Saturday, 3 October 2015

Trending this Fall 2015

Yes it's another Fall related fashion post but can you blame me? If you've basically worn out your maxi dresses and flowy tops this Summer then you might be excited for at least the fashion related part of the changing seasons... Okay so the colder weather isn't something most of us get super hyped about but the new wardrobe? That's definitely something to smile about!

So here are my favourite trending items for Fall and yes you can carry these items into the Winter months as well. I've basically assembled a mental list of "Items I want to buy" and these are basically all of the items. Whenever I see something else that someone is wearing.. well the list only grows. So let's get to it!

Stackable & Midi rings

I'm in love with rings at the moment but I'm not talking about those chunky cocktail rings. You know the sexy, sleek ones? They are simple thin bands and you can basically wear them for some added style. I recently picked up a few and I love wearing them with different outfits. Midi rings are also big right now - they don't go all the way down your finger  and are newer to the ring trends. Now pair these rings with some dark nail polish and you are Fall ready baby!

Fringe boots

Fringe is so in and it's definitely here to stay in boot form at least until the end of Winter! I've seen so much fringe on clothing in the Summer but I'm loving it on booties and boots even more! Pair them with a cute sweater and you look totally chic.


You might have seen these on some ladies out and about if they are really with the trends. But I was at first kind of on the fence but then a few nights ago I was in downtown Toronto, doing some retail therapy and BAM! I saw these on a lot of ladies and they looked so good! I just had to grab one! Now if you want a warm one for winter - you can opt for the fur collar ones. There are so many prints and styles out right now. It's basically like a large scarf that covers your back and pair it with a belt and you got a cute outfit right there.

Knit dresses

They're warm. They are sweater and dress combined. What else to say? It's cute way to stay warm but to also still get away with wearing a dress in the colder weather. Pair it with tights, knee high boots and you look hot girl!

Leather skirt (can be faux)

I'm digging it right now. Whether you opt for a tight pencil skirt or an A line one (pleats are in too)- it's all in style right now! I'm on the hunt for a nice black skirt right now - just deciding between the classic black or the burgundy. Both look totally fashion forward.

Obi belt

I've always seen these on the mannequins outside shops such as BCBGMAXAZRIA - but they can be found pretty much everywhere. I'm in love with these belts - use them to break up a long dress or a long top. In black leather/faux leather - this is super hot for Fall and is an item you can keep in your closet for years to come. Belts are always a great statement item used to create shape (or hold up your pants). The obi belt is just something a bit different and offers a unique style to a look.