Sunday, 25 September 2016

Don't have it. But want it.

Everyone has those products that they want they maybe are sold out, haven't released yet or were limited edition and are now hard to come by. I have like a list going! I always tend to browse Sephora and pick out favs, add them to my wish list AND even screenshot some products that beauty lovers rave about. I have some products here that you might be doing the same thing with... so get your phones out, take notes or maybe you are ahead of the game and already have these in your stash!

So here are the products I currently want and I'll tell you exactly why too.

Mario Badescu - Drying Lotion

This is similar to the Origins spot remover that clears up acne within a day or two BUT this is a bit stronger and even works on whiteheads! If you want to give this brand a try then this is definitely one product to go for over the rest. The entire line is great for acne prone skin and maintaining a great complexion. This has been on my list to get for a long time. PLUS Huda Kattan (founder of Huda Beauty) swears by this product for acne, so you know it's got to be good!

Derma Rollers

What are they? It's a pretty new beauty craze so if you haven't heard of these don't be alarmed! Derma rollers are a beauty tool that contains small needles (comes in different sizes) that you can roll over your skin, even lips to minimize aging, decrease acne scars and get nutrients to the lower levels of skin.  This product is a hit and miss with many people because you really need to do your research and make sure you get a great one. The needles also shouldn't be too sharp if you are new to the game, so opt for nothing over 0.50 mm and then gradually go up from there. There's a lot of reviews out there and it's important to read the instructions carefully before using. You don't want to overuse these or you do risk damaging your skin! But for those who do watch some tutorials, read and do their research well, this has changed their skin routine forever! I've done the research for you, so if you are looking for a derma roller the Youyaner derma roller kit is your best purchase. It also comes with instructions and a numbing cream. If you are skeptical you can always head over to a nice salon that offers this service and try it out before making a purchase.

Anna Semonin - Soothing Apricot Kernel Oil

This is another product that I saw Huda Kattan rave about on her Snapchat and I HAD to add it. Plus it's a bestseller on websites such as Cult Beauty with rave reviews from customers, so you know it's got to be good. This is an oil used primarily at night and promises soothing, calming effects which are great for nighttime skin care. 

Yu Ling - Jade Facial Roller

Jade facial rollers are also pretty new to the beauty game. They are getting more popular now with many top beauty gurus loving them (Huda Kattan is one of them!). This particular one is available on Cult Beauty's website but any jade roller should work. It's basically great for face contouring and all you do is massage it in a downwards motion for at least 15-20 minutes. I do admit this is in my want list just to see if it really does work. These also work the same way as derma rollers do but are more gentle on the skin. Why jade? Many dynasties in China a long time ago swore by Jade and saw it as a way to remove negative energy from the body, giving you a calming and relaxing feeling after use. 

Tate Harper - Purifying Mask

I saw this on Sephora under the bestsellers section and was intrigued. Then I noticed it was also an Allure bestseller. And then just yesterday I heard Huda Kattan rave about it on her Snapchat. And that was it, I was sold! I browsed their website too and they have 5 stars across the board from their customers too. This mask claims to help eliminate signs of environmental stressors and keep your skin looking fresh. So yes this is definitely in my list of wants.

Intraceuticals - Vitamin A Booster

Ok I LOVE and ADORE Huda Kattan so yes this another recommendation from her Snapchat. She raved about this product so I proceeded to check it out and there are others who agree with her. So now this one is in my must buy as well. This is great for acne prone skin and also just to keep your skin looking clear all year long. It may sting a bit if you do have sensitive skin but vitamin A has always been great for the skin. This is a new brand for me and hails from Australia. This is also another Best of Beauty by Allure for 2014, which is an added plus.

