Sunday, 23 November 2014

Makeup must-haves

So if you're like me and you're makeup obsessed... Sit down. Stay awhile...
Because this is a good post!

I've scoured long and hard and made a list of some great finds for makeup lovers out there.

Most of these are available at Sephora, ULTA, and even Ebay and Amazon. 

So without further ado... here goes my personal list of products that I cannot live without!

10. Urban Decay Electric palette

A lot of us shy away from colour when it comes to makeup. We like to keep it light, natural and easy. But when you want to add just a bit of colour, this palette delivers! The colours are pigmented enough that one stroke of the brush (or finger) is enough to get some colour on those lids. Also, if you want to experiment with colour or just want that one palette for now - this is it!

9. Urban Decay Basics NAKED 2

So another Urban Decay product makes it to my list, but can you blame me? This beauty is great for travelling and a great selection of matte eyeshadows. Of course UD always does it right with neutral eye shades and if you are in the mood to splurge, the NAKED eyeshadow ranges with 12 eyeshadows is a great investment, but for me personally, I find the shades in this palette very useable and a great starting out product as well.

8. NYX soft matte lip cream 

For the price these are great matte lippies to have in your handbag. They come in a wide range of colours and I just love the pigmentation of these and also the gorgeous colours. I know some people are iffy about matte lipsticks because they feel it crawls into their lip lines but these are creamy enough and also leave a gorgeous stain throughout the day. The lasting power isn't the greatest BUT the colour payoff and the wide range of colours make up for that in my opinion. NYX is often hard to get your hands on, US has them in most drugstores and in Canada you can find them at select Target stores and also Rexall Pharma Plus. 

7. Too Faced matte bronzer

Want that sculpt model look? If you want to add extra definition to your face or just hide some of that roundness - these bronzers definitely are a must have! I think what I love most about them (despite the yummy chocolate scent) is that they are not shimmery and full of glitter. I love matte bronzers because they don't blatantly say "Hey it's me and I'm wearing a bronzer". 

6. MAC concealer palette

This I actually bought on a whim while I was at a MAC store. I didn't expect to see this or even knew much about it. But now I can honestly say it's one of those products that will last a long time and does a wide range of things. These palettes range from light, medium, medium dark and deep colour ranges. The shades included in each palette range from yellow and peach undertones and I've even found a shade that matches my foundation as well. It's a corrector, concealer and even foundation all in one. A great travel product to have as well or if you are a makeup artist, it's definitely something that is versatile enough to use on multiple clients. 

5. Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner

If you are into cat eyes and love gel liners but don't like the crazy prices - then this drugstore brand is just as good, if not better than some of the high end products I've tried... not to mention it lasts a long time! The consistency is good and it goes on like a dream. I personally swear by this eyeliner when I want to create some dramatic eyes and so far it's done me good.

4. Sephora Universal Lip liner

Another great versatile product alert! This is the holy grail for lipstick lovers out there. Who has the time or money to go out and buy lip liners for the crazy amounts of lipsticks we love to wear? Not me that's for sure... and sometimes the lip liners don't quite match either. This beauty is great - in price, and also in what it does. It goes on invisible but definitely prevents bleeding of your lipstick and if you have thinner lips - a liner can make all the difference in creating that pouty lip! This product is a must-have if you love wearing lipsticks and something that will have you tossing out all those extra lip liners you own!

3. Rimmel London Kohl eyeliner

Love this eyeliner! It's soft and very black. I think Rimmel really gets it when it comes to eyeliners and the best part is it's not crazy pricey. I did try Urban Decay's eyeliners but found that often it was TOO soft and I would lose so much product when I would sharpen the pencil, but with these, they are sturdy enough to not break down when you sharpen them, but soft enough to go on smooth and stay put. And for the price it's definitely my go to product for sexy eyes!

2.  Bobbi Brown BB cream with spf 35

I love this BB cream range, although it isn't as inexpensive compared to drugstore brands - I think it makes up for it in the consistency and how it goes on effortlessly and also looks natural. I love to use this more than foundation or any powder and it does the trick. It comes in a variety of shades so it's also easy to find your correct colour. I think what I love most about this product is that it contains an spf of 35 which is a great addition to prevent premature aging and dark spots. People often underestimate how important sunscreen is and to look for products that contain spf.

1. Marc Jacobs concealer brush

This is my holy grail product right here! I cannot rave enough about this concealer brush and I don't think I've ever raved about a brush in general. This is a MUST HAVE if you use concealer and still haven't found a brush that applies product without taking it away and/or causing streaks that sink into fine lines. Marc Jacobs has managed to create a brush that is compact enough to really get the product on the skin - but soft enough to blend as well. Most Sephora stores that I had popped into to check it out - had the product out of stock, which always is a good sign. I managed to snatch it up online during a sale and I couldn't be more happy. If you are someone who suffers from dark circles like me and sometimes just use a concealer and run out the door - then grab this brush and you won't be disappointed!