Monday, 31 October 2016

We've been featured!

So a lot has been going on at Lady Burgundy headquarters. We have some new pictures of our gorgeous lashes coming soon AND 2 new lash additions to our growing collection. They should be launching shortly in about 2 weeks! So expect an update here first!

And now onto the bigger news! Our lashes have been featured on Vintage Guru in Wonderland's blog! So don't take our word for it, if you want to hear her opinion of our lashes and what she thinks - follow this link to check out her blog featuring our lashes in Lala, Roya and Amrita. Click here: Vintage Guru in Wonderland's Blog!

And also we hope you have a very fun and safe Halloween! And if you're on Instagram remember to tag us and share your halloween inspired makeup looks and costumes, use  = #ladyburgundy to share!

Stay tuned for another blog post coming up soon and also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know when our new lashes hit our webstore.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Makeup Spotlight - Surratt Beauty

So I've done a designer spotlight segment many times, but if fashion is something that doesn't excite you as much as makeup... then you're in luck! I've decided to add another segment to this blog called "Makeup Spotlight" where I'll talk about a new brand, or just an undiscovered one. 

And I am a bit late to the game but man of man am I in love with their exquisite design and products! Okay, before I dive right in, let's start with what Surratt Beauty is all about and also more about the brand's design and concept.

So, some quick background information: Surratt Beauty is founded by celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt, whose biggest break came when he assisted Kevyn Aucoin and then went on to work with other famous celebs such as Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and Paris Hilton. Surratt Beauty's custom packaging and their very simple Paris influenced designs make it a very sexy brand. The makeup is made exclusively in Tokyo, Japan and Surratt Beauty has quite a few products out so I am very late to the game. I think if you had to invest in a single product, then it's definitely their makeup brushes! The one in particular that has received rave reviews is the Artistique Smoky Eye Brush. 

Artistique Smoky Eye Brush

Closeup of the Artistique Smoky Eye Brush

How sleek is this packaging!? SO gorgeous I don't think I could even throw this away.

Asides makeup brushes, Surratt Beauty also has customizable eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks and stunning blushes. I'll leave you to oogle at these images of their stunning blushes and not to mention super cute packaging! 

Eyeshadow in Ombre

Prismatique Eyes - includes eyeshadow and matte eye creme

Artistique Blush in La Vie En Rose - soft rose

Artistique Blush in Se Pomponner - dolly pink

Gorgeous right? Suratt Beauty has been getting quite popular since it's been picked up by major department stores and now is also sold by Sephora. You can also find them on Cult Beauty as well. Hope you like this new segment and if there are any brands you would like us to cover or to bring to attention please share in the comments below! And if you do own any Surratt Beauty products, let me know your favs and which ones are worth investing in. See you in the next post loves and have an amazing weekend!

- xoxo

Friday, 14 October 2016

Smashbox love

I'll be honest apart from the Smashbox Makeup Primer I never really dived into any of the cosmetics as much. I would swatch some eyeshadows here and there but never tried any of the lipsticks or the new Always On Matte Liquid Lipsticks. So I was at Sephora today picking up the new Formula X Huda Kattan nail polishes (check yesterday's blog post if you're lost) and then I remember last night I was up watching Nur's snaps on Snapchat (if you don't know her, you NEED to follow her on YouTube and Snapchat (nurberxo). I get so much makeup and motivational inspiration from her it's ridiculous! So Nur was wearing a gorgeous burnt orange shade in her Snapchat and surely enough someone asked her the shade, and she mentioned it looked similar to a Smashbox shade called Out Loud... and then you know what happened. 

Out Loud - Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick

And if that wasn't enough for me to write that one down in my mind for later. She also mentioned a lipstick shade by Smashbox in Chai  (from their Legendary Lipstick collection) - so yes I swatched it in Sephora and I was in love. It is a sexy brown meets orange nude shade and I just love these kinds of colours for Fall. It gives you enough colour to not completely wash out your complexion and it's not overly powerful as to take away from your eye makeup. I actually swatched this shade on our Instagram @ladyburgundy so make sure you follow us on there for the latest makeup news. 

