Thursday, 13 August 2015

Makeup Mistakes

Some of us love makeup, some of us can't even be bothered and others have days where you try to make an effort. So for every type out there who either loves, despises or is neither - here are some tips and tricks to avoid makeup mishaps.

Bold brows

Who doesn't love when their brows look sexy and fierce? You know I do! BUT do not over-exaggerate them! If you are someone with naturally thin brows - then don't go crazy! It's fine to line in areas of sparseness however if you naturally have thin brows, you shouldn't go bold and over the top. Applying very dark, black liner to your brows is also a NO NO. It can make your brows look very dark and over the top. Bold brows that don't suit you can add age where you don't want it!

Overdoing the lip liner

We know some of us have this habit, especially those of us with thinner lips - but it can actually lead to the lipstick bleeding and also causing feathery lines. Tips to avoid this is to either match your lip liner to the exact lipstick colour; opt for invisible lip liners or simply get a lip liner which matches your natural lip colour. Choosing very dark lip liners also can add age to your makeup look.

Too heavy handed with the concealer

What we tend to forget is that the skin under the eyes is naturally very sensitive. So you need to remember not to go crazy with packing on a lot of that concealer. Sometimes in an effort to avoid dark circles - we actually end up accentuating that area by caking on the concealer. This draws more attention to the wrinkles around the eye area and also can lead to makeup building up near the fine lines. The best method of applying concealer is actually to apply it just underneath the sensitive skin under the eyes and starting with very little product.

Lower lid liner only

Some women tend to focus on lining only the lower lash line and think that this actually helps make them appear youthful. But actually the opposite is true for this. What you need to remember is that this actually makes the eyes appear smaller than they are. If you avoid liner on the upper lids because you feel like it makes you look too done up then you can go for a delicate line and even smudge the liner up to create a more softer look. 

Skipping on the brows

Although I did state earlier that dramatic brows or over-lined brows is a NO NO, simply forgetting to line in the brows and groom them is also a big NO NO. The brows are an important part of a finished makeup look and as long as you go with the natural shape of your brows and stick to the correct shade - this will really create an overall finished makeup look. 

Going too dark with the lipstick shade

Who doesn't love a good vampy look? I know some days, especially in the winter and fall months I do. But darker lipstick shades can also age you at times. So when you do decide to do a dark lip, make sure to go a bit minimal on the eye makeup. And the more thinner the lips you have, the more darker lipstick shades will enhance that. So for us thin-lipped girls - sometimes dark shades are only good once in a while.