Monday, 24 August 2015

Shoes that every girl needs

So shoes. I'm a hoarder... maybe you are as well? But when it comes to shoes, I can honestly say I'm not really into high end names. I've often found that even the ones that cost so much, can really hurt my feet. So, for me personally it's always been comfort over style. BUT if you can get both in shoes, then why not?

Some advice for shoe shopping is to try them on both feet, walk around in them and make sure they aren't too tight or too lose. I know a lot of women have that idea of wearing excruciating painful heels with the hopes that they will "break them in". This is the case for SOME shoes but remember that comfort is wayyy more important. So please don't do that to your feet!

There are certain styles of shoes that I believe every woman should have in her closet, so let's do a rundown of the styles. I am not going to endorse any brands because to be honest there isn't one brand that is great for everyone. 

Classic Black Heels
Black heels are great for a date night, to make an office outfit look chic and overall goes with everything really. Even skinny jeans and cute top. So this has to be a staple in any woman's closet. I know I said I wasn't going to endorse any brand names, but we all know when it comes to black heels - the Christian Louboutins are definitely one pair that everyone knows or has at least seen. You know... the ones with the red soles? Yes those.

Ballet Flats

The opposite of heels. They are heavenly for your feet but can also be super chic. I personally have them in a variety of colours. But nude flats go with just about everything. Or black. You can never go wrong with black flats either.

Simple Sneakers

Yes I admit it, sneakers aren't exactly classy or something that you can really wear with a sexy black dress. BUT sneakers are a must in everyones closet. They are super comfy, great for walking and also look great with jeans, shorts, or a cute summer skirt. 


They are super cute in the summer. You can even get the ones with the straps or go crazy with the print and colour. But this is a must in anyone's closet. 

Platform wedges
This is a great way to get some height without the pain that comes in some heels. I personally love wedges in the summer with a cute maxi dress. You can go as high or low in the platform height as you need. 

Strap-on ankle Heels
I love wearing these with cropped pencil pants or a cute skirt. They also ensure that your shoes don't slip off from the back, which is an added bonus. You can even find ballet flats with strap-ons as well or heels in a variety of different heights.

Riding boots

These are super cute for winter and even for the falls. Grab some skinny jeans or tights and opt for these to make your cooler months look trendy!

Lace-up Boots

Now the military boot style was really big last winter and still is. But if that's not what you are into, so prefer something more sophisticated, then you can opt for something more simpler. But these are great to change up a look and look great with just casual clothing. 


They don't go as high up as normal boots but are super chic and can be worn pretty much all year round. I personally love booties. With laces, or without - they are super comfy and offer some added height.