Chai - Legendary Lipstick

So yes that's pretty much what I wanted to rave on about today. If you're familiar with the beautiful YouTuber Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii) then you might have heard that she also collabed with Smashbox and released the Bawse shade a few months ago, which is an in your face deep red matte lipstick. I didn't get a chance to swatch that one but next time I'm at Sephora I'll definitely be showing Smashbox cosmetics some love.

Bawse by Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii)

So I think what I took away from this was that a) Nur's recommendations are spot on for me personally and b) Sometimes sticking to just one or two brands can really limit you. Maybe next time you're browsing makeup, give another makeup brand some love and do some swatching! You might be surprised. 

If you have a particular shade you would love to recommend or have a go to colour for the Fall, share in the comments below!

- xoxo

Thursday, 13 October 2016

New in Makeup! (Featuring the new Formula X collab with Huda Kattan)

There are always new products launching almost everyday but a few have me getting stoked like a little kid on Christmas Eve. So although this post isn't too long, it does have some goodies that I'm super excited for and will most likely be getting. (One of them is LONG overdue but I wanted to test it out myself before posting a review on it).

Formula X - Huda Kattan Collection

I just want to start off by saying that this collection is LIMITED EDITION! So if you love all things Huda Beauty AND you're a nail polish junkie, then you might want to grab at this collection quickly. Not to mention the shades are absolutely stunning! 

From top to bottom we have: Date Night, Jetsetter and Baroque Babe. Baroque babe is pretty much the PERFECT rose gold polish you could ask for. And the other 2 colours are stunning as well. The staying power on these polishes seem to be 5 stars as well across the board.

Date Night


Baroque Babe

So Formula X is actually doing something very unique and that is their new #colorcurators platform that they've launched. Each time they will pair up with an amazing individual who has made an impact in the field of Fashion, Beauty and/or Wellness and work with them to come up with 3 awesome nail shades. Huda Kattan has a very special place for me personally because she's such an inspiration. She really paved a way for herself in Beauty and continues to with amazing new products that break the internet. 

Sigma Beauty - SigMagic

Brush cleaners are nothing new but handmade products that are also eco-friendly AND have no harmful preservatives? That's pretty impressive! Sigma Beauty has just launched their new addition to the brush cleaning game... so say bye bye to dirty brushes!

SigMagic just launched on their website today and is already being talked about by Beauty lovers alike. I remember when they had just launched their brush cleaning mat and then the very nifty dry and shape. Both were very cool and now this new product is getting some attention. This is priced at $15 USD and currently is too new to really have any reviews but slowly and surely this might be making its way into your makeup brush cleaning routine if it lives up to the hype. So far by first glance I love the fact that it's all natural and handmade from virgin coconut oil. I have tried olive oil time and time again so now will give this a go as well.

Huda Beauty - Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition

I'm seriously appalled at myself for not blogging about this palette first but to be honest I wanted to play around a bit with the palette myself and truly give an honest review before posting anything. I mean it is the first of it's kind in textured shadows and it's also the first time Huda Beauty has ventured into eyeshadows so it's very new. 

First thing I noticed when playing around with it was that the textured colours will not give you a great colour payoff if you use a makeup brush. I noticed that and then saw Mona Kattan mention it on her snapchat as well. So I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed this. If you truly want that colour on your lids to look exceptional, use your fingers for the top row of foiled eyeshadows. The rest of the matte shades work perfectly with a makeup brush.

I think in all honesty the colours are great - the matte shades are nothing new but the textured shadows definitely are incredibly pigmented, talc free and something that hasn't been done before. I think the closest to this I've seen is the NARS dual intensity eyeshadows, but I've yet to see a rose gold like this. Besides the actual black cardboard palette (which I feel could have been improved) the eyeshadows are great! I know it is quite difficult though to come by this palette as it is currently sold out on the Huda Beauty website and not yet on the Sephora website. Sources now say that November is when they will be restocked on the website but you can always join the waitlist on Cult Beauty to try and snag a palette there. 

