Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Skincare saviours

We all suffer from imperfect skin once in a while... some more than others unfortunately. Through a lot of testing and trial and error I thought it was time for me to share some amazing products with you all. These range from acne treatments, to skincare cleansing tools, cleansers and good old moisturizers. If you know me personally... then you know I like to keep it as simple as possible. I like my makeup... I mean I collect enough products to last me years, but I do not slap it all over my face all at once. I think the best thing to remember with skincare is to maintain a good routine that works for YOU! We all have that one person whose skin/body/fashion sense we adore BUT learn to go with what works for you and you'll see a difference in no time. 

What I'm going to share today seems to work for the majority of friends and family members I have recommended it to. Also I use these items personally... I'm not simply just stating them. I like to keep my posts as honest as possible without the weird advertisements. So let's get started...

9.  Origins Super Spot Remover - acne treatment gel

So we all suffer from acne or a pimple once in a while and sometimes it can happen at the worst possible time. This stuff really works! Put it on overnight on that annoying pimple and voila! By the next day it's gone like a cute dress on Black Friday.

8. Avene High protection emulsion - 40 spf

We often overlook just how important sunscreen is for our skin and it isn't until we reach our adulthood that it really begins to show. So prevention is definitely key in maintaining that youthful appearance. I often have trouble looking for sunscreens that not only offer a wide range of protection but also don't leave me feeling like a greaseball and breaking out. I don't like thick creams and I also feel like sprays don't cut it for me. Everyone is different but I really trust this product the most. The great thing is that it also comes in spf 30 and 50 as well. AND there's a spray version available too if you'd like.  No matter what product suits your needs, make sure you do invest in a good sunscreen if nothing else. It will really protect your skin long term. 

7. Avene Cleanance Gel

This is my last Avene product on here before someone accuses me of false advertising. But on a serious note though, this stuff is amazing and not to mention great for sensitive skin. It's great for all skin types in fact and is very gentle on the skin. There's no lingering fragrance either for those who find it irritating and it's great for acne prone skin as well.

6. Marcelle Clay mask

Remember this isn't for daily use. Use it sparingly and only when you really need a skin pick me up. I tend to use it maybe once a month, but it is safe to use every two weeks. Anything more than that and it'll dry out your skin which isn't really what you're going for. This stuff works and it isn't going to eat up your wallet either. I usually put it on and then run in the shower and my skin is all glowy once I'm out. 

5. Eos Lip Balm

I think I really value this little ball more now than ever before because of the chilly weather right now. Nonetheless whatever weather you experience, this stuff really does a great job of keeping those lips moist and soft. I'm not really a big fan of fragrances on skin-care products as much but I love the mint smelling one personally... kind of gives off the smell of a clean lip-mouth area. And who doesn't love fresh smelling breath - even though it's really coming from your lip balm. 

4. Organix Argan Oil

Okay so again... this might be another winter weather related post but honestly I've used this in the summer too and it's still great. It's a dry body oil - and it works really well as a body moisturizer. What I found worked best was to just get a small spray bottle from a nearby Dollar store and Ta-da! Spray bottle created that you can literally spritz all over your body after a shower. It works great on damp, out of the shower skin. Best part of this is, it really can be used for everything - not just skin but also on damp hair as a great conditioner. The smell is divine too! There are other pricier options out there but this does the trick and I've always come back to this one.

3. Vivierskin Triple Protection Moisturizer (with spf 30)

Now this was a dermatologist recommendation and like I said before I'm big on sunscreens and preventative measures... so not only is this a moisturizer but it also contains spf 30 which is a win-win for me. I was reluctant to try this to be honest but I finished the entire bottle and never broke out once. Not to say that this will be the same for you BUT this skincare line is amazing to say the least. Sadly they aren't widely available and have select shops where you can find them, but luckily I've seen it sold at Ebay and Amazon as well. 

2. Foreo Luna

So there was that Sephora VIB sale going on... and this was on it. I'll be honest the look of it attracted me to it at first. Then I noticed that it was a cleansing tool and I thought to myself... well I already have a Clarisonic Mia so do I really need this? But I kept reading and found out, it only requires about 2 battery charges A YEAR! (yes I said year and this was not an error!) AND the pulsating silicon head doesn't need to be replaced ever! (cha-ching! I was just thinking of how much money that would save in the long run) Plus did I mention this has anti-aging technology? Okay so obviously this only proves that I'm a sucker for nice looking things and fancy words, but does it work?

I tried it out. I've had it now for a few months and I haven't charged it yet since the date I bought it... so that's a good sign. Now for the other important stuff... does it work for acne prone skin? Is it really anti-aging? The thing with this product is that it does offer faster or slower speeds, and it has a silicon head rather than bristles like the Clarisonics. But would I say it's better for acne prone skin over the Clarisonic? Not really. I think what I really like it for is the fact that it's more light-weight, it will always be charged when I need it and I do believe that it has anti-aging properties. I primarily opt to use this after I remove my makeup at the end of a long day. I like the vibrating action and I have noticed smoother skin and less fine lines around my eye area. I will say though that cleaning it is very easy.

1. Clarisonic Mia

It doesn't matter which version of the Clarisonic you have, but if you get it and start using it with your morning cleanser - your skin will feel dirty if you ever stop. I seriously cannot live without this bad boy ever again! Like I stated above, I wouldn't recommend the Foreo over this for acne prone skin. This is definitely my holy grail product for skin care right now... it's not a skincare product per se... more so a skin care tool but nevertheless you need to save up for this if you do suffer from acne or acne scars. I don't really have a problem with acne BUT this just simply makes my skin FEEL cleaner. And so if you're the type of person who does suffer from dull looking skin and the occasional zit or two, invest in this. I honestly do believe this product will make your cleanser go the extra mile.