Sunday, 18 September 2016

Makeup really is art. I can prove it.

You know I was browsing through my Instagram feed last night in bed - something that I always seem to do, for inspiration, to just find amazing new makeup artists to follow and many times there are so many creative and artistic people whose work really is magical. I'm talking about real passion. You can see it in the colours, the way they spend hours on something - there's no gain except just a peace in doing something you love. And that's exactly how I feel when I work on our brand. Designing the packaging is just as important as the colours and the textures. Because it shows people how creative and imaginative you can be. 

I know it sounds weird... but sometimes there are amazing pieces of makeup you run into (which are priced as such!) that just make you gasp. Often times they are too beautiful to want to even use on yourself. So this post today is just to showcase amazing pieces of makeup that have so much detail and art captured in the packaging themselves. I'm sorry in advance for ruining another paycheck because some of these are just so gorgeous to pass up! So maybe bookmark this page for future reference when you want to splurge on exquisite makeup plus pieces of art.

1. Tarte x Nicol Concilio Brush Set

When Tarte cosmetics teamed up with Youtuber Nicol Concilio beautiful things were born - in the form of these gold makeup brushes. They are dreamy am I right? These are also limited edition so don't miss out if you do love em!

2. Gold Foil Flower Jelly by Kailijumei

I'm sure you haven't seen anything like this before? Florals in your lipstick. Yes it is a thing! This China-based makeup brands sells lipstick with actual flowers inside of them. Although these aren't lipsticks per se and more like lip tints, they still are quite popular.

3. Avya Makeup Brushes

These beautiful rose gold beauties really are in demand, so much so that they currently have a waiting list due to being sold out! But rose gold anything? Sign me up!

4. Christian Dior - Nail Polish

These are just too beautiful in their round snow globe like packaging. The nail polish line by Dior is also pretty extensive now with new colours coming out every season. Dior's holiday collection is always something to look out for! Hint Hint...

5. Smith & Cult - Nail Polish

I adore their packaging as well, it has a modern and edgy vibe to it but remains so beautiful as well. Yes I am a sucker for pretty things. Smith & Cult now also has ventured into makeup and has similar packaging for their lip line. 

6. Dior - Diorific Lipstick

Pretty gold packaging. Check. Amazing lip colours. Another check. Dior could have an entire blog post on their own. From their lip lines to their highlighters, they know how to do packaging right.

7. Guerlain L'Or Primer

Gold flecks in your makeup primer? Yes! This stuff is literally liquid gold and gold flecks in your makeup seems to be very popular nowadays. With Summer out and Fall in, this is a great way to maintain that sun-kissed glow all season long.

8. Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick

Guerlain will make an appearance many times in this blog post because their packaging is just that good! They make good use of metals in their packaging, moulding them to perfection every time. 

9. Guerlain - Rouge G collection

Gorgeous lipstick colours plus killer packaging. The Rouge G collection by Guerlain is stunning and the holiday collections always change up the packaging colours. These also slide out which is different compared to conventional lipstick shapes. Plus a mirror to make sure your lips look amazing on the go.

10. Christian Louboutin - Nail Polish

Now not only will your heels will be reaching new heights thanks to Louboutin... so will your nail polish with these ultra long packaging designs. How sexy is this packaging? Not to mention the spikes on top give it an edgy, rock n roll vibe.

11. Christian Louboutin - Lipstick Line

The gold and black packaging is amazing on these. They are like little trinkets that come with a ribbon so it kind of looks like charms. Louboutin never fails to please. 

12. Whoo Luxury Lipstick

A luxury cosmetic line famous in Korea and among cult makeup collectors. Their packaging exudes luxury especially with their intricate details on every product. 

13. Aerin - Rose de Grasse

This scent has been voted as one of the best Spring Scents on various websites. And the gold detailing along the neck is so beautiful!

14. Hermes - Caleche Parfum

If we are talking about luxury and beautiful things then Hermes cannot be too behind. The Caleche perfume is my personal favourite.

15. Chanel - Rouge Coco Lipstick

You can't do this post without mentioning Chanel. I mean these lipsticks and their classic black and gold packaging was and is iconic Chanel lipstick. 

16. Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Volupte Lipstick

YSL always has beautiful lipsticks. The rouge volupte collection is a classic with many amazing lip shades. There are of course many different lip lines out but this was a big hit when it first came out and still is going strong with new colours launching every season.

And that's it for today's blog post. I apologize in advance for possibly blowing up another pay cheque with makeup. Next post we'll something amazing... shimmer-y... hint hint! Don't forget to shop our signature lashes online at Lady Burgundy and use code LASHON to get 10% off.