So I hope you liked today's blog post and if you do, please let me know in the comments below!

See you in the next post loves.


Makeup Brushes 101

Doing this post is such a 360 degrees for me personally, because I remember so clearly when I was a freshman in University and I had absolutely no idea what a contour brush was and why there were so many different eye brushes. You'll probably laugh at me but I actually remember opening up several YouTube videos with various makeup artists and beauty gurus raving about their favourite brushes and what they were used for. I so wanted to know the lingo so I actually bought a notepad just to jot down the different types of makeup brushes and their uses. It's funny thinking about it now and how the endless types of different brushes and the new ones that come out every now and then are so much easier to understand. Makeup really is a field all on its own and it's great to see just how far my skills have come along with my understanding of the wide variety of products. 

So after jotting down thousands of different types of brands, I remember buying my first ever makeup brush. I was an eyeliner lover and always wanted to do the perfect cat eye and although I BADLY wanted to own a huge range of the pro makeup artist brushes sold by MAC Cosmetics, I narrowed my choices down to the MAC 266 eyeliner brush (of course along with the black paint pot). And that was the beginning of a beautiful makeup addiction... my paint pot collection grew and so did my makeup brush collection. I eventually went on to collect quite a few MAC brushes (the 224 tapered brush, 239 eyeshadow brush, etc) AND around that time I remember Sigma had just launched as a makeup brush brand and I was intrigued to get their makeup brush kit (I still use those brushes to this day and use that cylindrical makeup container to hold all my brushes. I haven't really added much to my collection since those days except for a few Marc Jacobs brushes. 

I actually thought I would go over my favourite makeup brushes currently and which ones I want to buy to add to my collection. So let's get into it!

MAC 266 Eyeliner brush

I still have this makeup brush 10 years later. It's crazy when I think about it, but this really is my first and I think definitely favourite eyeliner brush. I have tried other brands since then but keep coming back to this one. 

MAC 224 Tapered brush

I love this fluffy brush for blending and I think MAC really nailed it with this one. Most of the work when it comes to really getting an amazing smokey eye is spending enough time blending in the makeup properly. And to do that you need a brush that is fluffy enough to get the job done and this delivers.

Marc Jacobs Conceal brush

I've never been a fan of the concealer brushes that are less dense and a bit longer. I love this concealer brush and although it is pricey, your concealer will look amazing every time! The brush is super dense and is angled making it perfect for blending.

Cover FX - Liquid Foundation brush

I've had a weird relationship with foundation brushes. I went from the Sigma foundation brush (the stippled one), to the MAC 107 foundation brush and then tried the Marc Jacobs large foundation brush - super soft and fluffy. BUT I still wasn't satisfied. I felt like I would either get too much product on my face or it wouldn't blend perfectly. My makeup always felt a bit streaky... so then I went for it and tried the Cover FX brush. It was flat on top which was different from the other brushes I had tried in the past and I liked that control. I'm not one to layer on foundation, sometimes I don't even use any, so I wanted something that I could control easily and really blend in. This is now my current favourite in foundation brushes. 

MAC 163 Flat Contour brush

Contouring is amazing. Especially when you love food and still want to keep that sculpted face. So I've tried the angled contour brushes that are fluffy and they just don't do it for me. I like the control that flat contour brushes offer - I usually ended up squishing the fluffy brush together anyways when applying bronzer. So a flat contour brush was a good call. 

MAC 184 Duo Fibre Fan brush

When it comes to highlighters and even strobing, a fan brush is perfect for making sure you don't get too carried away. I sometimes use my fingers for highlighting but I love the results when you use a fan brush. You definitely get a more even application. 

Makeup Geek Rounded Blush Brush

This can also be used for highlighting, strobing and even baking. But yes it is for blush and I like the way it applies just the right amount. BUT I do have to say that the MAC 107 Foundation brush (the stippled one) is also one I love for applying blush. The reason why I would use a foundation brush for blush? Because the stippling brush design is great for getting very little product on to make sure you don't look like a doll with very red cheeks.

