Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fall decor ideas

The weather is changing abruptly and with Winter just around the corner I wanted to go over some ideas on how to decorate your home or studio or even room to make it look more Fall friendly.

You can go the Halloween route and go crazy this month with cobwebs, ghosts and pumpkins but if you are looking for ideas to use up until December - then look no further!

These are some great ideas - even things you can do with your kids, partner or girlfriends at the next get together.

The dollar store, goodwill stores and even inexpensive outdoor items are your best friends for these ideas! So let's get to it.

Pumpkins in a vase

Sounds pretty easy and all you really need are candle/flower vases from the dollar store and small pumpkins. You can get creative with this if you want to and decorate the pumpkins. Maybe even use this as a fun activity to do with loved ones. Some paint, glitter and you have some great fall decor!

Leaf decor

You can get fake leaves from the dollar store or a craft store but you can also be even more creative and go out and find some yourself! Again you can use the original leaves as they are or get creative and decorate them. Get a sturdy piece of string or even a branch and include this on your fireplace mantle or hang them from your ceiling for a nice effect. For an even nicer effect - include tiny lights and rope them around a sturdy branch and display your leaves. 

Pumpkin wrap-around

You can get creative with pumpkins - for inexpensive ones try your local farm where they have pumpkin patches during the Fall. This season, don't just use them for Halloween and carving a Jack-o-lantern but use them indoors as well to really set the mood for Fall. You can spray paint them white or gold and use tiny lights from Christmas and wrap them around. Include some real or fake leaves for an even greater effect. And voila! Another trendy fall decor idea.

Pinecone decor

To use outdoor items like pinecones and acorns - it's best to clean and bake them in the oven first. This will ensure that they are pest free! Then you are ready to decorate!

Two great ways to make use of the pinecones that fall all around your yard is to bring them inside and use them!

Spray paint them to match the fall colours and either make a wreath to hang from your fireplace mantle or use a flower or candle vase and display them artfully.

Ombre pinecones

This was a great idea by Whimzeecal and how to create these awesome pinecones can be found on her website. All you need is some paint, brushes and some used toothbrushes that you don't mind getting rid of. You will need to bake the pinecones as well before you can paint them. But this is a great project to do with your kids or friends.

Branch candleholders

So you have leftover or used candle holders or even jars. You have plenty of branches lying around outside. You have glue. You have another cool fall decor idea!

This is pretty self explanatory really - stick the branches around the candle holder and BAM!
You can also use cinnamon sticks or mix them both up for a nice scent or you can get creative and use coloured corn for larger candle holders.

Pumpkin party trick

So you're hosting a fall or even halloween theme party. Or maybe after all these decor ideas you just might! Well even after Halloween - and the Jack-o-lantern idea is over. Why not use the leftover pumpkin as a ice tray to keep your drinks cool? It not only looks cool but is another way to use it!


These are great for outdoors or even indoors. You can use lanterns and fill them up with acorns or pinecones even and ditch the lights/candles altogether. Or you can create a fun project and use candles to create a nice glow.

Porch ideas

So the inside of your home now looks Fall ready but what about the outside? Wreaths are a great idea and so are pumpkins that spell out your house number! You can also just add some lights and create a beautiful autumn glow amidst the cool nights. Whatever you decide to do out of all these ideas - remember that it can all be done using inexpensive items from outside and around your home. No need to run to Pottery Barn!

Make your own wreath

Martha Stewart - the Queen literally of home decor ideas and DIY's had a great idea for a wreath to hang - either in your home or at the front door. Basically all you needed were some branches that could be molded into a circle and acorns from the great outdoors. The acorns were painted and entwined around the wreath - making a unique and inexpensive wreath - great for fall and winter! You can of course add leaves and what have you to make it look even more festive.