Saturday, 17 September 2016

Up your makeup game with these products.

Everyone has their stash of holy grail products that they ride or die with. I mean it might be a killer eyeliner brush or a finishing powder that is just bomb. Whatever keeps your makeup looking great is amazing but maybe there's something you're missing lately or just doing rounds at Sephora to see what else you can buy.... Sound familiar? Don't tell me I'm the only one watching countless Youtube videos, Instagram pictures or even snaps on Snapchat to find some product that I may or may not need. But hey whatever will fuel that makeup addiction right?

So let's get into some makeup products that will level up your makeup skills and hey if you already have them in your stash then you know you're good!

1. A good Skin Primer.

Any of the ones below are great to get that poreless, baby smooth skin just before making it your canvas. Even if you feel like your skin is filled with bumps and imperfections using these products will ensure a more even makeup application every time.

MAC's Prep + Prime is perfect if you prefer a spray over a cream. You can also spray this on your beauty blender or makeup brushes if you don't want to spray it directly on your face.

Hourglass's Veil mineral primer is just BAM! Super smooth and super amazing to the touch. I've tried Smashbox's primer and this one beats it. Give it a try if you prefer creams versus sprays. Although the texture of this is very much like a clear mousse consistency.

2. An eyeshadow brush that can blend to perfection

Of course you need to put in the muscle for that perfect smokey eye but having a makeup brush that is soft with just the right amount of hair fibres to get the job done helps. Here are our personal favs:

Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blend Brush 13. I know it's pricey... but it really is one of the best out there. 

MAC 224 Blending Brush. This was one of the first brushes I ever purchased and it's still going strong. One of my personal favs.

Sigma E40 is a great and not to mention affordable choice for an amazing blending brush. PLUS it's one of the bestselling brushes out there!

3. Translucent powder for under eye brightness.

Sometimes your concealer is on point but as the day drags on your under eye circles are literally dragging you down in despair. What's a girl/guy to do? Now there's so many amazing products out there that can help your corrector and concealer stay looking fresh all day long! Here are my personal favs:

Laura Mercier's Brightening Powder is amazing for under eye brightness. I know the translucent one is also used but if you want your dark circles to literally vanish give this a try!

NAR's pressed powder in Flesh is also a great contender! So hey try both out next time and go with your fav.

4. A highlighter that literally makes you shine bright like a diamond.

I LOVE a good highlighter and now with the new glitter-y lip trend this can be a 2 in 1 product for you! Next time you want to change up your lip look dab some of that highlight on your pout. You'll have lips to envy!

There's so many highlights out there, you have so many to choose from thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hill's Glow kits but I'm loving me some of that ColourPop Cosmetics highlight in Electric Slide. 

You need to get on this if you don't have it already! And hey for $8 USD that's a steal literally! Where else can you get a highlight that affordable?!

5. A VERY good Setting Spray

Some people love setting powders but I'm a spray kinda gal. I personally feel a good setting spray can make your skin look dewy and I also will do anything to avoid putting on more powder. Especially in the summer. 

Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting spray literally is amazing and lasts ALL day. 
Make Up For Ever's Mist & Fix is sworn by top makeup artists to be THE best setting spray for long lasting makeup. So hey now you have another item to lust over. Sorry!

So those were a few items to try out next time you're in a Sephora, local drug store or even browsing online! Happy shopping!