Benefit Cosmetics - Soft & Natural Brow Kit

So this is the first of actual makeup wants, I know above I covered a lot of skincare products and tools but those are definitely some products worth trying out. So now with the launch of this amazingly HUGE eyebrow line by Benefit Cosmetics, of course this is on my want list. This has everything you could possibly need to get your eyebrows looking amazing. So now there really is no excuse.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection - in Hyacinth

I actually talked about this collection in my Highlighters 101 blog post yesterday but I don't currently have this highlighter and that pop of pink is just killing it for me. Plus the rave reviews on this entire collection has me wanting to run to Sephora soon!

Tom Ford - Cream and Powder Eye Colors

Currently these come in 4 shades - Golden Peach and Naked Bronze are on Sephora if you want to grab some pronto. They all look absolutely beautiful and very pigmented, not to mention creamy! I'm really loving that naked bronze shade so this is a definite try for me. 

And that's my long list of beauty and skincare products that I would love to try. So next time if you are looking for a change in your skincare or makeup regimen, maybe grab one or two from this list and let me know your thoughts! 


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Highlighters 101

So I did a past post on body shimmer oils that can give you a glow all over but highlighters that work and make your makeup really SHINE - that's a whole different level. So I've tested out A LOT, gone through the hard work and swatching for you to let you know what highlighters I personally LOVE and wouldn't miss out on. And one more piece of advice - don't just swatch a product and decide right there and then that it's not for you. When it comes to makeup - swatching is always a bit on and off. Sometimes products that swatch chalky actually have amazing colour payoff ON the face with the help of a good brush. So let's get into it!

Laura Mercier - Face Illuminators

These come in so many shades, the darker ones can also be used as a bronzer if you want. AND now you can get all 4 shades in the "Fall in Love - Face Illumination" collection if you want to try all of them for a great deal. 

Cover FX - Custom Enhancer Drops

When I swatched these it was definitely love at first sight! These are absolutely gorgeous and the colour payoff is just mindblowing. I love the texture and it's so different from the natural powdery highlighters out there. So if you are looking for something unique this is it! These are very creamy to the touch and have like a milky consistency to them. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - So Hollywood Illuminator

You know if we're talking highlighters then Anastasia Beverly Hills has to be in that list. Now with the Glow Kit out and 3 others, it's hard to pick one favourite. But we had to talk about this cult favourite as it's still so popular among beauty lovers.

Hourglass - Ambient Light Edit - Surreal Light

This one needs to be used with a brush on your actual face before you decide not to go for it. It does swatch a bit chalky and because of this a lot of people pass it up and also give it negative reviews. BUT I'm telling you, it needs to be used on your skin before you make a decision on this. In all honesty it's stunning, plus you get a lot of shades for your money. 

NARS - Hot Sand Illuminator

This is a creamy texture too and you can basically apply it like a cream on your skin. It has a beautiful gold sheen to it and it's great as a bronzer too if you do have fair skin. 

Becca x Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop Collection

This is a must buy if you want some serious glow! Becca teamed up with the amazing Youtuber/Beauty Guru Jaclyn Hill to give you the Champagne Pop collection. This is available in 4 different shades and comes with a duo compact. There are also many other products that they released but these highlighters are definitely going fast as they are very pigmented and offer amazing colour payoff. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Handbag Heaven

If you know me personally... well if you did know me and now you know this about me - I LOVE handbags. And the more unique the better! And with the new season and all those amazing shows happening in NYC and Paris for Fashion week you know handbags were on my mind.

So today's post is not makeup related but very much so handbag related. The last couple of posts were very much beauty based so I thought why not change it up? On a side note - our lashes are almost gone so it's been amazing! The level of response we've gotten from our sale! (Thank you!!) There's a week left to take advantage so if anyone reading this is interested, use code LASHON to get 10% off your order of gorgeous Silk Lashes at .

Now on to today's post... handbags! I've been going through this season's handbags and there are a lot of beautiful contenders! Plus now there's so many brands that offer personalization. Get your name engraved, painted on it and it truly becomes yours. And yours alone.

