Thursday, 15 September 2016

What's Trending?

As we say bye bye to the summer heat and September is already halfway gone there's a lot of trends that came to light this season and some trends that are still going strong. So let's do a rundown of the trends that I've noticed while browsing Instagram, Facebook and in the shopping malls. 

Also as for our Lady Burgundy falsies - I just wanted to go over the details on the packaging, new products we have lined up and some other cool things. I was even thinking of writing an HONEST, very blunt blog post about the things we've learned as a company when embarking on this journey to start a business in the Beauty industry and all of the ups and downs that come with that. So those will be posts coming up very soon (and with soon I don't mean a few months from now or next year... ). With the launch of our business the blog posts were quite slow I know so let's get the ball rolling once again! So now with those updates out of the way let's get back on track with what's trending now.

1. Pastel hair 

Be it hair with rose gold hues, completely going rainbow or the big one - lavender hair. We've all seen many big celebs rocking this - with the likes of Kylie Jenner (who pretty much has no one hair colour... I can't even remember what colour she's rocking these days?!) and even Taylor Lautner (yes the hot wolf dude from Twilight). So yes this trend is definitely going strong with so many instagram hair videos dedicated to people dyeing their hair all sorts of colours. Kinda reminds me of unicorns...

2. Unicorns

Was that a nice segway? Or too forced? Yes I know they don't technically walk around but all things unicorn have been pretty popular! With the launch of unicorn brushes from companies such as Unicorn Lashes and now Tarte Cosmetics as well, it also seems unicorn themed clothing, hair and even lip colours are in too! These soft colours still haven't faded even as the cold whips in! I've noticed whenever "unicorn" is mentioned and I know the loveable and entertaining Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (The Youtuber/actress/if you don't know her then I have to ask...have you been under a rock?) comes to mind! But yes it seems many people have caught unicorn fever as it's the go-to fantasy animal right now. Ok maybe they are a bit dreamy... 

3. Glitter everything... mostly lips though

With the highly popular launch of Pat McGrath's Lust 004 kits there's no surprise that glitter lips just exploded... I mean look at them! They are in another level of gorgeousness of their own. Especially a sexy red lip that glitters. That's so much POW! Ok... so yes obviously this is one trend that I can get behind! A good pigmented lip gloss and some glitter (that's safe for the lips) is all you need to get behind this trend. 

4. The eyebrows

Filling them in, lining them just right, threading them to perfection and that perfect arch... so many stresses for that perfect brow... I mean brows! (although I swear getting both to look the exact same is some kind of sorcery in its own right..) So yes with so many products nowadays there's no excuse as to why your eyebrows aren't always amazing.

5. Grey nail polish

I've noticed it a lot as an alternative to nude nails and I have to say I like it. I think grey tones are perfect with most outfits and are the perfect fall transition colour as the seasons get colder. So next time you're at the nail salon thinking about what colour to paint those nails... opt for a grey! 

6. Glossy lips

With so many companies coming out with the matte liquid lipstick shades - we had to ask ourselves... is that it? Or how long will this trend last? And is there something more flattering for thin lipped women/men out there to rock? And so the glossy lips made a comeback. With so many companies coming out with bolder, more pigmented colours - this is one trend that I'm happy to see coming back.

7. Full lips

And with glossy lips being a trend... it seems like lips are in and the fuller the better! It seems like whatever one will do to give the illusion of a larger lip like overlining them with a lip pencil or even opting for surgery - it's something that is more out in the public now and highly desired. Although we still vouch for natural beauty every time - one can always get a few techniques down to get that fuller lip look.

8. False Lashes

Nowadays with a full range of soft, natural looking lashes - it seems like falsies are everywhere! And hey if you even go without that winged liner and just do falsies with a red lip - you're pretty much still looking good. So to finish off any look invest in a nice pair of false lashes. Although because we have our own range of soft and super light lashes we had to add - you can avoid mink or animal fur lashes by opting for synthetic silk. Trust me it's very soft and very light. Check out our styles in Lala and Roya to get the very best natural your eyelashes but better look. For a fuller look we have other styles such as Julia and Maria. Whatever you choose - opt for a nice pair and minimize the eye makeup and give your eyes a fuller look with some cute falsies!

9. Metallic lips

Of course with glossy and glitter lips in the mix, you must have seen those metallic shades out there as well. I think this look actually is totally workable for the cooler seasons and might even be more appropriate for Fall - go bold metallic for an edgy, sexy look next time you're out!

So that's our list of the trends that we've observed so far through the season and 2016. If there's anything we've missed or that you want to add please share in the comments below!