Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ted Baker London - look around & first handbag!

So the title basically says it all. I normally just browse Ted Baker items online. I love the clothing items they have but today was actually the first day that I actually went into the shop and browsed around. And boy did I love what I saw!

Although I had gone in to just do some window shopping I was mesmerized by the adorable handbags with the cute bow details so ... yeah. I ended up picking up the last one in black that they had. If you know me well enough - you know I love rose gold decals and on this black bag it was too lovely to pass up. 

And then on the way out I spotted the cute bow bracelets... and that was another purchase. Ted Baker has some great styles for women and men. Their accessories such as gloves for Fall and Winter are also super chic. Here are some snaps of the store and of my purchases. Enjoy!