Florian London Handbags

So this was my segway into this handbag company. Some of you may have heard about them more this year than in previous years or maybe they are new to you. But they definitely do unique when it comes to handbags. You can get your initials hand painted now on any handbag you choose for some extra cash. And for that personalized touch, I have to say I'm loving it. Plus the funny and quirky messages on your handbag? I'm in! For casual outfits and on the go, these handbags are so fun and cute! And if you are looking for something more work appropriate then you can opt for the handbags without any personalization. Still cute and super chic.

Chloe - Small Faye Bag

I love the simplicity of Chloe handbags and you can never go wrong with a beautiful nude or grey shade. It just goes with everything! And I'm especially loving this one. I'm loving the play on suede and leather. The mix of two textures is also gorgeous.

Marc Jacobs - "Zip That" suede & leather hobo

This winter dark green shade is EVERYTHING! It's super unique and perfect for the colder months. Plus the size is great if you love a little extra room for your things... This is also one of many suede type handbags in this post... just a heads up.

Mansur Gavriel

I have two handbags for this brand because I love it personally! Their bucket bags (especially in that black and red combo Flamma) were sold out pretty much everywhere for a good chunk of last year! I did manage to get my hands on it and now they've released some new goodies in suede! (I told you suede bags are just my thing right now...) And fall is perfect for darker tones. So I was loving these two handbags, plus suede is starting to grow on me...

Gucci - Animalier Shoulder Bag

This combination just speaks to me! I love it for Spring but it's versatile enough to work for date night and other places where you want to bring some colour to your outfit.

Lanvin - Ji Ji Suede Shoulder bag

So yes another suede handbag in the mix! And this one is super fun and colourful with those berry tones. It definitely is a contender for outfits this Fall. And berry shades are always fun to rock every time of year so this little thing can be part of your wardrobe for a very long time... It's vibrant. It's fun. It's suede!

Valentino - Embroidered Lock Bag

This one is definitely a statement piece on its own. The embroidery is magnificent and even if you were rocking a simple black dress with this - you would still look super glam. I love pieces of art like this shoulder bag that can double as a unique piece. I think with time to come this will definitely become a vintage Valentino bag.

So those are some of my cult favs for 2016. I know they are all high end, but like I said in a previous post, one amazing handbag a year trumps buying lower end handbags that will fall apart on you. Plus reselling higher end handbags is also an option for changing it up if you ever get bored... Let me know what handbag you are currently lusting over and share your favs in the comments below!


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Keeping the glow alive.

Fall is here. I know it's pretty sad but I today as I was driving around Toronto I relished in the heat and acted as if it would be gone in a few hours. I mean 29 degrees celsius for late September is amazing for Canada! But yes eventually the last few days of sunshine and warm weather will be gone. And with it so will your tan that you probably worked so hard to get. But hey tanning isn't exactly great for the skin and now there's better way to keep that glow going all season long. People will probably envy your fake Winter vacay to Barbados. Hey I won't tell!

And I'm not talking about self tanners or tanning salons. I'm talking about shimmering gold body oil. Yes oil... that you can literally rub on yourself right out of the shower. Not only does it give you that sun-kissed glow BUT there's really nice ones that SHIMMER. So now you can be in your own rendition of Twilight every time you take a walk outside. So let's get into the best body oils out there:

1. Tom Ford - Soleil Blanc (Shimmering body oil)

2. Michael Kors - Liquid Shimmer Dry Body Oil

3. NARS - "Monoi" Body Glow

4. Estee Lauder - Bronze Goddess 

5. The Body Shop - Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

6. Bobbi Brown - Beach Body Oil

So which ones your fav? Let me know in the comments below! And if you are new to the glow game, next time you see any of these dry oils, give them a try! 


Makeup really is art. I can prove it.

