Friday, 23 September 2016

Handbag Heaven

If you know me personally... well if you did know me and now you know this about me - I LOVE handbags. And the more unique the better! And with the new season and all those amazing shows happening in NYC and Paris for Fashion week you know handbags were on my mind.

So today's post is not makeup related but very much so handbag related. The last couple of posts were very much beauty based so I thought why not change it up? On a side note - our lashes are almost gone so it's been amazing! The level of response we've gotten from our sale! (Thank you!!) There's a week left to take advantage so if anyone reading this is interested, use code LASHON to get 10% off your order of gorgeous Silk Lashes at .

Now on to today's post... handbags! I've been going through this season's handbags and there are a lot of beautiful contenders! Plus now there's so many brands that offer personalization. Get your name engraved, painted on it and it truly becomes yours. And yours alone.

Florian London Handbags

So this was my segway into this handbag company. Some of you may have heard about them more this year than in previous years or maybe they are new to you. But they definitely do unique when it comes to handbags. You can get your initials hand painted now on any handbag you choose for some extra cash. And for that personalized touch, I have to say I'm loving it. Plus the funny and quirky messages on your handbag? I'm in! For casual outfits and on the go, these handbags are so fun and cute! And if you are looking for something more work appropriate then you can opt for the handbags without any personalization. Still cute and super chic.

Chloe - Small Faye Bag

I love the simplicity of Chloe handbags and you can never go wrong with a beautiful nude or grey shade. It just goes with everything! And I'm especially loving this one. I'm loving the play on suede and leather. The mix of two textures is also gorgeous.

Marc Jacobs - "Zip That" suede & leather hobo

This winter dark green shade is EVERYTHING! It's super unique and perfect for the colder months. Plus the size is great if you love a little extra room for your things... This is also one of many suede type handbags in this post... just a heads up.

Mansur Gavriel

I have two handbags for this brand because I love it personally! Their bucket bags (especially in that black and red combo Flamma) were sold out pretty much everywhere for a good chunk of last year! I did manage to get my hands on it and now they've released some new goodies in suede! (I told you suede bags are just my thing right now...) And fall is perfect for darker tones. So I was loving these two handbags, plus suede is starting to grow on me...

Gucci - Animalier Shoulder Bag

This combination just speaks to me! I love it for Spring but it's versatile enough to work for date night and other places where you want to bring some colour to your outfit.

Lanvin - Ji Ji Suede Shoulder bag

So yes another suede handbag in the mix! And this one is super fun and colourful with those berry tones. It definitely is a contender for outfits this Fall. And berry shades are always fun to rock every time of year so this little thing can be part of your wardrobe for a very long time... It's vibrant. It's fun. It's suede!

Valentino - Embroidered Lock Bag

This one is definitely a statement piece on its own. The embroidery is magnificent and even if you were rocking a simple black dress with this - you would still look super glam. I love pieces of art like this shoulder bag that can double as a unique piece. I think with time to come this will definitely become a vintage Valentino bag.

So those are some of my cult favs for 2016. I know they are all high end, but like I said in a previous post, one amazing handbag a year trumps buying lower end handbags that will fall apart on you. Plus reselling higher end handbags is also an option for changing it up if you ever get bored... Let me know what handbag you are currently lusting over and share your favs in the comments below!