Thursday, 13 October 2016

New in Makeup! (Featuring the new Formula X collab with Huda Kattan)

There are always new products launching almost everyday but a few have me getting stoked like a little kid on Christmas Eve. So although this post isn't too long, it does have some goodies that I'm super excited for and will most likely be getting. (One of them is LONG overdue but I wanted to test it out myself before posting a review on it).

Formula X - Huda Kattan Collection

I just want to start off by saying that this collection is LIMITED EDITION! So if you love all things Huda Beauty AND you're a nail polish junkie, then you might want to grab at this collection quickly. Not to mention the shades are absolutely stunning! 

From top to bottom we have: Date Night, Jetsetter and Baroque Babe. Baroque babe is pretty much the PERFECT rose gold polish you could ask for. And the other 2 colours are stunning as well. The staying power on these polishes seem to be 5 stars as well across the board.

Date Night


Baroque Babe

So Formula X is actually doing something very unique and that is their new #colorcurators platform that they've launched. Each time they will pair up with an amazing individual who has made an impact in the field of Fashion, Beauty and/or Wellness and work with them to come up with 3 awesome nail shades. Huda Kattan has a very special place for me personally because she's such an inspiration. She really paved a way for herself in Beauty and continues to with amazing new products that break the internet. 

Sigma Beauty - SigMagic

Brush cleaners are nothing new but handmade products that are also eco-friendly AND have no harmful preservatives? That's pretty impressive! Sigma Beauty has just launched their new addition to the brush cleaning game... so say bye bye to dirty brushes!

SigMagic just launched on their website today and is already being talked about by Beauty lovers alike. I remember when they had just launched their brush cleaning mat and then the very nifty dry and shape. Both were very cool and now this new product is getting some attention. This is priced at $15 USD and currently is too new to really have any reviews but slowly and surely this might be making its way into your makeup brush cleaning routine if it lives up to the hype. So far by first glance I love the fact that it's all natural and handmade from virgin coconut oil. I have tried olive oil time and time again so now will give this a go as well.

Huda Beauty - Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition

I'm seriously appalled at myself for not blogging about this palette first but to be honest I wanted to play around a bit with the palette myself and truly give an honest review before posting anything. I mean it is the first of it's kind in textured shadows and it's also the first time Huda Beauty has ventured into eyeshadows so it's very new. 

First thing I noticed when playing around with it was that the textured colours will not give you a great colour payoff if you use a makeup brush. I noticed that and then saw Mona Kattan mention it on her snapchat as well. So I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed this. If you truly want that colour on your lids to look exceptional, use your fingers for the top row of foiled eyeshadows. The rest of the matte shades work perfectly with a makeup brush.

I think in all honesty the colours are great - the matte shades are nothing new but the textured shadows definitely are incredibly pigmented, talc free and something that hasn't been done before. I think the closest to this I've seen is the NARS dual intensity eyeshadows, but I've yet to see a rose gold like this. Besides the actual black cardboard palette (which I feel could have been improved) the eyeshadows are great! I know it is quite difficult though to come by this palette as it is currently sold out on the Huda Beauty website and not yet on the Sephora website. Sources now say that November is when they will be restocked on the website but you can always join the waitlist on Cult Beauty to try and snag a palette there. 

So I hope you liked today's blog post and if you do, please let me know in the comments below!

See you in the next post loves.