Friday, 4 September 2015

What's that scent?

Many of us hear many actresses or celebrities swear by a "signature scent". Even Princess Diana is believed to have one. However where do you start when you enter the perfume section at a major department store? All those scents... sometimes can really get to your head. Well I might be able to narrow that down for you all today. I've been around the perfume section and there definitely are some great ones out there. Also the trick is to apply the scent to the skin and not on your clothing. Also - less is always more - you don't want to be the person making everyone sneeze. So let's get to it!

Chanel No. 5

I think this is my favourite scent right now. It's also something that will be around for years and years to come, so you can't really go wrong. A classic scent, one that's been around for a while but never goes out of style. Although Chanel has come out with many more perfumes since this one, it still remains a popular choice.

Roses de Chloé

I'll admit when I first smelled this one, it wasn't a big hit for me. But the scent is subtle which is what makes it a hit with many women. Even after it's launch in 2008, this perfume remains a best seller.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Who hasn't heard of this scent? I know I have. It's a fresh and feminine scent, with a cute bottle to boot! It also may appeal to younger women out there who are just getting into fragrances and want to try something different.

Nirvana Black - James & Elizabeth

When I first saw the bottle in Sephora, I didn't really give it a second thought... I didn't have much hope for it to be honest. BUT this surprised me in a very good way. It's a very musky, sandalwood kind of scent - not overpowering and very sexy! The price tag is also reasonable compared to other perfumes out there. Pick up a sample!

My Burberry

This was another free sample for me and one that I'm loving. It launched just last year but still is regarded as a new scent on the market by many. It as a nice floral scent to it, but nothing too overpowering.

Hermes - Le Jardin De Monsier Li

THIS. THIS. This is my all time favourite right now and a new scent to the Hermes collection. Also - if you are a fan or even know of the scents created by the famous Jean-Claude Ellena - the perfumer who is the mastermind behind this scent and many others for Hermes - well this is his last signature scent ladies. So this might be a great addition to your collection. I dare you to smell this and not love it!

Dior - J'adore

I love this scent. I've been wearing it for a few days now and it's so sexy and subtle. I love scents that aren't overpowering and ones that you can't smell a mile away. This is also a bestseller right now and will forever be a classic go to.

Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gioia

Last one but definitely a strong contender. This reminds me more of a fresh, almost men's cologne type smell. It's not as feminine as the others for me but that's what I like about it. It's very different in a good way and the most recent one that I've bought.