Monday, 26 October 2015

20 Everyday Beauty Tips & Tricks

This blog post is more than just simple tips and tricks. Been there, done that. These tips will have your makeup, hair, and makeup collection looking better and more flawless. So without wasting another second, let's dive into the best beauty related hacks that you may or may not have come across. 


Bleeding lipstick? going in the corners of your lips? Or let me guess... simply transferring everywhere from cups to the cheeks of your BFF's? Well there's a hack for that! After applying your lipstick, take a tissue and place it on top of your lips. Then grab your fav translucent setting powder and lightly dust some of it on top of the tissue. And voila!


You love wearing dark nail polish shades in the Fall and Winter. Who doesn't? But you know what I absolutely hate? Even after applying a base coat sometimes after you remove the shade, your nails look dirty because of the nail polish stains left over. Well there's a hack for that! Grab some baking soda and a lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice and mix it with the baking soda. Apply this concoction to your nails and poof! No yucky stains!


I always buy expensive perfumes but then I'm super let down by some of their staying power. And of course there's a hack for that! Simply get some vaseline - rub it on your pulse points and then spray the perfume! And without walking around like a crazy person who just bathed in their perfume/cologne you'll give off a great scent while still remaining discreet about it. I've done the liberty of including a picture of where your pulse points are. Your welcome.


Dried up mascara? And you know there's definitely more at the bottom of that container? Well there are actually TWO hacks for this. 1. Get some saline (eyedrops) solution and put about 2-3 drops in the mascara container. That should do it! 2. Put the mascara container in hot water for about 5 minutes.


Very oily hair? But you just shampooed yesterday? AND your hair seems to be falling out more after each shampoo? Grab some dry shampoo and spray it on your head AT NIGHT to avoid waking up with a greasy head. Plus using dry shampoo versus shampooing your head daily has been known to reduce chances of hair fallout due to over washing the head. 


Amazing updo? But those pesky bobby pins keep falling limp? Spray them with a bit of hairspray to get them back into place!


Amazing outfit. Everything looks on point BUT there's a pesky thread that just keeps unwinding around your button. Well there's a hack for that! Get some clear top coat or just any clear nail polish and put some on the thread around the button. That should do it!


Avoid a greasy hairdo - by applying conditioner ONLY TO THE ENDS of your hair. Applying it directly to your scalp is a no - no!


Plagued by thin lips? Well there's a hack for that. For an instant plumper lip - add a few drops of peppermint oil to your fav lip gloss. No need for expensive lip plumpers anymore!


Want fuller lashes? Apply some baby powder using a Q-tip to the ends of your eyelashes between each application of mascara. The powder will help give the effect of more fuller lashes and allow the product more to hold onto.


Love glittery nail polish but HATE removing it? Remember Elmer glue as a child? Well any glue for arts and crafts will do. Simply apply it like you would any nail polish and then add the glittery polish on top. And when you get sick of the look - simply tear it off for no mess and no stains!


Love lining your lids but find that the liner just doesn't stay put? Apply eyeliner normally and then use a dark coloured eyeshadow over top to stop it from fading throughout the day.


For the best smokey eye looks - use 2 brushes. One for applying colour and the other for blending. Using the same brush for both gives a muddy, unfinished look that you just don't need.


Want cheekbones or just more sculpted ones? Use a bronzer BELOW the cheekbones and a highlighter right on them for an amazing contoured look. Remember to blend!


Want your eyeshadows to really pop? Take that concealer to hide dark circles and use a little on the lids as well. You can also opt for a light creamy eyeshadow in a very light colour as well. Both do the same thing.


To avoid getting mascara on the your eyelids while applying. Use a firm business card OR a spoon and place it over the lids. And apply away without the worrying!


Experimenting with colour on your eyes? If you're the type of person who likes to use different liners for the top and bottom lash line. Remember: the bottom liner should NEVER be darker than the top. In fact make sure the top liner is always darker to avoid smaller looking eyes.


A great way to get more lift from your eyelashes is to heat up your eyelash curler (not to dangerous levels!) and then curl your eyelashes. 


Never go for overdone or harsh eyebrows with an intense eye look. For one it ages you and secondly it takes away from your eye look. 


Applying a bit of frosty eyeshadow to the centre of your lips after lipstick is a great way to give the effect of fuller, plumper lips!

Hopefully you've now learned a few things! I'll be back with more tips and tricks. And definitely leave any tips or tricks you've come across. I would love to read about them in the comments :)