So after all these years of using makeup brushes. I have to say you really need to use a variety of different brands - from low end to high end because honestly the price doesn't matter as much as the quality. Yes a brand like MAC usually nails it but sometimes you might like a foundation brush for applying powder or blush and not really for foundation. And there's so many different types of brushes for different types of makeup application. So experiment. You by no means NEED to buy all high end brushes - feel the brushes, make sure they are soft and and also when you do use brushes, blend properly! This does take time to learn and practice, practice! 

See you in the next post loves!

- xoxo

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Everything lips - my favourite lipsticks

When it comes to lipsticks, lip glosses and matte liquid lipsticks the list is endless really. There's so many gorgeous shades, even dupes of those gorgeous shades and more brands are releasing new colours that we're going crazy over. But sometimes they can be a hit and miss. I usually lust over a particular shade once I see how it looks on someone else but sometimes I find out on my lips it's not so hot. So I wanted to talk about my personal favourites, which I have gone back to time and time again. Some are new to my collection while others are a cult favourite. When it comes to lip colours I'm pretty selective and being olive skin toned it has to look just right. So let's get into my personal favourites today, and hey maybe next time you're looking for a new colour you might just want to snag one of these for yourself!

Inglot 401 Lipstick

Inglot I feel doesn't get as much love in the lipstick department as it should. Not only do their lipsticks smell fruity and lovely, the colour range is insane. This is my holy grail lipstick because it's the perfect peachy - orange tone and I love the way it flatters my skin tone, so if you are olive or tan like me then this will look awesome on you. Another note though is that this is a very matte lipstick - so moisturize your lips before using. 

MAC - Please Me Lipstick

MAC's colour range is awesome too but they like many others have cult favourites that most people love and swear by. For me personally MAC's Please Me lipstick is the perfect muted pink, and like the Inglot lipstick above, this is also a matte formula but still glides on easy. I feel like this pink would flatter pretty much every skin tone, so it really is a great pink to have in your stash.

MAC - Pink Pigeon Lipstick

I'm really into hot pinks and fuchsia tones. Not only are they super sexy but they are vibrant and very flattering on my skin tone as well. My absolute favourite hot pink shade is MAC's Pink Pigeon. Next time you're in a MAC store you need to try this colour! And surprise, surprise! This is also a matte lipstick shade.

Limecrime Velvetines - Shroom 

Limecrime has an amazing array of matte liquid lipsticks and this brown shade is amazing for deeper skin tones and even those who like bolder lips. Plus, as per Priyanka Chopra's  (Bollywood actress and Quantico star) makeup artist this is her go to colour to give her those sexy nudey-brown lips! So if you're a Priyanka fan, this might be another incentive to invest in this colour.

Colourpop Cosmetics - Avenue ultra matte lip 

I love this brick red colour and at only $5 USD, this is a steal! I love this shade and it's a very dark brownish red tone which is quite unique. It's also quite a popular colour since it first launched on the website and is one of the older shades.

NYX Cosmetics - Addis Ababa soft matte lip cream

I told you I loved hot pinks and I love this super soft and creamy shade. If you love glosses or aren't really into lipsticks, then this is a gorgeous shade you need to pick up! This is also another colour that will look amazing on anyone.

MAC - Modesty Lipstick

So this isn't a matte lipstick! It's actually a cremesheen, goes on smooth and stays this way. I remember when I first really got into lipsticks, I was constantly trying to find the perfect "my lips but better" shade and BAM! I found this shade and always return to it. This is a great nude lipstick shade for all skin tones and definitely a renowned lipstick among MAC fans.

