Thursday, 13 October 2016

Makeup Brushes 101

Doing this post is such a 360 degrees for me personally, because I remember so clearly when I was a freshman in University and I had absolutely no idea what a contour brush was and why there were so many different eye brushes. You'll probably laugh at me but I actually remember opening up several YouTube videos with various makeup artists and beauty gurus raving about their favourite brushes and what they were used for. I so wanted to know the lingo so I actually bought a notepad just to jot down the different types of makeup brushes and their uses. It's funny thinking about it now and how the endless types of different brushes and the new ones that come out every now and then are so much easier to understand. Makeup really is a field all on its own and it's great to see just how far my skills have come along with my understanding of the wide variety of products. 

So after jotting down thousands of different types of brands, I remember buying my first ever makeup brush. I was an eyeliner lover and always wanted to do the perfect cat eye and although I BADLY wanted to own a huge range of the pro makeup artist brushes sold by MAC Cosmetics, I narrowed my choices down to the MAC 266 eyeliner brush (of course along with the black paint pot). And that was the beginning of a beautiful makeup addiction... my paint pot collection grew and so did my makeup brush collection. I eventually went on to collect quite a few MAC brushes (the 224 tapered brush, 239 eyeshadow brush, etc) AND around that time I remember Sigma had just launched as a makeup brush brand and I was intrigued to get their makeup brush kit (I still use those brushes to this day and use that cylindrical makeup container to hold all my brushes. I haven't really added much to my collection since those days except for a few Marc Jacobs brushes. 

I actually thought I would go over my favourite makeup brushes currently and which ones I want to buy to add to my collection. So let's get into it!

MAC 266 Eyeliner brush

I still have this makeup brush 10 years later. It's crazy when I think about it, but this really is my first and I think definitely favourite eyeliner brush. I have tried other brands since then but keep coming back to this one. 

MAC 224 Tapered brush

I love this fluffy brush for blending and I think MAC really nailed it with this one. Most of the work when it comes to really getting an amazing smokey eye is spending enough time blending in the makeup properly. And to do that you need a brush that is fluffy enough to get the job done and this delivers.

Marc Jacobs Conceal brush

I've never been a fan of the concealer brushes that are less dense and a bit longer. I love this concealer brush and although it is pricey, your concealer will look amazing every time! The brush is super dense and is angled making it perfect for blending.

Cover FX - Liquid Foundation brush

I've had a weird relationship with foundation brushes. I went from the Sigma foundation brush (the stippled one), to the MAC 107 foundation brush and then tried the Marc Jacobs large foundation brush - super soft and fluffy. BUT I still wasn't satisfied. I felt like I would either get too much product on my face or it wouldn't blend perfectly. My makeup always felt a bit streaky... so then I went for it and tried the Cover FX brush. It was flat on top which was different from the other brushes I had tried in the past and I liked that control. I'm not one to layer on foundation, sometimes I don't even use any, so I wanted something that I could control easily and really blend in. This is now my current favourite in foundation brushes. 

MAC 163 Flat Contour brush

Contouring is amazing. Especially when you love food and still want to keep that sculpted face. So I've tried the angled contour brushes that are fluffy and they just don't do it for me. I like the control that flat contour brushes offer - I usually ended up squishing the fluffy brush together anyways when applying bronzer. So a flat contour brush was a good call. 

MAC 184 Duo Fibre Fan brush

When it comes to highlighters and even strobing, a fan brush is perfect for making sure you don't get too carried away. I sometimes use my fingers for highlighting but I love the results when you use a fan brush. You definitely get a more even application. 

Makeup Geek Rounded Blush Brush

This can also be used for highlighting, strobing and even baking. But yes it is for blush and I like the way it applies just the right amount. BUT I do have to say that the MAC 107 Foundation brush (the stippled one) is also one I love for applying blush. The reason why I would use a foundation brush for blush? Because the stippling brush design is great for getting very little product on to make sure you don't look like a doll with very red cheeks.

So after all these years of using makeup brushes. I have to say you really need to use a variety of different brands - from low end to high end because honestly the price doesn't matter as much as the quality. Yes a brand like MAC usually nails it but sometimes you might like a foundation brush for applying powder or blush and not really for foundation. And there's so many different types of brushes for different types of makeup application. So experiment. You by no means NEED to buy all high end brushes - feel the brushes, make sure they are soft and and also when you do use brushes, blend properly! This does take time to learn and practice, practice! 

See you in the next post loves!

- xoxo