You know I was browsing through my Instagram feed last night in bed - something that I always seem to do, for inspiration, to just find amazing new makeup artists to follow and many times there are so many creative and artistic people whose work really is magical. I'm talking about real passion. You can see it in the colours, the way they spend hours on something - there's no gain except just a peace in doing something you love. And that's exactly how I feel when I work on our brand. Designing the packaging is just as important as the colours and the textures. Because it shows people how creative and imaginative you can be. 

I know it sounds weird... but sometimes there are amazing pieces of makeup you run into (which are priced as such!) that just make you gasp. Often times they are too beautiful to want to even use on yourself. So this post today is just to showcase amazing pieces of makeup that have so much detail and art captured in the packaging themselves. I'm sorry in advance for ruining another paycheck because some of these are just so gorgeous to pass up! So maybe bookmark this page for future reference when you want to splurge on exquisite makeup plus pieces of art.

1. Tarte x Nicol Concilio Brush Set

When Tarte cosmetics teamed up with Youtuber Nicol Concilio beautiful things were born - in the form of these gold makeup brushes. They are dreamy am I right? These are also limited edition so don't miss out if you do love em!

2. Gold Foil Flower Jelly by Kailijumei

I'm sure you haven't seen anything like this before? Florals in your lipstick. Yes it is a thing! This China-based makeup brands sells lipstick with actual flowers inside of them. Although these aren't lipsticks per se and more like lip tints, they still are quite popular.

3. Avya Makeup Brushes

These beautiful rose gold beauties really are in demand, so much so that they currently have a waiting list due to being sold out! But rose gold anything? Sign me up!

4. Christian Dior - Nail Polish

These are just too beautiful in their round snow globe like packaging. The nail polish line by Dior is also pretty extensive now with new colours coming out every season. Dior's holiday collection is always something to look out for! Hint Hint...

5. Smith & Cult - Nail Polish

I adore their packaging as well, it has a modern and edgy vibe to it but remains so beautiful as well. Yes I am a sucker for pretty things. Smith & Cult now also has ventured into makeup and has similar packaging for their lip line. 

6. Dior - Diorific Lipstick

Pretty gold packaging. Check. Amazing lip colours. Another check. Dior could have an entire blog post on their own. From their lip lines to their highlighters, they know how to do packaging right.

7. Guerlain L'Or Primer

Gold flecks in your makeup primer? Yes! This stuff is literally liquid gold and gold flecks in your makeup seems to be very popular nowadays. With Summer out and Fall in, this is a great way to maintain that sun-kissed glow all season long.

8. Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick

Guerlain will make an appearance many times in this blog post because their packaging is just that good! They make good use of metals in their packaging, moulding them to perfection every time. 

9. Guerlain - Rouge G collection

Gorgeous lipstick colours plus killer packaging. The Rouge G collection by Guerlain is stunning and the holiday collections always change up the packaging colours. These also slide out which is different compared to conventional lipstick shapes. Plus a mirror to make sure your lips look amazing on the go.

10. Christian Louboutin - Nail Polish

Now not only will your heels will be reaching new heights thanks to Louboutin... so will your nail polish with these ultra long packaging designs. How sexy is this packaging? Not to mention the spikes on top give it an edgy, rock n roll vibe.

11. Christian Louboutin - Lipstick Line

The gold and black packaging is amazing on these. They are like little trinkets that come with a ribbon so it kind of looks like charms. Louboutin never fails to please. 

12. Whoo Luxury Lipstick

A luxury cosmetic line famous in Korea and among cult makeup collectors. Their packaging exudes luxury especially with their intricate details on every product. 

13. Aerin - Rose de Grasse

This scent has been voted as one of the best Spring Scents on various websites. And the gold detailing along the neck is so beautiful!

14. Hermes - Caleche Parfum

If we are talking about luxury and beautiful things then Hermes cannot be too behind. The Caleche perfume is my personal favourite.

