Monday, 2 November 2015

Street Style - Paris Fashion Week 2015

So another blog post, another month has ended. Halloween came and went so you know what that means! Time to get out the Christmas lights and get ready for the snow (unless you live somewhere hot... then I will eventually envy you when the snow makes driving conditions horrible... but until then, the weather isn't bad and the fall leaves are gorgeous to look it).

It's November. Almost to the end of 2015. Make these last 2 months count. If there is a goal you had set. Stick to it. You might not see it to completion yet but hang in there. 

So now that my motivational spiel is over, let's get to the topic at hand. When you think of Paris what pops to mind? Maybe The Eiffel Tower, some flaky hot croissants at a chic little café
impeccable fragrances... but I'm sure FASHION is somewhere on the tip of your tongues. Am I right or am I right? Thought so.

Whenever you need some style inspiration, Paris street style is not a bad place to look at all. And so I wanted to share the best street style from Paris Fashion Week 2015 today. These ladies definitely don't need any classes on fashion and style that's for sure. Have a look!

Let me know your favourite look in the comments below and until next time!

Au revoir! (that's bye in french)