Monday, 27 July 2015

Bored this summer?

Summer seems far away whenever the snow begins to fall and you are trudging along in your snowboots and the cold air hits your face. We all remember waking up extra early to clean the snow off our cars before going to class or work. So when the summer finally does come around we try our best to relish in its warm-y goodness. But alas, as soon as August hits and dreaded September is just around the corner we begin to feel like it was another wasted summer... too short and not enough fun was had. So what to do... what to do?

Here's some helpful ideas on how you can spend an amazing summer and if you already live in a place where it's practically like summer all year round... well then... lucky you... *cue the envious musical notes* 

So this summer if you can't experience all, at least try one new thing and I'm positive you won't regret it. And if you have any other ideas please share in the comments below :)

10. Take a class

Not the academic kind where you yawn and dread the hours to go before you run home. No. I'm talking about something you like, it can be athletic or maybe even artistic. For example, maybe learn a new language.. at least try to take a few classes or brush up on a language you might already know how to converse in partially. How about a painting class to relax and rewind? Or cooking with your BFF or partner? There's always fun outdoor activities and even photography. So definitely check out your local recreation centres for ideas and get involved this summer and try something new!

9. DIY projects around the house/room

We all have those days when we randomly will browse the internet... or my personal favourite Pinterest for cool room/home ideas. And then sadly we close the tabs because we simply do not have enough time to experiment and try out those ideas. Well not anymore! Summer brings with it endless hours to get into cool projects, maybe re-do a part of the house or just your room. Change up some colours you might not like anymore or try out some cool ideas for the backyard to entertain friends at the next BBQ! Whatever it might be, it's always cool to get into new projects, especially when you have endless hours!

8. Cottage/beach house trip!

Whether you want to do this with a big group of friends or your family; a cottage/beach house trip is alway fun! You can bring the food, good music, bathing suits and you're good to go! Crank up the music, get the bonfire going with some marshmallows and graham crackers and you're already on your way to making some sweet memories...  I remember last summer when I did this with my girlfriends and had an amazing time. We cooked together, played cards late into the night, watched sappy romantic comedies and swam in the lake every morning. Oh and of course a hot tub or jacuzzi is always a win win! I recommend grabbing a bath bomb from Lush for extra fun in the hot tub/jacuzzi :)

7. Camping

Although I'm not really a nature girl myself  I'm always up for new experiences so never give something a no go without at least trying it out once. So hey this summer this is on my list of things to experience. Maybe do some fishing, take a long hike with a loved one, catch the sunrise or sunset and learn to pitch a tent. Of course don't forget the sunscreen and mosquito repellant! 

6. Volunteer in your neighbourhood

I didn't want to write this post without mentioning this because it's something that is very close to my heart. Every neighbourhood has volunteering opportunities and I think it's definitely important to get involved in any area that you are passionate about. If you do have a busy summer, then even simple things like donating used clothing and extra food for a local food drive can be enough to help someone in need. But if you do have a lot of time on your hands this summer and are looking to get involved why not volunteer? Just to give you some ideas, there are blood drives, food drives, clothing donations, big brother/big sister opportunities, helping out at retirement homes and local events where volunteers are always needed and appreciated. So this summer if you are looking to help make a difference and do something that hits you right in the feels, why not volunteer your time?

5. Join a club

Hey it doesn't have to be sports, it can even be a book club if you're not athletic but anything to get your mind or body in gear and interacting with others is a great way to spend the summer... and hey you might even make some lasting friends!

4. Check out summer festivals, carnivals, shows and/or musical concerts

Summer means great weather and with that there is always something happening no matter where you live. So why not catch a show? Hit up a concert and dance the night away with some friends or attend a carnival and pig out on snacks and ride a rollercoaster! If those don't hit your fancy, I know in my area the circus always comes to town so hey why not? Maybe even get tickets to a magic show or sports event. Whatever it may be, try something new, experience something new and you might just like the vibe!

3. Hit the beach!

Get your tan on! Grab a hat, some sunscreen, a good book/magazine and a folding chair. Oh and of course a cute bathing suit or shorts. Remember to practice safety at the beach and have fun!

2. Hit the road

Hey if you have a car or a friend does... why not hit the open skies? Sometimes a good bus pass and a really good trip planner is even good enough. Nowadays the greyhound bus practically goes everywhere! Plan a road trip, plan the stops that appeal to your group and have a blast. Not only will this be an experience to remember but you can take in a lot more sights and see another city or province/state while you're at it!

1. Vacay time :)

Who wouldn't want to take a plane and hop off at a completely new place/country and time zone. Me me me! But alas we all can't afford it every summer and sometimes it's just not possible. But hey a girl can dream and I felt like if some of us are lucky enough this summer to travel, then you need to check out my last post where I shared my top 10 places to visit this summer.

So no matter where you live, or how old you are... there are many ways to enjoy the heat and the sunshine this summer. Even if funds are limited, experiences and memories never are. So grab a friend or just your headphones and try something new! If you can't do everything on my list, at least try one new thing and let me know how it goes.