6 November 2016

Knockout Nails for any season (featuring Formula X)

Not an actual rave that's going on or anything. This isn't even a sponsored blog post. Just sending some love to Formula X for their amazing nail polishes. Chip resistant. Amazing colours. Their new Color Curators collaboration with influences in the Beauty and Fashion industry is also an amazing idea to give exposure to others. I've tried a lot of nail polishes over the years and even after paying so much I was not happy with some of the quality. I then came across Formula X products with the Huda Kattan collab (because you know I just love her!) and I literally had to get my hands on this collab. I tried all 3 colours, fell especially in love with Baroque Babe - that sexy rose gold - and I was surprised! Surprised that I'd never given this brand a chance before and at how amazing their quality of nail polishes was! These nail polishes LAST and even after doing the dishes and tapping away at my keyboard and phone... my nails still looked good!

They do have a lot of sets which include minis of various shades but I wanted to give you my opinion on the best shades for each season. So let's get into it!






It's all about light colours, pastels and even nudes! So if you don't like colour a sexy natural shade can work perfectly like Standout. I find this shade is universally flattering on all skin tones. So if you are of a deeper complexion this should still look great. For pastel colours we love Exclamation, which is a stunning tea rose pink shade. And we cannot get over light purple shades like Radical. This is a beautiful light lilac shade and screams Spring is here! For those of you who love shades of baby blue - Provocative is a perfect sky blue shade that isn't too light to fade out.


I love summer nail shades, they are more vibrant, more loud and definitely colourful! Of course you can opt for a nude shade once in a while but summer screams of brightness so that's what we chose here. Riotious isn't a very dark berry shade but more like a magenta which will really give your nails a pop of colour without looking too dark for summer. And then we have a gorgeous hot pink shade like Hercules which is stunning! My personal favourite pink is Relentless which is such a stunning shade of pink and perfect for summer all season long. 





Fall is definitely my favourite season for nail polish. Darker bold shades come out to play and you can get away with it too! Dark berry shades are gorgeous for Fall BUT grey tones are definitely a big hit! So we've done our best to include the perfect mix of berry and grey shades for this season. 








Winter is definitely the most bold for nail shades. I mean if you are following the trends that is. But the colours that are usually most popular aren't vibrant and flashy like Summer but rather tend to give an air of sophistication. When the air is cold out, you're bundled up and the tan is fading - your nails can be the saviour to adding a pop of bold colour. We love bold shades so we really had fun selecting our favourites for this season. 






So those were our seasonal favourites but we did want to include a section for nail colours that are perfect for every season and when you just don't know what shade to pick. These nail colours are super sexy and wearable with any outfit. Here's our picks:

Revved Up



So that's the rundown on our favourite Formula X nail shades. This is definitely one brand that has high quality with a great range of colours. And this post is not sponsored so yes this is my own honest opinion. Next time you're looking for new shades to try for any given season, give these shades above a try or opt for our selection of everyday shades and we promise you won't be disappointed! Until next time loves!