15. Chanel - Rouge Coco Lipstick

You can't do this post without mentioning Chanel. I mean these lipsticks and their classic black and gold packaging was and is iconic Chanel lipstick. 

16. Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Volupte Lipstick

YSL always has beautiful lipsticks. The rouge volupte collection is a classic with many amazing lip shades. There are of course many different lip lines out but this was a big hit when it first came out and still is going strong with new colours launching every season.

And that's it for today's blog post. I apologize in advance for possibly blowing up another pay cheque with makeup. Next post we'll something amazing... shimmer-y... hint hint! Don't forget to shop our signature lashes online at Lady Burgundy and use code LASHON to get 10% off.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Up your makeup game with these products.

Everyone has their stash of holy grail products that they ride or die with. I mean it might be a killer eyeliner brush or a finishing powder that is just bomb. Whatever keeps your makeup looking great is amazing but maybe there's something you're missing lately or just doing rounds at Sephora to see what else you can buy.... Sound familiar? Don't tell me I'm the only one watching countless Youtube videos, Instagram pictures or even snaps on Snapchat to find some product that I may or may not need. But hey whatever will fuel that makeup addiction right?

So let's get into some makeup products that will level up your makeup skills and hey if you already have them in your stash then you know you're good!

1. A good Skin Primer.

Any of the ones below are great to get that poreless, baby smooth skin just before making it your canvas. Even if you feel like your skin is filled with bumps and imperfections using these products will ensure a more even makeup application every time.

MAC's Prep + Prime is perfect if you prefer a spray over a cream. You can also spray this on your beauty blender or makeup brushes if you don't want to spray it directly on your face.

Hourglass's Veil mineral primer is just BAM! Super smooth and super amazing to the touch. I've tried Smashbox's primer and this one beats it. Give it a try if you prefer creams versus sprays. Although the texture of this is very much like a clear mousse consistency.

2. An eyeshadow brush that can blend to perfection

Of course you need to put in the muscle for that perfect smokey eye but having a makeup brush that is soft with just the right amount of hair fibres to get the job done helps. Here are our personal favs:

Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blend Brush 13. I know it's pricey... but it really is one of the best out there. 

MAC 224 Blending Brush. This was one of the first brushes I ever purchased and it's still going strong. One of my personal favs.

Sigma E40 is a great and not to mention affordable choice for an amazing blending brush. PLUS it's one of the bestselling brushes out there!

3. Translucent powder for under eye brightness.

Sometimes your concealer is on point but as the day drags on your under eye circles are literally dragging you down in despair. What's a girl/guy to do? Now there's so many amazing products out there that can help your corrector and concealer stay looking fresh all day long! Here are my personal favs:

Laura Mercier's Brightening Powder is amazing for under eye brightness. I know the translucent one is also used but if you want your dark circles to literally vanish give this a try!

NAR's pressed powder in Flesh is also a great contender! So hey try both out next time and go with your fav.

4. A highlighter that literally makes you shine bright like a diamond.

I LOVE a good highlighter and now with the new glitter-y lip trend this can be a 2 in 1 product for you! Next time you want to change up your lip look dab some of that highlight on your pout. You'll have lips to envy!

There's so many highlights out there, you have so many to choose from thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hill's Glow kits but I'm loving me some of that ColourPop Cosmetics highlight in Electric Slide. 

You need to get on this if you don't have it already! And hey for $8 USD that's a steal literally! Where else can you get a highlight that affordable?!

5. A VERY good Setting Spray

Some people love setting powders but I'm a spray kinda gal. I personally feel a good setting spray can make your skin look dewy and I also will do anything to avoid putting on more powder. Especially in the summer. 

Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting spray literally is amazing and lasts ALL day. 
Make Up For Ever's Mist & Fix is sworn by top makeup artists to be THE best setting spray for long lasting makeup. So hey now you have another item to lust over. Sorry!

So those were a few items to try out next time you're in a Sephora, local drug store or even browsing online! Happy shopping!