Sunday, 16 October 2016

Makeup Spotlight - Surratt Beauty

So I've done a designer spotlight segment many times, but if fashion is something that doesn't excite you as much as makeup... then you're in luck! I've decided to add another segment to this blog called "Makeup Spotlight" where I'll talk about a new brand, or just an undiscovered one. 

And I am a bit late to the game but man of man am I in love with their exquisite design and products! Okay, before I dive right in, let's start with what Surratt Beauty is all about and also more about the brand's design and concept.

So, some quick background information: Surratt Beauty is founded by celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt, whose biggest break came when he assisted Kevyn Aucoin and then went on to work with other famous celebs such as Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and Paris Hilton. Surratt Beauty's custom packaging and their very simple Paris influenced designs make it a very sexy brand. The makeup is made exclusively in Tokyo, Japan and Surratt Beauty has quite a few products out so I am very late to the game. I think if you had to invest in a single product, then it's definitely their makeup brushes! The one in particular that has received rave reviews is the Artistique Smoky Eye Brush. 

Artistique Smoky Eye Brush

Closeup of the Artistique Smoky Eye Brush

How sleek is this packaging!? SO gorgeous I don't think I could even throw this away.

Asides makeup brushes, Surratt Beauty also has customizable eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks and stunning blushes. I'll leave you to oogle at these images of their stunning blushes and not to mention super cute packaging! 

Eyeshadow in Ombre

Prismatique Eyes - includes eyeshadow and matte eye creme

Artistique Blush in La Vie En Rose - soft rose

Artistique Blush in Se Pomponner - dolly pink

Gorgeous right? Suratt Beauty has been getting quite popular since it's been picked up by major department stores and now is also sold by Sephora. You can also find them on Cult Beauty as well. Hope you like this new segment and if there are any brands you would like us to cover or to bring to attention please share in the comments below! And if you do own any Surratt Beauty products, let me know your favs and which ones are worth investing in. See you in the next post loves and have an amazing weekend!

- xoxo