Sunday, 16 August 2015

Business chic

One of the great things about an office meeting or just simply working in a professional setting is the dress code for me. Believe it or not, business attire can be fun to dress up or down. You can experiment with colours, patterns and even textures.

Even if you are still a student and the most business casual you see is just clean jeans and nice shirt... this can still be a good tool for those presentations where dress code is enforced. Or simply just bookmark this post until you have a job interview in the future.

Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns

We all envy those women who can gravitate away from the classic black suits... But why not be one of them? So grab a patterned pant. Try on that funky blouse with the patterns. It's great to spruce it up a bit and play with graphics and patterns on your blouse and pants. I'm not saying to dress up like a disco ball or anything but dressing up for the office can be totally chic.


If you can't waver from the classic black and beige suits... why not spruce up your wardrobe with sexy heels, a statement necklace, a trendy scarf or a really nice handbag. You can have those custom accessories to draw attention elsewhere if you aren't yet ready to take the plunge and wear something more "Hey I'm here!"

Colour your world!

When it comes to classic colours, I love me some black and white. It's chic, it's sexy, it's very modern. But let's be honest, even black and white daily can get boring. So even at work, don't be afraid to play around with some colour. You can easily incorporate it into your heels/flats, your handbag and then work your way from there. Maybe go with a sexy coloured skirt/pant and then wear a cool top. Go with the seasons if you have to for some extra added fun. Go for fun vibrant colours in the spring and summer and berry colours in the fall and winter. There's never a wrong time to incorporate colour. 

Blazers/Coats for added edge 

You don't need to always wear something funky or patterned to work. Sometimes just whipping out your coat or wearing a really cool patterned/textured blazer is enough. Again this is a great way to introduce some colour/texture and patterns into your office look.

Textured bottoms

I love pencil skirts and straight leg pants. But they can get boring if you don't play around with different textures. So why not try something new? Whether you love pants or skirts go ahead and play around with different patterns and textures. Not only does it look extremely fashionable, it's a really cool way to change up your look in an effortless way!

Toss out the blouse!

We all love the blouse for the office. It's easy, it comes in a variety of colours... and so you can't really go wrong. But nowadays with so many styles... why not experiment with sweaters and different style tops. 

Hopefully this helps you out, maybe gives you a memorable style at your next interview? Or just helps you navigate what to buy on your next shopping day for cool office attire. Whenever you are dressing up for an event, remember it doesn't have to be boring! And the most important tool to pull off any look effortlessly is always confidence.