Saturday, 5 September 2015

♥ Date night ideas ♥

So this is perfect for the long weekend because hey a lot of you are in relationships... some of you have BFF's that are practically like having a romantic partner. Or some of us just have a close knit family. Whatever your relationship status is, the same monotonous activities can get boring real fast. So to change it up once in a while... here are some really nice ideas. And before you dismiss any of them. Give them a try!

1. Play a board game.

Just trust me on this! It doesn't have to be some boring lame game that your parents made you play with your siblings. No! You can actually do this outside of the house as well if you want to turn this into an interesting date night. There are actual cafe's now in major cities that have developed this idea and I personally think it's a super fun idea to pass the time away... minus those awkward silences.

Here's a few cafe's if you do live in the Toronto area...

* Castle Board Game Cafe
* Snakes & Lattes
* For the Win Board Game Cafe
* Roll Play
* Snakes & Lagers

If you are out of luck and don't have a board game cafe in your neck of the woods... who really cares? They have board games for practically everyone out there. They even have more "sensual" board games for those of you looking to spice up your love life.

2. Hit up a play

Get a little bit of culture in your life. It doesn't have to be Shakespeare... nowadays there are so many different types of plays out there on stage. It's a great way to dress up nice and go out. And hey you might learn something and actually enjoy yourself.

3. Watch a game

Even if you are not into sports... just being part of the crowd can really get you into the mood! The rush and the liveliness is always an amazing feeling and really can get you off your feet. First pick a sport that you both are fond of - or at least can sit through and then hey you might be surprised by the end of it. You might even become a fan by the end of it.

4. Relax

Maybe you like your date nights a bit less hectic and outgoing... maybe you already have enough of that throughout the week and just want to rewind. So why not hit up a couples spa or massage? Maybe get your nails done while your partner/BFF is beside you getting their pedicure on. This is always a nice way to just relax and rewind.

5. Take a fun class together!

Cooking? Painting? Yoga? Whatever it is that you both can agree on and are up for. Give it a go! There are so many classes out there - and sometimes if you enjoy it enough, it can become an ongoing thing. I personally love Yoga and find it's not only relaxing but a great way to keep fit together. 

6. Catch a comedy show

Laughter is definitely the best medicine and what's a better way to spend the night than sitting back, relaxing and doing a whole lot of relating to funny things about life? This is a nice way to open up to someone as well and really break the ice.

7. What's new in town?

With summer drawing to an end, there's a lot of exhibitions like the CNE here in Toronto. There are food festivals in practically every other city you can hit up. And even some fun events like cook offs, dance festivals and cultural shows. Why not check them out and explore your city? Every season usually has something to look forward to, and summer always has a lot of things to pick from!

8. Culture it up!

I love exploring Museum exhibitions and Art Galleries alike. You always learn something new and there is definitely something that will interest even the most least likely person. If that doesn't do it for you, why not try the Zoo? The Aquarium? There are so many options - but the best thing to do is be open minded to trying different things. 

9. Long drive to an unknown destination.

Just don't plan anything. You will end up somewhere... eating something and doing something or another. I'm serious! Of course I'm not saying leave all signs of human life and trek into the woods or something. Unless you're an avid camper or hiker. But just exploring different areas of your own city or heading out to a neighbouring city without any plans can be kind of fun and unexpected. I often love doing this and I always end up discovering something new... well most of the time! As long as your company doesn't mind and is up for a bit of spontaneous fun, this is a nice idea.

10. Do something active.

You don't need to be a personal trainer for what I'm about to suggest because believe me neither am I. But there are tons of activities out there for even the biggest couch potato...

Play ping pong (there's even places to do this outside - like Sp!n in Toronto). Why not book an activity online? Maybe something like horse back riding, hitting up the gun range, going bowling, playing mini golf (even glow in the dark mini golf exists now) or even local experiences like a scavenger hunt around your city? (this actually exists in Toronto!). Another fun idea is indoor skydiving and trampolining at indoor trampoline parks like Sky Zone. These are great ways to keep fit and enjoy something different than just sitting and dining out.

So there you have it! Some pretty cool ideas huh? Try them out! Go out of your comfort zone and maybe even convince your partner/BFF to do it with you. You might even surprise yourself and have a great time. 

And to all my readers in Canada and USA - have an amazing and safe Labour Day weekend!