Thursday, 15 September 2016

Live. Love. Lash

So it's been a few days since we launched our 5 signature silk lashes and we're already designing the next few to come out. First off - NO we're not just another run of the mill lash brand. And no that's not all we're ever going to do. We will be changing the lip game and you will see what we have up our sleeves in a matter of time. I promise you won't be disappointed! Also for some extra information - anyone who does score our lashes right now will receive an exclusive something with their package! So if you are reading this now, I am only mentioning this in the blog post because you do deserve something for listening to me babble on... so with our sale going on right now (10% off with code LASHON) take advantage, score some super soft and sexy lashes and a little something extra. BUT - you need to mention you "blog" in the comments when placing your order so we know that you know... that we're doing this and this is only going to be mentioned here. No where else!

So now let's cut to the chase - you don't wear lashes... don't see the appeal or the hype - sure they look amazing on but eh. I'm telling you I was in the same boat. I couldn't for the life of me get those thick cotton bands to bend to my will and I would eventually give up with a gluey mess all over my lids. I'm telling you - you're doing it wrong! Invest in lashes that have thinner, flexible cotton bands, trim those bad boys enough to match in with your natural lashes and trust me no one will even know! Putting some mascara on your own lashes helps a lot and please invest in a GOOD lash glue! We're inventing our own but until then - DUO lash glue rocks!

We came up with 5 signature lashes and no they are not mink. No guilty feelings because no matter what anyone says mink lashes are not cruelty free. Trust us. We've done the research, even read about companies claiming that the hair is brushed gently but minks are not exactly sweet enough to let you brush their fur and just for the purposes of falsies they are housed in cages and used only for that purpose. So no, we will never be selling mink and we have spent hours and hours down the aisles of Sephora, drug stores and ordered from the big lash names online and can vouch that our lashes are softer. And better than any mink lash out there in terms of that.

We wanted to start off with natural, soft lashes for those lash newbies and girls who want a "my lashes but better" look. We got you boo! No one will ever know you are wearing lashes with the Lala and Roya lashes. I would say the Amrita lashes are perfect for that starry-eyed Kim K vibe and then we have a fuller look with Julia and Maria lashes for those that want that full on glam and love extra volume!  And now we're coming out with some newer designs that are simply beautiful! So stay tuned, browse our shop, pick out some nice falsies and give it a go! If you're new to the lash game try out the lighter lashes and move up from there!

Oh! and don't forget to catch us on Instagram @ladyburgundy to see all your fav beauty gurus rocking our lashes.  Here's some pictures of our gorgeous boxes and 2 of the bestsellers right now... Maria and Julia.