Sunday, 9 August 2015

Hair products you NEED

So I said it in the last post that I was going to do it and here it is... my list of hair products that you need in your life. If you are an amateur when it comes to hair products or hair styling then don't fret because I've been there and I'm still learning. But through my trial and error comes an advantage for you... you can save the cash and countless hours searching. I've read the reviews, tested out these products on myself and have come to love them. That is the only way they have made it here!

So let's go through my favourites for everything hair related. I'll also include some tips and tricks below so keep reading!

Sally Hershberger 24K - Root Envy Ultimate Root boost

I've talked about this in yesterday's post and I said I would be talking about it again. So here it is!
This is just that good. You need extra volume? Overall body? Roots looking a bit limp? Well this is for you! I know I sound like I work for them but believe me it's just a great product and the rave reviews were what attracted me to this hair product in the first place. I think this is something that everyone needs in their hair products list. So definitely give it a try and tell me what you think of it. If out of everything I cover today, you only walk away wanting one thing - it should be this. Unless you have crazy voluminous hair... then I just hate you.

Moroccanoil - Dry shampoo

I think I mentioned this in a previous post as well and out of all the dry shampoos that I've tried I think this one still ranks supreme. It's light weight, has a nice scent and does what it's supposed to do. There are also 2 shades available, one for lighter hair colours and the other for darker. I usually am not a fan of dry shampoo because I felt like it eventually weighed my hair down and also made it feel less stringy. But this works well, I spray it near my roots where my hair tends to get oily and flat and it works wonders. Remember to avoid shampooing excessively, not only does that actually deplete your scalp of natural oils but it also leads to more hair fallout. So dry shampoos can help with decreasing how many times you shampoo your hair by really getting rid of the oil.


This is a hit and miss for many people so while I'm not going to say that it works for everyone, when I use it I definitely do notice a difference. Basically it's a serum that is sprayed on newly shaved/waxed areas of the body. And it aims to decrease hair growth - obviously if you are looking for something that eliminates hair permanently then this is not for you - that's more laser hair removal. But this helps keep your legs smoother longer, helps keep the hair from coming back so soon. I usually use this on my legs right after I shave them and I do notice that the hair doesn't grow back as fast. With any hair product like this where it's hair growth and involves your skin, hair follicles, etc - the results will be different for everyone, so take that into consideration if you want to give it a try.

KMS California - Free shape

Whenever you are styling your hair with products that are hot - like curlers and straighteners; you always need to ensure that your hair is protected from damage. You also want a product that will hold the shape for as long as you need and not fall short. This product does both so it's a great way to avoid using multiple hair products. I've tried many other products but have come back to KMS always.

Pureology Colour Fanatic

I live in Toronto so often it's not really humid or hot but your hair, just like your skin needs protection. This is especially for those of us who do colour treat our hair. To keep that colour locked in and to ensure a great shine and colour you need to protect your hair from UV damage. This not only has a nice scent to it but it also doesn't weigh down your hair. I simply spray some on my hair before I head out and it adds a bit of shine as well.

Pureology Shampoo

I recently discovered this brand after my hair stylist raved about it and after a few washes I was hooked. The best thing is that it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals like sulphates that harm your hair. There are also plenty of different types of shampoos ranging from colour treated, fine hair to thicker hair which is not coloured.

Argan oil

It doesn't really matter what brand you use, because oil is essentially oil - so I'm not really saying go for this brand, etc. But I think for some added shine and to combat any dryness this is a great oil. Most other oils for me tend to result in an oily scalp a day later but when I use this on the ends of my hair - I not only get a great shine but I also don't get the oiliness that comes with using oil treatments.

3D Hair - natural hair building fibres

So this might be something that is new to some of you - you might have seen the infomercials on TV but always thought it was for bald men. Well not really... if you have fine, thin hair and you have areas on your scalp that really show off that scalp more than the hair on your head.. well a bit of this and you get instant fullness. It's a great product to have to get that finished voluminous look for a special event. Sometimes I use this to just hide any areas of thinning hair on my scalp and it does the trick. All you have to do is simply sprinkle a bit of it in any area you want to cover and then comb through it lightly to evenly distribute the fibres. They last longer with a bit of hairspray if needed, otherwise I found it to have great coverage throughout the day even without hairspray and it washes right out in the shower.

So these are my personal favs when it comes to hair styling and overall great products for your hair but before I end this post, I just wanted to give you all some extra tips and advice when it comes to your hair to keep it healthy and strong. So here are some tips that really help me and things I've picked up over the years from professionals and hair stylists alike.

1. Avoid shampooing your hair daily!

  This might be something you've heard time and time again, but why? Over shampooing your hair can actually deplete it of the natural oils that are present on the scalp and cause even more hair fall out... exactly the opposite of what you would want to happen. So try to go for shampooing twice a week instead - using a shower cap helps to avoid getting your hair wet every  time you jump in the shower.

2. Don't expose your hair to very hot water!

  Who doesn't like taking long hot showers? I admit I love it too, but it can be bad for the hair and skin as well. So keep it slightly warm and you'll notice less hair fall out and also better skin!

3. Don't comb your hair when it's wet.

  I hate tangles and sometimes I can't wait for my hair to dry so I'll attack it with my comb right away - but this is a big NO NO. Your hair is really weak when it's wet and combing through it causes excessive breakage and not to mention split ends. So towel dry your hair and wait for it to dry before you comb through it.

4. Try to steer clear of excessive chemical treatments
  So with age comes gray hair and who really wants that? I'm not yet at that age to accept my grays - so yes I do opt for colour treating my hair BUT if you are young and can avoid it, try to hold off on going crazy with the colour treatments. Yes we all have wanted to change up our looks and I have often experimented with different colours but just don't make it a habit. Not only does it strip your hair of natural oils but it also damages the hair every time you expose them to harsh chemicals found in dyes. Henna is a great alternative to chemical hair dyes if you are up for experimenting. Not only is it organic and safe to use but it's also great for hiding gray hair and doesn't have the harsh chemicals.

5. Avoid heat when necessary
  We all love a good blowout.. I know I do whenever I head out of the salon I feel like a movie star with my hair blowing in the wind and that volume! Don't get me started! But not all the time - sometimes you need to put away the hot tools and let your hair breathe. I mean no blow dryer, no heat tools like curlers and straighteners. I let my hair air dry and I let it loose and give it air to breathe. If you do have to use tools for styling and you simply cannot avoid it then make sure you use a heat protectant whenever you are exposing your hair to heat.

6. Change it up 
  We have a favourite shampoo and conditioner... so what do we do? We keep using it day in and day out. It becomes our holy grail item and we do not waver from it. But like our skin - our hair also needs a change. It's important to change up your shampoo between every 2-3 washes for it to give you the optimal results you are looking for. So what I love to do is alternate between 2 of my favourite shampoos. If you don't know which ones to try - I highly recommend Pureology and Moroccanoil shampoos.

7. Styling products are all good - but the blow dryer matters!
  I honestly never knew this but when I changed my hair dryer - I did notice a dramatic difference in my blowouts and in the overall body of my hair. Not only was the drying time much much faster but man did I get volume! One hair dryer that is quite popular is Elchim's Professional 2001 Watt classic hair dryer.