Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bathing suits for the summer

So whether you are body shy or love to flaunt what your momma gave you, there's always a bathing suit for every woman. But knowing how to dress your body is also important. No one wants to have a wardrobe malfunction and you also don't want things hanging out that shouldn't be. So classically there are different bathing suit styles for everyone and most importantly, less isn't always sexy!

So here are some tips for bathing suits for all body types and some really nice ones below that I personally love!

Small bust, slim figure

If you are blessed with this figure, then you can pretty much get away with every type of bathing suit. So feel free to experiment with vibrant colours, patterns and textures. Two piece bathing suits work well with this body type as well.

Large bust, full figure

Ruching is your friend if you have some extra tummy fat or feel that you want to take away from that area. Opt for a one piece and also make sure that it carries extra support in the bust area to really give you that extra support. If you do feel like you want to hide some extra flab on your thighs, then you can opt for one pieces with a short-like bottom that compliments your figure. Another great tip is to experiment with patterns, colours that keep the eyes moving and not fixated in your problem areas. Go for bathing suits that can break up a solid colour with some cool patterns. Here are my personal favourites:

Larger thighs, pear shape 

If you don't really have a large bust but your main concern is your thighs then high waisted bottoms are your friend. You can also choose skirt bottoms over the typical ones to also give yourself some extra coverage. If you have an athletic build and generally smaller bust area then you can get away with showing off your toned tummy. Here are some personal favourites below:

Straight, no curves

If you basically sigh at your lack of curves, have no fear! There are so many great bathing suits out there that can definitely give you the illusion of curves. Tops that flow outward are a great way to depict a more curvy figure. Go for funky patterns and if you are brave enough, you can even bare some skin. Cut-out patterns near the waist are also cool. Here are some nice ones: