Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Accessorize me! A guide to watches.

So I'm sipping on some hot tea and listening to the wind howl against the windows. It's that windy - looks like it's going to rain - sort of day today. Although I wouldn't mind driving around - the wind is enough to kind of keep me indoors today. I guess you could say it's one of those chill at home kind of days.

I'm wearing my red lipstick - you know the Mac RiRi Woo one? with the cute rose gold packaging? I'm a sucker for packaging... in case you didn't know. And rose gold. Yes that sold me! But red lipstick just makes me feel fierce. A bare face and red lipstick. BAM! It just speaks for you in so many ways.

Anyways getting back to the topic at hand ... I wanted to talk accessories today in my blog post. And not just any accessories but watches. You know wrist jewelry! Sometimes the right accessories can really tie an outfit together. 

So let's get down to it shall we? Here are my current favourites in watches.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - MBM1366 Black and White Leather Watch 

I think I've always loved the way Marc Jacobs did watches. And my very first watch was also a MJ one. I love the sophistication of this one. The white and black really scream chic and since it's not all stainless steel - it's light and comfortable as well. 

Daniel Wellington - Classic St. Andrews Rose Gold & Brown Leather Women's Watch

This has a classic look to it. And I love the simplicity of a simple gold watch with a brown leather strap. This screams - I'm an intelligent independent women that likes to teach and have intellectual conversations about my current paper. Or something like that...  But pair this was a cute blazer, some jeans or chinos and a pair of oxfords. I can already picture this!

The Horse - Classic Gold and Grey Women's Watch

Another sophisticated look - but instead of the brown leather strap - it's grey! And this works really well for a simple yet unique look. 

MVMT - White Rose Women's Watch

This is basically a simple gold watch but it still has an elegance to it. I think I prefer the watches with a bit less bling and more sophistication and simplicity. And this is as simple as it gets!

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Baker Leather strap Watch

So we've covered solid gold simple watches and the brown straps. But a completely black watch is so chic and sexy. You can pair this with so many outfits really - same goes for the gold and silver watches. 

Kate Spade New York - Women's Gramercy Two - tone stainless steel Watch

So you love gold but you also love silver. Your jewelry or outfit kind of scream both. So which watch? Can't choose or deciding between a new one? Well a two-tone watch can also be a good idea if you want to get the most use out of it. If you are someone who doesn't mind mixing her metals then you don't have to worry about clashing. 

Olivia Burton - Big Dial Grey Lilac Watch

Another chic colour is white or grey with a silver dial. You can go with an all out stainless steel watch or you can go white. It really depends on your personal taste. I love more dainty, thinner feminine watches as opposed to the bulky ones so I would personally opt for something like this.

So I covered my watch favourites and tried to introduce you all to a variety of different brands. I know I didn't cover the big brand names like Versace or Burberry. But to be honest - as long as the watch tells time and fits your style who really cares? Most of these watches are around $120-150 USD. But I think smart purchases can help you in the long run and get you the most out of your watches. So stick to the classics like gold, silver, two-toned, etc. And then grow your collection from there.