Monday, 3 October 2016

Designer Spotlight - Mansur Gavriel

It's been a while since the focus was on a designer or brand. I use to do these kinds of blog posts all the time last year as a great way to break up the monotonous posts on beauty and fashion. And this brand is definitely not new but it's been gaining a lot of popularity and rightly so. 

Mansur Gavriel - No it's not named after a man with the same name (that was my first guess when I came across the brand) but it's actually founded by 2 women by the names of Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel in 2012.

Many blogs and fashion magazines regarded them as kind of an overnight success because in the world of fashion where it often takes years to break out or even receive a bit of recognition, Mansur Gavriel's first product launch introducing their famous bucket bags was a hit! They were completely sold out online and their brand was being offered at various high end boutiques and department stores such as Net-a-Porter, Barney's NY and Bergdorf Goodman in a short amount of time. They are most renowned for their most famous handbag - the Bucket Bag in Flamma. This was very, very popular amongst Hollywood celebs, fashionistas and handbag lovers alike. The black leather exterior with the red contrast interior was something new and the minimalistic style is very chic. They wanted to create something a bit more affordable than the average Chanel or Celine handbag but offer that exquisite attention to detail and high end craftsmanship. Although the ladies hail from New York, their handbags are made with fine Italian leather. 

Their collections of handbags can be found on their website - Mansur Gavriel , which showcases their newest designs plus a list of boutiques that carry their handbags. Since this time, they have also ventured into shoes as well. 

This season's handbags focus a lot on suede and the combination of suede and leather. Prices range from $180 - 850 USD. Here's a look at some of their amazing, minimalistic handbags: 

This is the infamous bucket bag in Flamma - featuring black leather outside and a red interior. This bag comes in 3 sizes and the most popular (medium) sized one - mini bucket is still out of stock on their website! I remember searching high and low for it but managed to get it from the Kirna Zabête boutique in New York. It's one of those unique pieces which I always get asked about from friends. 

The "Bucket bags" still remain to be quite popular with the release of suede styles in gorgeous colours such as this berry shade in Rococo (which is also sold out on the website!).

If we move along from bucket bags, they have newer style handbags for this season and you can see that their classic hand tied knot is still a signature part of their design. 

These are the new "Sun Bags" which are offered in leather and in suede. These are a few of my favourite shades, especially that burnt orange tone in "Brick". 

Another favourite are these chic backpack like handbags called the "Lady Bags" which also give you an option of choosing a different interior colour.  

For a more formal or even date night look, Mansur Gavriel now offers very unique styles while remaining minimalistic. I found these "Circle Bags" on their website to be very chic and style forward without looking too over the top. 

So this was today's instalment of designer spotlight featuring Mansur Gavriel and their super chic handbags. If you aren't new to this brand then maybe you share my love for their simple, yet unique understated style. And if this is the first time you're hearing about them, then hey I hope you found some gorgeous handbags on their website to lust over! (Sorry!).

See you in the next post loves!