Thursday, 18 December 2014

New finds

Smith & Cult

So I was browsing Facebook a few days ago and stumbled across this new nail polish line called Smith & Cult. Wow! I love the colours and I'm obsessed with Mindy Kaling (from the Mindy Project TV show, she's an actress) and so when I saw her with a set of nail polishes from this line, I had to find out more about the brand.

I am a sucker for nice packaging... and wow, these are gorgeous! They are on the pricey side (retail for $18 USD) and currently they only ship within the US but I think you can call and they *might* ship to Canada and other countries... but don't quote me on that. I will probably order one or two and test them out and will review them. I am an avid nail polish collector but let me just share the packaging with you. Cute right? You can find them here: Smith & Cult


They're a jewelry line and carry very different and unique pieces. They have been around for quite a while but I really love the blend of eastern and western styles that I feel this line really incorporates into their work. I am on the hunt for a specific pair of earrings that I'll show below and they have a wide range of products from earrings, bracelets to hand and head jewelry as well.

Lipstick Tree/ Pout Tree

I need to get this in my life! I stumbled across this on La Paige Trends and fell in love! If you love collecting lipsticks/lipglosses then this might be a great organizing idea for your vanity or makeup storage. It is a bit pricey and there are definitely alternatives ones which are just as good, but this is the one that everyone seems to be talking about so I had to share. And yes it does rotate!

Vivienne Westwood handbags

I just really like the style of these handbags and never really knew much about the designer or if the handbags are popular... but I do really love the style of these in particular... Oooh and that pale blue colour is really unique.