Friday, 24 June 2016

Summer Stylin'

Summer is in full swing and this blog has been on the back burner for a few months. Why is that you ask? Something big is coming soon and I'll be revealing it here first, so stay tuned for that!

So now back to the blog post. Summer is definitely here in Toronto and while I cannot hear any ice cream trucks in my vicinity I do see the changes in people's wardrobes as an indication that the temperatures are truly rising. So what are the trends - make up wise, fashion wise and accessories wise? Let's take a look at my observations.

Flowy cotton tops 

Billowing in the wind, carefree - these so describe the trend right now. These dresses/ long tops that I've been seeing are light, sometimes a bit sheer and most of the time 100% cotton. And hey to hide those few extra pounds that haven't melted off for that beach bod? Who can say we mind!


Most of these are seen on beach frequenters but a cute long maxi and a chic hat - you got yourself an outfit girl! There are so many styles to choose from as well, there was a post post on hats as well where I included the wide variety of styles out there. 

Off the Shoulder Tops

This in my opinion is the biggest summer fashion trend of 2016 by far. There are off the shoulder dresses and a wide variety of flowy tops to choose from. Here are some of our personal favs below ... Watch out, by the end you'll be wanting one too!

Palazzo Pants

This is a perfect addition to a chic outfit when done right. There are many prints out there and you can make it casual, bohemian or even very class with the fabric and fit you go for. These tend to be larger at the ends so your feet might get swallowed up if you're without some pumps! But comfort wise these are awesome during those humid summer days to keep you feeling breezy!


These aren't necessarily a summer trend - but like the romper - they make their way around more so in the hot months. Solid colours are more sophisticated and paired with a blazer can make it totally work appropriate as well. You can always go a bit floral or vibrant with your colour choice and make it an outfit to just do casual errands with. The ones in trend right now are a bit flowy and remind me of the palazzo pants. You be the judge!

So that's the latest in summer fashion that I've observed. What are your favourites? And maybe not so favourites? Share in the comments below and let me know what your favourite outfit is to keep cool.