Kat Von D - Bauhau5 Studded Lipstick

This is not only a Kat Von D cult favourite in lipsticks but it's also a super hot berry shade and PERFECT for the season right now! This isn't crazy dark on the lips either (don't be fooled by pictures) so it won't make you look too bold, the berry shade is perfect for all skin tones in my opinion. This is also a matte shade and is described on Sephora's website as a "deep raspberry" shade. If you're more of a liquid lip matte girl and aren't into lipsticks then this same shade is also available as part of the "Everlasting Liquid Lipstick" range as well. 

Huda Beauty - Icon Liquid Matte

If you know me by now and from my previous posts, I LOVE Huda Kattan! She's such an inspiration and when her lip line came out I squealed with excitement! After swatching and trying on countless liquid lipsticks in the range, I think my absolute favourite is "Icon". 

Jeffree Star - Doll Parts Velour Liquid Lipstick

There are so many hot selling liquid lipsticks by Jeffree Star but I love "Doll Parts", it's the perfect pink and I think this is also a shade that can work with multiple skin tones. And yes this is a matte shade as well, so you can see I clearly have a preference.

MAC - Ruby Woo

This is my go to red! And not only that but it really makes my teeth look super white - how can you not love that? This is also a cult favourite when it comes to MAC lipsticks AND it's definitely one of those universal lip shades that looks good on everyone!

So those are my go to lip shades at the moment. I know with new products releasing all the time and as my taste changes I will add to this list in the future. I also want to let you guys know that we are working on a super sexy line of lip products. The formula and pigmentation will be amazing and I also am super excited for you all to check out the packaging too because it's unlike anything you've ever seen before! So stay tuned for that and I will be giving away the details in more posts in the future. Have a great weekend loves! And Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Falling for these Fall Shoes.

I am going to apologize in advance because this blog post might put your recent pay cheque and bank balance in danger. Yes Fall is here and although most of us miss the Summer and our sandals... we can't really hate the amazing booties and cute styles that the colder winds bring with it. I am an avid shoe shopper. I bookmark shoes I want and I plan out when I want to get them. It's a serious problem. If you follow us on instagram (@ladyburgundy) then you know I posted about the shoes I bought recently online. Well I'm only adding to my shoe list in this post, which is dedicated to all things Fall and my personal favourites. I've tried to find dupes for most of the footwear I will be posting images of and have included the links for you to check out. I apologize in advance to my international audience as some of these might not be available outside of North America, but I'll include the description and I'm sure Google will help you do the rest. 

So let's get to it. Here's a look into my personal "want" list for Fall shoes, and some of these can work for Winter as well!

Vince Camuto - Astan Braided Booties

Can we just talk about this sexy plum colour!? And now they've just been released in a dark green/olive colour which is so hard to find! I couldn't even find it on google! 
Shop them here or simply Google it: Vince Camuto Astan

Vince Camuto - John Camuto Gabriella Laced Bootie

Yup. Another Vince Camuto bootie... yes I just love this brand! What's not to love? 
Shop them here or simply Google it: VC Gabriella Bootie

EGO - Keisha Peep Toe Ankle Boot (in nude faux suede)

I came across this brand on Instagram and fell in love. They are a UK based brand and have some very sexy and trendy shoes. There's so many to choose from but I'm sure most of us might have seen the new see through heel trend? And even the trend where the entire feet are visible because the shoe is made from see through material (remember Kim K rocking it?) They do have this style as well in different lengths, so if you are into rocking the latest trends, EGO is definitely your best bet PLUS their prices are super affordable!

Well I'm not really into showing off my entire feet even though they look cool BUT I love that see through heel. Very cool!
Get it here: EGO

ALDO - Jeffrees Over the Knee Boots

I love black over the knee boots. Perfect for the cold season and they instantly make every outfit amazing. Forever 21 has a dupe for these boots on their website and EGO's website also has over the knee boots which are also quite similar. Of course if you do love wearing a bit of a heel on your boots then those are also pretty common but I'm more of a comfort over anything type of girl...
Shop ALDO here: ALDO boots
Forever 21 dupe here: Forever 21 Boots
EGO dupe here: EGO

