Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Natural makeup for the summer

A lot of posts about summer I know but I think one thing that I haven't really touched on and should is makeup. When the weather is hot outside and the AC just isn't cutting it... the last thing you want to do is put a lot of stuff on your face. Not only does it clog your pores but it also just ends up making your face feel heavy and dull.

So here are some tips and products that might help:

BB/CC cream instead of foundation

Sometimes when you use foundation, they are very heavy and offer a lot more coverage than necessary. And with the hot weather and your gorgeous tan, why would you want to hide your glow?
Two of my favourite brands that I have actually tested and tried are Revlon and Bobbi Brown. Both do the job well, and depending on what coverage you are looking for and what feels good on your skin - maybe for this summer opt for a less full coverage foundation. IF you do have problem skin and you need that extra bit of coverage without feeling like you're putting too much stuff on your face - then I personally recommend Urban Decay's NAKED range of foundations. They are lightweight, a bit runny but give you enough coverage to really cover any problem areas.

Go easy on the brow liner

Who doesn't love full sexy brows? But summer screams less is more, and that definitely proves true for the face. Sometimes going full blown diva on your eyebrows isn't always the best look. Try to even go for a colour lighter than your hair colour, that not only helps to cover the brows but doesn't really draw attention to them. And please avoid shaving off your brows and drawing them in with a liner, big NO NO! Now if you have naturally fuller brows I'm not saying to go out and get them all threaded out or pluck them yourself. Just be confident in the shape you naturally have and if you do have sparseness fill it in, but don't go for a harsh black liner - instead opt for a natural brown or lighter tones depending on your hair colour. Harsher brows can also add age to your face and make you look more dramatic - which we are not really going for this summer. Keep it light and natural ladies.

Avoid heavy/vibrant blushes

We've all seen faux pas when it comes to makeup and the one that I noticeably see is using a blush a bit too much or maybe picking a colour that isn't exactly flattering. Now sometimes what we fail to realize is, just because you can't see the blush colour in a selfie... doesn't mean it's not there! We tend to use a heavy hand at times to really get the "glow" or "pop of colour" on our cheeks but at times we end up just looking like a doll. So opt for a feathery brush that doesn't pick up excess colour when applying and also to remember the trick is to just be subtle with your makeup this summer (and this tip you can always use!). Now some blushes show up easily on fairer skin tones while the deeper tone ladies may need to opt for colours a bit more vibrant and I totally get that. But the problem arises when we pick wacky colours that aren't doing anything for our skin tone, and don't help in giving off any sort of glow or complimenting our skin tones. 

One colour that I personally love and feel like it's "a glow in a container" is the NARS blush in Taj Mahal. I cannot get over this blush and I feel like it does work with every skin tone. Of course you need to know that with this blush less definitely is more! There are plenty of blushes out there and I think drug store brands like NYX and then of course MAC and NARS (my personal favourite) always come up with amazing colours. So with blushes this summer - I would say go for rosey, mauve tones and also opt for one with an orange tinge to it to give you that summer sun-kissed look. 

Ditch the heavy eyeliner

Now we all love the occasional smokey eye and the sexy sultry eyes that are lined heavily but with the drier and hotter weather outside - go a bit lighter on the eyeliner - or maybe even ditch it all together, put on a bit of concealer to hide any dark circles and just a bit of mascara for more natural looking eyes. If you are an eyeliner lover then try experimenting with a pop of colour and ditch the black. I personally think brown is nice and purple, green and blue are also nice to bring out the colour of your eyes. 

Bright inner eyes

A trick to really open up your eyes and have the focus on them - is to take a yellow coloured corrector/concealer (a few shades lighter than your skin tone of course) and dab a little on the inner corners of the eyes. Another way to achieve this look is to take a bit of gold eyeshadow... I personally love the NARS dual intensity eyeshadows - in the colours Dior and Himalia for this. This helps make the eyes "pop" and keep the attention on them.