Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Take it off... makeup that is! (Our favourite makeup removers)

So everyone loves playing around with makeup, you know blending in that eyeshadow like it's cardio, getting that winged eyeliner to perfection and playing the wait game while baking. So when it comes to removing it all after the days done, that's a whole other battle.

I personally HATE removing makeup. I love the soft, clean feeling afterwards but the actual process of removing makeup is such a chore. You know making sure to get every last bit of foundation off, and making sure there's no eyeliner left behind. My actual worst is removing mascara... not fun. Okay so I'm sure a lot of you agree with me and have your own methods of removing makeup. But if you are looking for something new and want to up your makeup removal game, you're in luck!

Here's my personal tried and tested, and favourite methods of getting that makeup off in a cinch.

Cinema Secrets - Break it Down Waterproof Makeup Remover

This is amazing! It not only works for the blackest eyeliner you've got, but if you mix a bit with some dish soap, you've got yourself an amazing makeup brush cleaner. I usually put a bit on a cotton pad and go to work on my makeup. It manages to get even the most darkest eyeliner off and works great on mascara too. 

Biotherm - Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

This was my all time favourite makeup remover forever! But now I have to admit... there's someone else... I'll get into my holy grail makeup remover next, but this is still amazing at removing makeup. BUT yes you do have to use a cotton pad to get every bit of makeup off. It does an amazing job, is great for sensitive skin and like Cinema Secrets makeup remover, this is also great for cleaning your makeup brushes by adding a bit of dish soap and water.

The Estee Edit (By: Estee Lauder) - Dissolve the Drama 2-in-1 Makeup Remover + Cleanser

THIS. IS. AMAZEBALLS. I'm seriously in love with this makeup remover right now! I got this as a sample in a recent Sephora order and one day with a face full of makeup... I thought what the heck let's see if it can match my Biotherm makeup remover. Well... let me tell you. Wow! I love this remover and the best part is you don't need cotton pads. Or anything for that matter! I took this liquid-y magic in my hands and went to town and the makeup just came off instantly. Not only is this a makeup remover but it's also a cleanser! I do recommend using your cleanser afterwards though to get that extra clean feeling, but my skin felt great using it on it's own as well. This is definitely my all time favourite makeup remover at the moment. If you're looking for a new product to try, get this! You will definitely fall in love. 

Watch out for my next post, where I go into the best holiday bundles by various makeup brands and which ones are really worth the $$$.  Have a great weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! 


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Makeup Brushes too beautiful to use!

There's always reasons to buy makeup... sometimes it's the amazing quality (well most of the time this should be the reason) and then there's the packaging that makes it so hard to resist. When it comes to makeup brushes it doesn't end. There are so many gorgeous makeup brushes out there with so many unique looks to choose from. So I'm about to make it so much more difficult for you all... sorry in advance!

I've browsed through countless beauty blogs, websites and even Pinterest to give you the low down on the most gorgeous makeup brushes available. Some of these haven't released yet and are on pre-order, while others are available for purchase right now. So let's get into it!

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes - Storybook Cosmetics

How this never was an idea before is just mind boggling but the idea to re-create makeup brushes from the wands used in the series was such an amazing idea! As a big Harry Potter fan myself this is one collection that is very hard to pass up. Currently Storybook Cosmetics is sold out and pre-orders will be available soon. There are 5 makeup brushes in this set and are all eye brushes. 

Unicorn Brushes - Unicorn Lashes UK

They first started off as a lash brand and quickly came up with a very unique makeup brush line in the form of a unicorn's horn. The idea was so popular that they received tremendous demand in the form of pre-orders! Tarte Cosmetics has since then released news of a similar looking unicorn inspired makeup brush collection however this one was definitely first and very unique with the pastel rainbow hairs.

Bold Metals Collections - Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

The mix of rose gold with anything is sure to please many. And Real Techniques came with these gorgeous metallic beauties and they were such a hit. Their makeup brushes have also been award winning and loved by many beauty lovers alike - so not only do they look beautiful but they are also well worth the money in terms of quality too.

Fairytale Collection - Girls with Attitude 

How dreamy are those purple-y bristles!? And the design of these brushes is gorgeous. This is a London based brand and individually the fluffy blending brush is a best seller but hey with brushes this gorgeous why not splurge on the entire 17 piece set?