Sam Edelman - Leya Fur Sneaker

These are so different from your normal sneakers! I LOVE grey this season and this fur on top is so winter appropriate! I'm loving how the fur on top instantly makes this go from every day to colder weather. You can always remove the fur and make this your go to sneaker for the warmer weather as well, so it works on so many levels. 
Shop this style here: Sam Edelman - Leya Fur

Timberlands Earthkeepers Glancy 6 inch bootie

I know these are very different from the booties above, it's very grunge and a different look. But these are perfect for the cold weather AND these look super cool with a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater. And these are bestsellers on their website, so hey I'm not the only one loving them!
Shop this style here: Timberlands

Unisa Ressie Bootie

I found these booties on Designer Shoe Warehouse's website and I seriously was so confused because I loved them in dark grey (charcoal) and in the dark blue (navy)... I still can't decide, but these are super affordable at only 50 USD and super sexy!
Shop this style here: DSW

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post on my want list and I have to admit I'm not really going super tall with the heels, I enjoy comfy shoes more and if they look gorgeous like these above then what's not to love? Let me know what you love in the comments below and if you have your own list of shoes, share!


Monday, 3 October 2016

Designer Spotlight - Mansur Gavriel

It's been a while since the focus was on a designer or brand. I use to do these kinds of blog posts all the time last year as a great way to break up the monotonous posts on beauty and fashion. And this brand is definitely not new but it's been gaining a lot of popularity and rightly so. 

Mansur Gavriel - No it's not named after a man with the same name (that was my first guess when I came across the brand) but it's actually founded by 2 women by the names of Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel in 2012.

Many blogs and fashion magazines regarded them as kind of an overnight success because in the world of fashion where it often takes years to break out or even receive a bit of recognition, Mansur Gavriel's first product launch introducing their famous bucket bags was a hit! They were completely sold out online and their brand was being offered at various high end boutiques and department stores such as Net-a-Porter, Barney's NY and Bergdorf Goodman in a short amount of time. They are most renowned for their most famous handbag - the Bucket Bag in Flamma. This was very, very popular amongst Hollywood celebs, fashionistas and handbag lovers alike. The black leather exterior with the red contrast interior was something new and the minimalistic style is very chic. They wanted to create something a bit more affordable than the average Chanel or Celine handbag but offer that exquisite attention to detail and high end craftsmanship. Although the ladies hail from New York, their handbags are made with fine Italian leather. 

Their collections of handbags can be found on their website - Mansur Gavriel , which showcases their newest designs plus a list of boutiques that carry their handbags. Since this time, they have also ventured into shoes as well. 

This season's handbags focus a lot on suede and the combination of suede and leather. Prices range from $180 - 850 USD. Here's a look at some of their amazing, minimalistic handbags: 

This is the infamous bucket bag in Flamma - featuring black leather outside and a red interior. This bag comes in 3 sizes and the most popular (medium) sized one - mini bucket is still out of stock on their website! I remember searching high and low for it but managed to get it from the Kirna Zabête boutique in New York. It's one of those unique pieces which I always get asked about from friends. 

The "Bucket bags" still remain to be quite popular with the release of suede styles in gorgeous colours such as this berry shade in Rococo (which is also sold out on the website!).

If we move along from bucket bags, they have newer style handbags for this season and you can see that their classic hand tied knot is still a signature part of their design. 

These are the new "Sun Bags" which are offered in leather and in suede. These are a few of my favourite shades, especially that burnt orange tone in "Brick". 

Another favourite are these chic backpack like handbags called the "Lady Bags" which also give you an option of choosing a different interior colour.  

For a more formal or even date night look, Mansur Gavriel now offers very unique styles while remaining minimalistic. I found these "Circle Bags" on their website to be very chic and style forward without looking too over the top. 

So this was today's instalment of designer spotlight featuring Mansur Gavriel and their super chic handbags. If you aren't new to this brand then maybe you share my love for their simple, yet unique understated style. And if this is the first time you're hearing about them, then hey I hope you found some gorgeous handbags on their website to lust over! (Sorry!).

See you in the next post loves!