Sunday, 23 August 2015

Luxury Handbags you NEED in your life

So handbags... we all love them. I know I do. I use to be the type of girl who would roll my eyes at my mom whenever she would ogle at some for hours at the department store. But now, oh how I've become my mother in this aspect! I cannot get enough. And let me break it down for you. We all love those luxury brands.. I'm talking Chanel, Louis Vuitton... you get me right? But of course I would be lying if I said we can all afford them. Of course some of us just stare in envy when someone walking past us has one of those swinging from her arm. BUT did you know - if you really saved up and got ONE super nice high end handbag, it may not be a stupid idea at all.

My reasoning? Well let's suppose you do what I do... you run into your department stores - buy something that looks great, super cheap but then to your dismay what happens? It cannot withstand the wear and tear of your hectic lifestyle - or your insane need to dump unnecessary things into your handbag. Hey I'm not judging here! We all do it..

I know these handbags are expensive and that the average working woman cannot even begin to justify such a purchase. BUT hear me out. If you actually count how many crappy bags you've bought that have literally fallen apart - you will get where I'm coming from. I've been there, done that but I can honestly say that now I'm going to invest in one nice handbag per year. Yes ONE handbag every year. I think it not only lowers my potential to hoard unnecessary bags in my closet, but if you go for chic, classic colours and styles, you'll be surprised how little handbag shopping you will need to do! And if you get bored of them - you KNOW without a doubt that these handbags will resell well. So let's get started on some cult favs..

Chanel 2.55 - Double Flap Classic

So the Chanel 2.55 actually comes in lambskin and caviar print (which is a bit sturdier). The black classic handbag is known. You've seen it, I've seen it. We've all seen it around. So maybe you are wondering what's with the 2.55? It's actually the date of production for this beauty = February 1955, a nice history lesson for you!

 Caviar prints are a bit harder to come by and the handbag ranges from small, medium (small in US), large, jumbo and maxi sizes. There are also other colours available such as beige, red and yellow - however if you are looking for a lifetime handbag - then the classic black will never go out of style!

Retail = Used to new can range from $2000 - 5000 USD

Louis Vuitton - monogram canvas tote

Who hasn't heard this name? Those brown handbags with the LV prints are classic! And although the Louis Vuitton handbags come in a wide variety of styles and sizes - you can't go wrong with the classic canvas tote. These are pretty simple in their design but they offer a lot of room and are the most popular handbags by far.

Retail = Use to new can range from $1000 - 3000 USD

Céline - mini luggage

Céline handbags are pretty well known now - not as famous as the Chanel handbags however these are on the larger size so are very practical for a handbag that can fit most things. There are different styles available, such as the trapeze and phantom however the mini luggage continues to be the most sought after. You may remember the famous tricolour handbags that have been seen on the arms of many Hollywood celebrities. 

Retail = Used to new range from $1500 - 4500 USD

Hermès - Birkin

You knew this one had to be done. It's crazy expensive... I don't even know if I can afford one in my dreams but how can you not have this as part of the high end handbag post? So Hermès bags also come in a slightly different style = the Kelly is another popular one but the Birkin still proves to be the most popular by far. The handbag comes in many different colours - ranging from the classic black and tan colours to vibrant orange and blue. It's the price tag on these things that will cause a mild heart attack.

Retail = Used to new range from $9000 - 30,000 USD

Yves Saint Laurent - Classic monogram tassel clutch
This one is so popular for those nights out. The classic clutch in black is one you must have seen on fashionistas alike! Although this comes in different materials and colours - I simply adore the classic black leather one. It's a classic cult item if you are a YSL fan or simply want a clutch that will never go out of style. The tassel adds some drama but of course YSL offers other styles without it. There are also larger totes, canvas handbags available BUT if you are looking for just one item from YSL - this one has got to be it for me!

Retail = Used to new range from $700 - 1550 USD

Valentino - Garavani "Glam Lock" shoulder bag
This one is very fierce with the studded metal detail on the flap. It's also a similar size to the YSL above but comes in a bit smaller. It's perfect for a night out and also comes in a wide range of colours as well. Now Valentino handbags are known for their studded details. For some this may not fit the bill for a "classic" high end look but believe me, it is this detail that screams Valentino. There are the larger Rockstud handbags but I personally would opt for this clutch as it's smaller, more classic cult Valentino.

Retail = Use to new range from $900 - 2600 USD

Givenchy - Antigona
I adore this tote. I love the amazing colour range and the overall look is cool, chic and definitely something that can fit many things inside of it. It comes in a WIDE variety of colours, the popular multicolour styles are out there and it also comes in small, medium and large sizes. This is another popular handbag seen amongst many Hollywood celebrities.

Retail = Used to new range from $2000 - 6000 USD

I hope you learned a thing or two. Maybe even understand where I'm coming from when I say investing in less, high quality items is a good thing. And these handbags especially the Chanel and Louis Vuitton are very popular and will be for years to come.

If you are on the lookout for preowned handbags to save some extra bucks but are afraid of the fakes out there - and believe me there are! I will be doing upcoming posts on how to spot fakes. I wanted to share two amazing websites with you guys that sell preowned high end handbags for great prices. They all have been authenticated, so are 100% real and they have wide selections to choose from. You can also sell your used high end handbags here as well. Check them out here:

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