Sunday, 18 September 2016

Keeping the glow alive.

Fall is here. I know it's pretty sad but I today as I was driving around Toronto I relished in the heat and acted as if it would be gone in a few hours. I mean 29 degrees celsius for late September is amazing for Canada! But yes eventually the last few days of sunshine and warm weather will be gone. And with it so will your tan that you probably worked so hard to get. But hey tanning isn't exactly great for the skin and now there's better way to keep that glow going all season long. People will probably envy your fake Winter vacay to Barbados. Hey I won't tell!

And I'm not talking about self tanners or tanning salons. I'm talking about shimmering gold body oil. Yes oil... that you can literally rub on yourself right out of the shower. Not only does it give you that sun-kissed glow BUT there's really nice ones that SHIMMER. So now you can be in your own rendition of Twilight every time you take a walk outside. So let's get into the best body oils out there:

1. Tom Ford - Soleil Blanc (Shimmering body oil)

2. Michael Kors - Liquid Shimmer Dry Body Oil

3. NARS - "Monoi" Body Glow

4. Estee Lauder - Bronze Goddess 

5. The Body Shop - Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

6. Bobbi Brown - Beach Body Oil

So which ones your fav? Let me know in the comments below! And if you are new to the glow game, next time you see any of these dry oils, give them a try!