Saturday, 24 September 2016

Highlighters 101

So I did a past post on body shimmer oils that can give you a glow all over but highlighters that work and make your makeup really SHINE - that's a whole different level. So I've tested out A LOT, gone through the hard work and swatching for you to let you know what highlighters I personally LOVE and wouldn't miss out on. And one more piece of advice - don't just swatch a product and decide right there and then that it's not for you. When it comes to makeup - swatching is always a bit on and off. Sometimes products that swatch chalky actually have amazing colour payoff ON the face with the help of a good brush. So let's get into it!

Laura Mercier - Face Illuminators

These come in so many shades, the darker ones can also be used as a bronzer if you want. AND now you can get all 4 shades in the "Fall in Love - Face Illumination" collection if you want to try all of them for a great deal. 

Cover FX - Custom Enhancer Drops

When I swatched these it was definitely love at first sight! These are absolutely gorgeous and the colour payoff is just mindblowing. I love the texture and it's so different from the natural powdery highlighters out there. So if you are looking for something unique this is it! These are very creamy to the touch and have like a milky consistency to them. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - So Hollywood Illuminator

You know if we're talking highlighters then Anastasia Beverly Hills has to be in that list. Now with the Glow Kit out and 3 others, it's hard to pick one favourite. But we had to talk about this cult favourite as it's still so popular among beauty lovers.

Hourglass - Ambient Light Edit - Surreal Light

This one needs to be used with a brush on your actual face before you decide not to go for it. It does swatch a bit chalky and because of this a lot of people pass it up and also give it negative reviews. BUT I'm telling you, it needs to be used on your skin before you make a decision on this. In all honesty it's stunning, plus you get a lot of shades for your money. 

NARS - Hot Sand Illuminator

This is a creamy texture too and you can basically apply it like a cream on your skin. It has a beautiful gold sheen to it and it's great as a bronzer too if you do have fair skin. 

Becca x Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop Collection

This is a must buy if you want some serious glow! Becca teamed up with the amazing Youtuber/Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill to give you the Champagne Pop collection. This is available in 4 different shades and comes with a duo compact. There are also many other products that they released but these highlighters are definitely going fast as they are very pigmented and offer amazing colour payoff.