Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Trendy Trainers

Working out and eating right. Some of us despise this, tolerate it or simply try to ignore it. Whatever your feeling is when you hit the gym or think about hitting the gym... a great trendy pair of trainers can actually make you want to at least make the effort. I swear I'm not joking! Sometimes all you really need is some style inspiration to make you want to get your sweat on.

I've come across and salivated at some of these really hot trainers - and I swear... if I had one of these in my closet, I would definitely be hitting the gym more often, or at least trying to!

Some of you may have already seen a few of these doing the rounds, but Nike has really stepped up their style game with these super cute trainers for fitness. I think gym wear is already being pretty trendified (I just made up that word...sorry!) But you get the picture right? We've seen the vibrant pants, the really cute coloured tanks but these trainers really get all the attention.

So here's a rundown of my personal favs and some of which I just want to get my hands on.

My fav Nike free run trainers:

So I hope this rather different blog post inspires you to get out there, maybe even pick up a cool pair that suits you and gets you motivated enough to make an effort to be in the best shape ever! There's nothing more important than your health - physical, emotional and mental. So do what makes you happy and keep fit and happy!