Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cult Favourites

When it comes to makeup a lot of people have products that they swear by and it's hard to find similarities in makeup routines. BUT every once in a while there comes along a product that blows away EVERYONES minds. Not just yours or mine... but it's unanimous that many people agree with you. So I wanted to go over those products with you, talk about cult favourites and what products are hard to get your hands on because they are always sold out! On another note I saw that my last blog post was a major hit so THANK YOU to those of you who take the time out of your busy schedules to read me blabber on about makeup. I will continue to post original content and hopefully talk about things that interest and inspire you to be a little more daring with your style and makeup. And hey also maybe teach you a few things too along the way! SO let's get into the cult favs in makeup that I've personally come across. And let me know in the comments below if you agree. 

Maybelline - Great Lash Mascara

I KNOW you must have seen or heard about this particular mascara. Especially about the wand that ensures no clumping. I've even heard that this particular mascara is bought every 2 seconds! Yes! Every 2 seconds. Just let that sink in. I personally can vouch that this mascara is bomb and really is a great buy, for the price and for the amazing volume it gives your lashes. 

MAC - Ruby Woo Lipstick

This perfect red shade is a definite cult fav for MAC lipstick users. Not only does it make your teeth look super white, but it's such a boss lady red! Perfect for a simple makeup look when you want your lips to be the centre of attention. It's matte formulation stays put all day long and is always in high demand.

NARS - Orgasm blush

I know if you don't have it then you at least have heard about it. This beautiful, shimmery pink blush works well with everyone's skin tone and seems to be in most makeup lovers stash of favs.

NARS - Turkish Delight Lip Gloss

Everyone lost their minds over this lip gloss when Kim Kardashian stated that it was one of her favourites. I don't know if she still wears it, but this light pink gloss has received tremendous popularity - because of Kim K or otherwise, it's hard to tell... but if you are looking for that perfect nude-y pink gloss, this might be it!

Shu Uemura - Eyelash curler

I've heard SO many things about this eyelash curler. It seems to be one of the curlers that many women swear actually curls their lashes. I have yet to try this cult fav but would definitely love to give it a try as I'm a big fan of all things eyelashes. 

Urban Decay - NAKED palette

This palette. I remember when it was released and how everyone scrambled to get their hands on it. I was obsessed. And then again when the 2nd and 3rd palettes came out. But the amount of attention and love the first NAKED palette has received will always be paramount compared to the rest. I know since then a lot of other makeup brands have done it, and some just as well BUT for me personally and many others, we can definitely remember that Urban Decay started this craze with more matte, natural eyeshadows.

Beauty Blender - Makeup sponge

I love this little pink thing. And I'm sure you've seen it or at least have had one sometime in your makeup bag. This is perfect for getting a flawless look and now they have released a sponge cleaner kit too which I personally love. I was horrible with cleaning the sponge on my own and most often it would break apart pretty quickly. But the cleaning kit definitely helps. 

YSL - Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

I'm pretty sure you've heard about this or seen a few magazines rave about it. This gold pen promises to be your little pick me up when you're low on sleep or just feeling a bit drab. You can use it as a highlighter and some even use it as a concealer for a nice glow. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Pomade

You know she's the queen of all things eyebrows, so when it comes to brows this little thing is magic. It's a brow gel like no other that works to keep your brows looking amazing all day long. It's definitely a cult fav amongst makeup junkies and Anastasia Beverly Hills product lovers.

NARS - Creamy Concealer

I LOVE and ADORE this makeup product. And many more agree with me. I've tried many concealers out there and never had much luck but this one remains to be my holy grail. It doesn't crease, isn't too pigmented and doesn't sink into fine lines. So if you already haven't tried it, you have to!

NARS - Schiap Lipstick

This hot pink is everything if you're looking for something sexy and bold. Tired of a red lip when it comes to stepping out of the box? Opt for this hot pink next time you're looking for a POW! in your makeup routine. This is a semi-matte formula and is very pigmented.

So that's my list of cult favs. I bet I probably made you go "Oh ya!" at least once or twice? Am I right? See you soon with another post and have a great weekend loves.