Sunday, 9 October 2016

Everything lips - my favourite lipsticks

When it comes to lipsticks, lip glosses and matte liquid lipsticks the list is endless really. There's so many gorgeous shades, even dupes of those gorgeous shades and more brands are releasing new colours that we're going crazy over. But sometimes they can be a hit and miss. I usually lust over a particular shade once I see how it looks on someone else but sometimes I find out on my lips it's not so hot. So I wanted to talk about my personal favourites, which I have gone back to time and time again. Some are new to my collection while others are a cult favourite. When it comes to lip colours I'm pretty selective and being olive skin toned it has to look just right. So let's get into my personal favourites today, and hey maybe next time you're looking for a new colour you might just want to snag one of these for yourself!

Inglot 401 Lipstick

Inglot I feel doesn't get as much love in the lipstick department as it should. Not only do their lipsticks smell fruity and lovely, the colour range is insane. This is my holy grail lipstick because it's the perfect peachy - orange tone and I love the way it flatters my skin tone, so if you are olive or tan like me then this will look awesome on you. Another note though is that this is a very matte lipstick - so moisturize your lips before using. 

MAC - Please Me Lipstick

MAC's colour range is awesome too but they like many others have cult favourites that most people love and swear by. For me personally MAC's Please Me lipstick is the perfect muted pink, and like the Inglot lipstick above, this is also a matte formula but still glides on easy. I feel like this pink would flatter pretty much every skin tone, so it really is a great pink to have in your stash.

MAC - Pink Pigeon Lipstick

I'm really into hot pinks and fuchsia tones. Not only are they super sexy but they are vibrant and very flattering on my skin tone as well. My absolute favourite hot pink shade is MAC's Pink Pigeon. Next time you're in a MAC store you need to try this colour! And surprise, surprise! This is also a matte lipstick shade.

Limecrime Velvetines - Shroom 

Limecrime has an amazing array of matte liquid lipsticks and this brown shade is amazing for deeper skin tones and even those who like bolder lips. Plus, as per Priyanka Chopra's  (Bollywood actress and Quantico star) makeup artist this is her go to colour to give her those sexy nudey-brown lips! So if you're a Priyanka fan, this might be another incentive to invest in this colour.

Colourpop Cosmetics - Avenue ultra matte lip 

I love this brick red colour and at only $5 USD, this is a steal! I love this shade and it's a very dark brownish red tone which is quite unique. It's also quite a popular colour since it first launched on the website and is one of the older shades.

NYX Cosmetics - Addis Ababa soft matte lip cream

I told you I loved hot pinks and I love this super soft and creamy shade. If you love glosses or aren't really into lipsticks, then this is a gorgeous shade you need to pick up! This is also another colour that will look amazing on anyone.

MAC - Modesty Lipstick

So this isn't a matte lipstick! It's actually a cremesheen, goes on smooth and stays this way. I remember when I first really got into lipsticks, I was constantly trying to find the perfect "my lips but better" shade and BAM! I found this shade and always return to it. This is a great nude lipstick shade for all skin tones and definitely a renowned lipstick among MAC fans.

Kat Von D - Bauhau5 Studded Lipstick

This is not only a Kat Von D cult favourite in lipsticks but it's also a super hot berry shade and PERFECT for the season right now! This isn't crazy dark on the lips either (don't be fooled by pictures) so it won't make you look too bold, the berry shade is perfect for all skin tones in my opinion. This is also a matte shade and is described on Sephora's website as a "deep raspberry" shade. If you're more of a liquid lip matte girl and aren't into lipsticks then this same shade is also available as part of the "Everlasting Liquid Lipstick" range as well. 

Huda Beauty - Icon Liquid Matte

If you know me by now and from my previous posts, I LOVE Huda Kattan! She's such an inspiration and when her lip line came out I squealed with excitement! After swatching and trying on countless liquid lipsticks in the range, I think my absolute favourite is "Icon". 

Jeffree Star - Doll Parts Velour Liquid Lipstick

There are so many hot selling liquid lipsticks by Jeffree Star but I love "Doll Parts", it's the perfect pink and I think this is also a shade that can work with multiple skin tones. And yes this is a matte shade as well, so you can see I clearly have a preference.

MAC - Ruby Woo

This is my go to red! And not only that but it really makes my teeth look super white - how can you not love that? This is also a cult favourite when it comes to MAC lipsticks AND it's definitely one of those universal lip shades that looks good on everyone!

So those are my go to lip shades at the moment. I know with new products releasing all the time and as my taste changes I will add to this list in the future. I also want to let you guys know that we are working on a super sexy line of lip products. The formula and pigmentation will be amazing and I also am super excited for you all to check out the packaging too because it's unlike anything you've ever seen before! So stay tuned for that and I will be giving away the details in more posts in the future. Have a great weekend loves! And Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.