Gun Metal Collection - Morphe Cosmetics

Morphe Cosmetics has a wide range of makeup brushes for affordable prices. The Gun Metal Collection that they launched was definitely well received. Not only are these brushes super soft but they are also very well made.

Beautifully Precise Brush Collection - ELF Cosmetics

This is one of my personal favourites. It not only is easthetically pleasing to the eye but it also is ergonomically designed to fit your hands perfectly when applying makeup... now how amazing is that? Plus they are super affordable so hey it's all win win!

Tarte Cosmetics

There's a bunch of collections that Tarte has released and they always come up with amazing designs each time. So we couldn't pick just one...

Sea Collection - Spring/Summer 2011

Tarte x Nicol Concilio Collab

Foundation Brush 

So that's the blog post for today where we went over some gorgeous makeup brushes that we were drooling over. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram (@ladyburgundy) to be in the know how about our latest lash releases and also some new products coming out soon!


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Knockout Nails for any season (featuring Formula X)

Not an actual rave that's going on or anything. This isn't even a sponsored blog post. Just sending some love to Formula X for their amazing nail polishes. Chip resistant. Amazing colours. Their new Color Curators collaboration with influences in the Beauty and Fashion industry is also an amazing idea to give exposure to others. I've tried a lot of nail polishes over the years and even after paying so much I was not happy with some of the quality. I then came across Formula X products with the Huda Kattan collab (because you know I just love her!) and I literally had to get my hands on this collab. I tried all 3 colours, fell especially in love with Baroque Babe - that sexy rose gold - and I was surprised! Surprised that I'd never given this brand a chance before and at how amazing their quality of nail polishes was! These nail polishes LAST and even after doing the dishes and tapping away at my keyboard and phone... my nails still looked good!

They do have a lot of sets which include minis of various shades but I wanted to give you my opinion on the best shades for each season. So let's get into it!






It's all about light colours, pastels and even nudes! So if you don't like colour a sexy natural shade can work perfectly like Standout. I find this shade is universally flattering on all skin tones. So if you are of a deeper complexion this should still look great. For pastel colours we love Exclamation, which is a stunning tea rose pink shade. And we cannot get over light purple shades like Radical. This is a beautiful light lilac shade and screams Spring is here! For those of you who love shades of baby blue - Provocative is a perfect sky blue shade that isn't too light to fade out.


I love summer nail shades, they are more vibrant, more loud and definitely colourful! Of course you can opt for a nude shade once in a while but summer screams of brightness so that's what we chose here. Riotious isn't a very dark berry shade but more like a magenta which will really give your nails a pop of colour without looking too dark for summer. And then we have a gorgeous hot pink shade like Hercules which is stunning! My personal favourite pink is Relentless which is such a stunning shade of pink and perfect for summer all season long. 





Fall is definitely my favourite season for nail polish. Darker bold shades come out to play and you can get away with it too! Dark berry shades are gorgeous for Fall BUT grey tones are definitely a big hit! So we've done our best to include the perfect mix of berry and grey shades for this season. 








Winter is definitely the most bold for nail shades. I mean if you are following the trends that is. But the colours that are usually most popular aren't vibrant and flashy like Summer but rather tend to give an air of sophistication. When the air is cold out, you're bundled up and the tan is fading - your nails can be the saviour to adding a pop of bold colour. We love bold shades so we really had fun selecting our favourites for this season. 






So those were our seasonal favourites but we did want to include a section for nail colours that are perfect for every season and when you just don't know what shade to pick. These nail colours are super sexy and wearable with any outfit. Here's our picks:

Revved Up



So that's the rundown on our favourite Formula X nail shades. This is definitely one brand that has high quality with a great range of colours. And this post is not sponsored so yes this is my own honest opinion. Next time you're looking for new shades to try for any given season, give these shades above a try or opt for our selection of everyday shades and we promise you won't be disappointed! Until next time loves!


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Let's get cheeky! (Our Top Blushes)

Who doesn't love a good blush on their cheeks? Yes to some glow anytime. And in this blog post we share our favourites. 

NARS - Taj Mahal

My first blush purchase was because of my obsession with Nur (love her! and if you don't know who she is, follow her on YouTube now! Nurberxo). She raved about Nar's blush in Taj Mahal years ago and I HAD to have it! And yes it was a win! This is a very pigmented blush so a little definitely goes a long way. I know the colour looks very vibrant but when applied with a LIGHT hand this is a stunning shade. This is definitely my all time favourite blush. 

