Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fall favourites

So the weather is getting chilly... and you know what that means. Cry because summer is over people. Ha ha ha. NO. As much as I would like to roll into the fetal position and cry because my cute sandals will have to be put away for a few months. I won't resort to that just yet...

Because seriously fall style is seriously too cute and might even be... dare I say it... better than summer clothing. Hey you have those really nice red-orange-brown hues, not to mention you can rock that dark purple lipstick and berry shades without looking like a vampire. You know what I mean! Darker colours are in and whether you wear them on your body or lips - it all works.

So what's hot this season? Well sit back with some hot chocolate or whatever hits your fancy and let me tell you!

Berry lips

So even if this isn't an item of clothing - this is definitely in style in colder months to follow and can be worn right into winter. Whatever shades you love - whether it be darkest of the dark or a lighter shade of purple. This is a must have item for fall and winter months. Even if you have thinner lips like mine, you can pull this off by using a lip liner and slightly over lining your lips for a more fuller pout. So ditch the baby pinks and neutrals and experiment with some darker shades.

A cape coat

Ok just hear me out - these come in so many different styles and fabrics. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to pull this off trust me! There are fur lined collars, ones without the fur, high neck capes - but these do look chic! This is a fun twist to regular coats during the colder months. Just check out all of these styles and then tell me you don't want to at least TRY these out!

Trench coat

We went over the kimono trenches which are light and flowy and perfect for the summer nights when the temperatures dip. BUT when it does really begin to get chilly and sometimes rainy - then trench coats are great. There are so many different styles to these as well and colours range from military green, khaki to navy. So honestly this is a staple for your closet that is great for Spring as well.

Slouchy beanie

These not only look super cute with a side braid but they can add a bit of style to an overall boring look. And hey they add some warmth to your poor ears when the cold wind hits!

Darker nails

Time to bring out those hot dark nail polish shades! These are the months where darker shades are so popular. Be it navy, different tones of purple, and even black! You can rock these shades of course during the summer months as well but like lips - the colder months have always been popular for darker shades.

Darker hair

Keeping up with the dark theme, how did you not guess this? If you are an avid dyer of hair - and just recently went blonde... well hey you can always keep it or opt for some lowlights to keep up with the current trends (if you care). And if you were in need of a change for the season - well a dark chocolate brown shade or even lowlights (darker shades in the hair) is a great way to go and change up your look!