Make Up For Ever (HD Blush) - Indian Rosewood #420

This shade is beautiful, especially for olive and tanned complexions. ho However it could work for any skin tone - as long as you applied it lightly as it's quite pigmented. If you're not into creamier blushes then you might want to pass on this one but this colour is very natural looking and blends in perfectly with your makeup.

BECCA (Mineral Blush) - Flowerchild

Flowerchild is a beautiful pinky peach blush with hints of gold shimmer and works well with those of us who have golden undertones to our skin. This blush really is universal in that it suits light to deeper skin tones. If you especially love that natural looking makeup look then this blush is perfect for you. This is very pigmented so a little does go a long way. 

Laura Mercier (Second Skin Cheek Color) - Spiced Cider

This is another beautiful peachy shade that has a bit of gold flecks in it, but if you aren't into a lot of shimmer then this might be a great blush for you! Spiced Cider is gorgeous for Fall and is workable for every skin tone, and looks especially flattering on those who have golden undertones.

Hourglass (Ambient Lighting Blush) - Luminous Flush

Okay let's just take a minute to stare at this stunning blush... It really is a gorgeous shade and in all honesty, all of the blushes in the Ambient Lighting collection are stunners. This shade in particular is very flattering and a perfect pop of light pink. It's a gorgeous champagne pink shade and blends flawlessly. The lighter blushes can also work as stunning highlighters too!

Tarte (Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush) - Achiote 

This colour is gorgeous! It's the perfect nudey pink shade and is consistently out of stock on Sephora (so you know it's a winner!). Tarte blushes are very silky and blend perfectly as well (yay for being a cruelty free brand as well). The staying power in my opinion was a bit less than 12 hours but the colour made up for that. 

NARS - Orgasm

You knew this had to be in here. Orgasm blush is such a cult favourite and still remains to be a blush favourite of mine (but only after Taj Mahal). This is a beautiful pink shade with shimmer and is loved by many Beauty lovers out there. 

Sigma Beauty - Cor-De-Rosa Aura Powder

This colour is stunning! And I feel like this picture just doesn't do the colour justice. It definitely has peach and golden undertones to it and offers the most beautiful flushed appearance to your cheeks. This blush is perfect for everyday and the price is also great! This is a bestseller on Sigma's website as well so you know we aren't raving about this blush alone.

So those were our favourite blush picks. If you have any you would like to share, please feel free in the comments section below and we'll try them out!


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

New lash additions coming soon!

I think it might sound a bit conceited but I'm VERY proud of our brand and products. From the packaging design to the lashes themselves - we really worked very hard to make sure the lashes were very comfortable and very light weight. And the feedback that we've received back from our customers has been very kind and heartwarming. I think one of the most nicest compliments included how our lashes looked very natural and how so many of them received compliments from their friends, colleagues and even parents! 

So I just wanted to share a few pictures of our new lash additions which will make their debut soon. Not to mention we have really changed up our packaging as well and the newer lashes will now come in this newer packaging - and eventually we will change up the entire lash boxes, so if you want to grab our signature lash boxes (the textured white boxes) do so now because once they are gone... sadly they will be gone!

So let's do some introductions shall we? 

This gorgeous beauty is Sofia. Our lashes in Sofia are super whispy, and really give you that fanned out lash look that so many of you love. These also are very different because we have actually woven in lavender and purple lash hairs to make your eyes really POP! I know we've gotten so many comments on when the release date will be for these beauties and we promise to announce it here first! Followed by Instagram and Facebook!

You can really see the pop of purple and trust me when I say you won't find these anywhere else. The 3D effect is really pronounced with these babies! We are currently working on revamping the lash pictures on our website and once all the pictures are ready to be uploaded onto the website, I will definitely share more!

In other very exciting news, we have some new products coming your way! We have some beautiful and super soft makeup brushes that we are currently designing and working on. It's always important for us to try each product on ourselves before releasing it. So if we don't love it, it never gets launched. Here's a sneak peak of our makeup brushes - that we know you will just love!

And - lip products are also coming soon! So as you can see we are working extremely hard to bring you guys the best in everything our brand has to offer. We maintain to stick by our ideals of providing cruelty free makeup and also insist we make sure every product lives up to our standards and yours.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! And make sure to keep following us for the latest updates!